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Help Me In Prayer For My Husband!
March 13, 2020

Prayer Power Always Win

Psalm 126:1-3 :"When the LORD turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream.  Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then they said among the heathen, The LORD had done great things for them.  The LORD had done great things for us; so we are glad. "

Psalms 145:19:"He will fulfill the desire of them that fear him: He also will hear their cry, and will save them."

Your prayers bring God to the scene. When you invite God into your home, and continually keep Him there, the devil cannot displace Him. You don't need a reason or proof to believe God, just declare your faith when the enemy roars. That is how to receive and retain God. And then His Wonders can happen for you.

Hi Precious Daughter of God,

I love you and I bring you good news. God’s grace and blessings will continue to flow into your life and family in Jesus Name.

From the time of the BBI 9, which ended on December 12, 2019, testimonies and good reports have been coming to us through chats, emails and calls.

Many of the testimonies are incredible but that's what God is known for. Even at that, there's no small testimony. God's awesome hands reaches where our efforts and actions can never reach. So, whether we pray the approved targeted prayers, special prayers or the very intense BBI, we see things happen.

The BBI 10 is prepared and set for release this month. You will read more of it later here. For now, here are a few of the testimonies we received since the last BBI. I’m sorry there’s no way we could publish over i50 testimonies in one edition of this eZine.

I want to say, also, that the testimonies are as received. We only remove names that could identify the testifiers. We also cut out some salutations so as to save space. Otherwise the testimonies are as received.

Here are some (18 of them) testimonies we received after the last BBI.


I am sorry I should have written before now. I just want to thank you for all your prayers for my marriage, God has richly blessed us. My husband is now back over a year now and we continue to work on our marriage with God's help.

He is riddled with guilt at what he did and struggles with it.

We have lost friends who have judged me for taking my husband back but we have been so blessed with some people who God has brought into our lives.

I can't thank you enough for your prayers and the work and support you gave. May God richly bless you.

Dear man of God,

My Husband divorced me in November, 2018 but wants to reconcile now. I was praying all the prayers and the BBI but I didn’t think he will leave that woman he said makes him happy. Now, he said he wants to come back as he has not married her yet. I am so confused. What do I do? Can I really take this man back after all I have suffered from him?

Dear Osita,

I want to share with you that My Husband has returned home to me and our son.

Things have been going so well. He is so loving and caring.

However, our intimacy is struggling. He is unable to get an erection even though he is trying so hard and wants to. And this is so frustrating for us as we want to enjoy love making.

This is worrying me and I am praying about it.

Please can you join me in prayer on this?

Hello dear brother OSITA, Thank God for His faithfulness . My apologies for not getting back to you. My husband has been changing lately. He joins bible studies every Thursday. This is a great change from 2 years of avoiding this. We have just moved into a new home. Please continue to pray for us. Things are not perfect but I thank God for gradual changes. It is a big deal. God bless you, brother. Thank you!

Hi Osita, Well...I prayed, sent my offering, and my husband came home right after that.

He also wanted to be intimate, so we did. Wow, powerful prayers! He said he hasn't been himself lately and didn't realize how long it had been.

My husband is being a loving husband and father and we are spending a lot of time together as usual. We spent Friday together, buying decorations for the house, taking our daughter out to dinner, etc. Yesterday his nephew had his bar mitzvah so we spent the day at the ceremony and then the party afterward.

God is good. We have more family events to attend today so I'll be with him all day again.

Dear Osita, Praise report, my husband and I email almost everyday about our children. And he subjects the email "divorce coming up". Yesterday, I was bothered about it as I prayed the prayers you gave me. So this morning when he responded to my email, he changed the subject from divorce stuff to "good friends"! I had to praise God for that because that was a sign that God is removing the language of divorce and speaking life into our relationship and marriage. So glad I'm continuing to pray and watching God work step by step.

Good evening Osita,

I am still praying those powerful prayers and God has been faithful. There is now more communication between Peter and I and he is spending more time at home. We even had lunch together today!

