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Help Me In Prayer For My Husband!
April 14, 2020

Your Prayers Are Already Working!

Daniel 10: 12 :"…For from the first day that you set your mind and heart to understand and humble yourself before God, your words were heard, and I have come as a response to your words."

1John 5:14-15: And we have this confidence in Him, that, if we ask any thing according to His will, He hears us: 1Jn 5:15  Since we know that He hears us, and whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the answers we desired of Him. 

Hi Precious Daughter of God,

You are blessed..

We praise God for the Easter Season, in remembrance of the salvation and reconciliation it brought to mankind. It is unarguably the most important event in the Christian calendar.

This year’s celebration was low-keyed (though the significance is not diminished) because of the siege of the pandemic, Corona Virus.

I trust you are keeping safe at this time of confusion in the world!

What is happening is already written of in the scriptures. Jesus said epidemic / pandemic (that's pestilences), and much more, would happen.

This is an indication of the approaching end time, but not yet. He gave us the calendar of what would be before the end comes (see Matthew 24, Luke 21).

Settle it in your heart that you would not be consumed by this evil wind but will live to tell the story. That is what He meant when He said it shall turn for you for a testimony (Luke 21:13).


Marriages Are Healing Fast

One advantage this season provided for many of you is that you have more opportunity to pray, and keep praying. You can never over-pray!

There’s no lock-down on praying.

Here, we (my team) have been praying persistently for you. I have been praying the BBI 10 intensely for those who joined, and also approved prayers for many others. I hear many sad things in marriages, then I hear many strong powerful words from God concerning those. God's Words keep swelling in my heart and moving me to pray. So, I can’t stop myself from praying.

As proof, I have received many testimonies from the BBI 10 prayers. The lock-down seem to be a helping so many people in the prayers.

Imagine a husband saying he didn’t feel a thing (suddenly) anymore for the strange woman who had kept him away for two years and a month.

What of the woman from Ireland who wrote to say that her runaway husband (in South Carolina, USA) has ‘vowed’ to take her with him as soon as the lock-down is over?

A Nigerian woman said her husband became ill (not from COVID 19) and has been screaming that he wants to return to her. He had left her for six years (six whole years!) and married another woman. She was discouraged sometime, and had been on and off prayers, but returned to pray this BBI 10.

The husband sent people to her to persuade her to take him back. The husband said somebody appeared to him in his dream and warned him to return to the wife or face severe consequences.

I can’t possibly report all the 52 fantastic testimonies my assistant recorded and showed me last night. I will publish many of them soon.

Then I got this in the mail this afternoon.

Stacy is overjoyed at what she heard from her husband on Saturday.

Stacy, said ‘I want to hug you tight right now! This is certainly my best Easter ever.’

What happened to her?

The husband has re-proposed to her after their divorce. They were divorced in August 2017 but started seeing each other again in November of 2019. The husband had been living with the strange woman and said he was happy with her. He even said his marriage with Stacy was a mistake. Now, he has turned around and proposed again by phone.

They are living in different states but waiting for the pandemic (and lock-down) to be over to formalize things.

I can’t stop smiling since I received Stacy’s email. She had supported our Ministry liberally in many ways but also and bombarded me questions only God could answer.

Though she was far away in the USA, I could feel her stress here. I confess, I often wept when I prayed for her. I reminded God of her devotion and support and kept praying using Luke 7: 4-5 and Acts 10:4 to intercede for her.

She asked whether her sins were unforgivable. She asked me for the specific reasons why God has not answered her like the ones I reported their testimonies. She pressed me to pray for her and get God to answer her before she goes ‘insane’!

Now, it has happened. But she will keep praying until they come together again as husband and wife. Praise God.

Pulling In Your Own Good Report.

What about you? Are you doing the prayers steadily… passionately?

No matter the stage of your expectation now, you shall still have your full testimony. That’s not me speaking but God. Just don’t rule your expectation out for any reason.

Some say the time of BBI 10 is over, and nothing for them. Don’t say it. Others say their husband has been handed over to a powerful deity, or demon or witch. No demon or deity, or gang-up can stand in the way of God forever.

Well, what is the matter with my case, you ask? Why do I have to wait to get the answer? How do I even know that God will restore our marriage eventually?

These are good questions... if they keep you seeking God.

But they will be bad questions if they only make you grumble and leave God, or seek other gods.

The questions are answered in God’s word (see 1 Corinthians 10:13, Psalm 37:34, Psalm 27:14, Psalm 25:3, Isaiah 55:11).

I feel assured that something outstandingly pleasant is bound to happen for many praying people within these closing days of the BBI 10.

The change of your husband and the restoration of your marriage do not have to follow any pattern. It may seem hopeless one day, but by the next, it has happened! It is called a miracle. Sometimes, it may even look like a lie or joke but that’s the work of God.

Conclusion of BBI 10

This Thursday, April 16, 2020, the first group of women who started BBI 10 on Friday, March 27, 2020 would have completed the specified 21 days of intense praying.

Officially, that should be the end of the BBI 10 Prayers.

So, if you are in that group, you could stop praying those BBI 10 prayers and resume your approved prayers from where you left off on March 27.


Some other people did not join on March 27. Due to initial system difficulties in sending the seed-faith, some couldn’t join until five days later. So, we have extended the BBI 10 to Wednesday, April 22, 2020.

Here, we will pray on till that Wednesday.

You are free to stop when your own 21 days end, anytime from Thursday 16th to Wednesday 22nd of April.

If, however, you want to extend your BBI 10 prayers to Wednesday 22, that’s great.

Now, note this.

Your prayers never expire or fizzle out. It goes into your future to re-arrange your things. Your prayers are always working. That’s why we usually get wonderful testimonies weeks after the BBI Prayers are over.

When you stop the BBI 10 Prayers, do not leave yourself empty or create prayer gaps. Continue with the approved prayers until you complete. If you can’t remember the days left on your approved, do another 14 days.

You shall succeed.


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