Hi Osita, Thank you for your prayer partnership Osita, God has done so much since we started praying in early 2017, to Him be the glory. The Lord has answered many of the prayers: from the separation coming to an end, unfaithfulness being exposed/erased, divorce being dismissed, husband being delivered from chewing tobacco addiction, having a miracle child, removing the angry spirit, having moderation with social media/more unity, my husband being the main provider (I don’t have to go back to work with now having a baby, praise Jesus) and most recent from the last BBI, improving on communication.

My husband now desires a daughter! If you remember, he said he wanted NO children 2 years ago. This has been another miracle! Our son is such a joy, a true blessing from the Lord and is generally a happy/good spirited baby.

Thank you again for the prayer book for children, I prayed those prayers this last month. Moving forward, what does your ministry recommend for prayer partnership after the main problem has been defeated? At any point do specific prayers need repeat for husband/children or a suggestion for an ongoing prayer? God bless you all.

Hi Osita, Good news. He and the mistress have broken up! I don’t know what will happen...if it will stick, if she will leave work, if he will come home. But it’s a start! Thank you for all your praying with me. It’s starting to have an effect!

Hi Osita, I want to let you know how good things have been lately. My husband's focus has been entirely on his work, and on me and our daughter. He is being very loving and spending a lot of time with both me and our daughter. We are physically intimate regularly and he praises the sex, and tells me all the time how beautiful I am. We spend a lot of time talking as well. Friday, I had the day off work so we drove one hour to a scenic town away from our neighborhood and did some shopping and just walked around and talked.

My family, who were upset with him (understandably) welcomed him back for the family dinner. December was pleasant as well, as we enjoyed Christmas. I had a most peaceful and loving Christmas for the first time in years.

These are all such lovely things to report and I praise God. I would still like to pray against the shadowy sides that I feel are continuing to lurk in our marriage. I am continuously afraid that something will happen to strike me in the heart again.

I feel I have grown spiritually quite a lot in the past year.

Good Morning Osita

My life my marriage has changed for the best. Thank you LORD and You and the Team. Since the last time we spoke, my husband is a different man and communication is better. We message and talk during the day. Our marriage is on another level, better that what is was before the betrayal.

Dear Osita, I am very happy to tell you that things have been peaceful and loving in my home and we enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and holiday season. My husband has not been spending holidays with my family for the past couple of years so this is a big step. To God be the glory! Our sex life is excellent and he and I are always talking, laughing, etc. He told me yesterday that he felt I had suffered from depression since our daughter was born and that he felt it changed my personality. He says I am finally acting like "myself"--the woman he met 20 years ago. Please continue to pray for us, so that this happiness continues. I am always wary, but I cannot deny things are so much better, better than I'd ever dreamed.


It's been a bad warfare the last weeks of BBI 9 but after that week, my husband called me.

He changed a lot, he wants to be with his family. Even his relationship with our son changed, he is more loving and prays daily. Only God's power can do this. When I was about to give up, God came through.

After so much time praying, God knew what moved my heart, and I wanted him not to work on that place anymore. The relief that I feel is immense. I am so grateful to God. I want to know how to continue to pray for him, I've been weary and tired to pray, maybe it was the intense battle that left me weary; but I want to be wise, not out of fear, but out of understanding the spiritual world. I want to keep praying the right prayers, to cover my marriage and his life.

Though the prayer process was hard for me, but it was needed to fully understand that it is God’s power. There is no magic here. I now understand that we need patience and accept the stages of change God brings.

I had to heal, and I think God has been very clear. Only God can change a heart, and I don't want to ever go back to that or any similar situation.

Good day Minister Osita.

As I started this year, I prayed that I will start testifying for my Marriage.

I have started seeing the results of BBI 9 Prayers. I wrote before to tell you that I was sad since he couldn't speak to me or reply my texts.

After 2 months of being blocked, he started texting me. We chatted happiIy as if nothing wrong ever happened between us. I prayed for wisdom as I talk back to him and that I will not be led by anger.

I have texted him this morning and he replied so quick and promised to do what I was requesting him. I thank God for this change in us.

I totally trust God to dismiss all evil friends in his life, alcohol, party life and bad social life and finally save him and help him to be fully restored to our marriage.

Thank You and may God keep your Ministry forever. Having a troubled marriage pulls a person to a very bad state in life where every part of her life is affected.

I thank God for helping me in intercession and I’m looking forward to report that all is well. I desire to be a monthly supporter of your Ministry.

Dear Osita,

I wanting to let you know that my husband has moved back in and is rarely in the garage now. Praise God. He stopped the drug taking and has pulled away from his immoral friend and hardly sees him like before. All is good but he resents my mother and brother at the moment, which makes me somehow uncomfortable. Please continue to pray for us.

Good morning dear Osita,

I have just transferred my seed.

Thanks for keeping in touch with me.

About my home, things are gradually changing and I can clearly see the Hand of the Almighty at work. I am also changing myself and growing in wisdom, more calm and loving prayer much more now. with the help of the Holy Spirit. The targeted prayers are awesome! I want to learn more from you. I wish I could have you talking directly to me at times over the phone.

Dear Osita!

I am blessed really! I thank God. My husband seems to have been in deep thought these past days. And I can see him doing some things he ceased to do even about a year ago or so. For instance, yesterday, I forgot my lunch home and he kindly brought it to me and we spent some good time chatting in the car. I can’t really remember the last time he did that. He spends more time with me now, chatting with me in the kitchen while I am cooking. It can only be prayers God is answering. I really give God the glory.

Hi Osita,

I wanted to give you an update since you sent me your very helpful email with the prayers… My husband cannot believe my transformation and thinks I’m going to change back any moment… He is in disbelief, I think he’s having a hard time forgiving himself, so I have been trying to pray for that as well.

My wish is to have a new and transformed marriage from here on. I would like to make some changes so we do not slip back into old habits. Again, thank you for your counsel and help and prayers, I find them very powerful and will continue to pray them. Also, we have been attending church together and find it very healing.

BBI 10: Your Opportunity For Happy Home

I want to emphasize that the BBI is the most intense Prayer Season here. Our prayers for you during this time never ceases. Somebody here is always praying your prayers in English and in the tongue of Heaven 24 hours everyday of the BBI.

The BBI 10 will start on Wednesday March, 25 2020 and end on Tuesday 14, 2020.

   For those just joining this Prayer Partnership, please read up on the BBI HERE.

This BBI will be will change situations in your marriage suddenly. You will see good things happening as we pull strings with prayers together in the Spirit. Your mockers will go into hiding and disgrace. You will not be able to stop thanking God from the things that will happen in your home.

I want to emphasize that the BBI is the most intense Prayer Season here. Our prayers for you during this time never ceases. Somebody here is always praying your prayers in English and in the tongue of Heaven 24 hours everyday of the BBI. My team does this in shifts while I'm always in the camp praying except when I sleep. We pray to be answered, so that your story will change finally.

Also note that the BBI is not for everyone. If you are not in the right frame of mind to pray more passionately for the 21 days, please leave it this time. Someone wrote me to asking for advice whether she would join the BBI or not. Another one asked whether I think the BBI would help her.

Well, if I don’t believe in prayers, or the BBI Intense Prayer Season, in particular, I would not announce it. The BBI Prayer Season is serious work for me and my team. It is the time we forget ourselves and comfort, and dive into prayers for you.

So, I answered those women that if they don’t feel persuaded by what have been said about the BBI already, then they are not ready for it.

Please take time to meditate and consider if you will be part of it or not.

In the next few days, I will send out another eZine on how you can join. Please don’t send any seed-faith for the BBI yet. In the next eZine edition (few days time), I will guide you on the proper means of sending your seed-faith sacrifice and joining.


You shall succeed.


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