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Help Me In Prayer For My Husband!
April 21, 2021

Restore My Marriage Now, O Lord!

Ezekiel 12:28"Therefore say to them, Thus says the Lord GOD: None of my words will be delayed any longer, but the word that I speak will be performed, declares the Lord GOD.”

Habakkuk 3:2 "O LORD, I have heard Your speech and was afraid; O LORD, revive Your work in the midst of the years! Repeat them in our day, in our time make them known; in wrath remember mercy.”

But we shall not be silent over your matter. The power of God is in His Words which will flow from our mouth much more. Oh, girl, your God will arise and your enemies will be blown away. Practically!

We are assured that the power of God will happen for you in the direction of our prayers. Be strong, be encouraged, you are not wasting your time. You shall not be abandoned. Your helpers are with you in the spirit and natural until victory day. Thank You, Jesus!

Hi Precious Daughter of God,

God is faithful in all His ways.

I am sorry I have not posted anything in this eZine for quite sometime. I had thought, that by now, the new vision for our Prayer Ministry would be out.

In November 2020, I received a new next level Prayer and Counsel Arrangement for this year. The demands and organization of the new Prayer and Counsel arrangement was huge.

Since then, I have been in the inner chamber of God: learning, taking instructions and PRAYING. God has shown me things that would help us to hasten the effect and power of our prayers to recover your husband and restore your home through our joint praying.

Of course, I have been communicating with some of you via the email and WhatsApp Messenger. But that is hardly enough. I like to give full guidance, instructions and assurances through postings here and on the website, or better still, through our books.

We plan to do much more counseling and praying through other channels that we will roll out soon.

However, it will still take a little time to finally conclude on what we are putting together. Then, you will encounter the power of prayers like never before. Please bear with us.

That said…

A lot is happening here. We have received a bunch of revelations in our studies of the scriptures and direct rhema. We have been applying these revelations in prayers for you without involving you directly. You could say we are testing the new authority!

I am glad to tell you that the testimonies are coming in already. Ok, we will share some of the testimonies here and publish the rest of them in a web post later.

I do not intend to write long here today. I will return soon with some instructions that will push you into favor and establish your marriage victory finally. But if there’s one thing you can take away from this post, this is it Never turn your back on God and His promises. When it seems the end has come, God appears suddenly…

Indeed, you have come too close to victory to turn back. You may not understand what I say here going by the confusion and tension making noise around you. Believe me, the forces against your marriage are much more weary of hits from our prayers.

They hope you will be too confused to contend for your marriage and give up soon.

But we shall not be silent over your matter. The power of God is in His Words which will flow from our mouth much more. Oh, girl, your God will arise and your enemies will be blown away. Practically!

We are assured that the power of God will happen for you in the direction of our prayers. Be strong, be encouraged, you are not wasting your time. You shall not be abandoned. Your helpers are with you in the spirit and natural until victory day. Thank You, Jesus!


While concluding prayers for women on approved prayers this Monday, I heard like a whisper.“Midst of the Year Revival…Midst of the year Revival…”

Later, at daybreak, I did specific inquiry on what I have heard. I got further instructions on what God wants to do through the mid year prayer program concerning your marriage restoration.

God practically dropped the prayers into my heart with certain conditions.

I will publish the prayers for the Midst of the Years Marriage Revival in a web post soon. I will also communicate the access in subsequent eZine for those who want to have encounter with the power of God for the change they desire in their homes.

The prayers are for you if you believe. It will be available to you whether you send any Seed-Faith Sacrifice or not. But I advise, yes, that you send your seed faith as you access the page.

I won’t say anymore on this here but I’m glad I have given that advice. What you make of it is up to you.

You shall succeed.


God Is At Work, Doing Wonders...

As I mentioned earlier, I am posting a few of the testimonies we received.

We just picked them at random. They are NOT the most powerful or most recent testimonies, or the most anything! We just picked them from different emails we received.

All testimonies are wonderful because they are the doings of God. We give all the glory to God!

We do not edit testimonies but we remove lengthy salutations, names and locations (because we don't want the testifier identified), except the she expressly request that they be published.

Hello Osita,

It has been 21 days since your last approved prayers were sent. But it has now been 8 weeks since my husband moved back in.

We are watching tv together in the evenings and going to the gym together regularly. However, he is still very guarded with me and still isn't taking responsibility for his behavior and actions with his affair.

He insists he does not love her and does not want to be with her or he would have gone with her.

Dear Osita

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have a testimony that I will write soon that will give Glory to the power of God and the name of Jesus Christ our lord and savior. I want to gather myself and words to write this testimony properly.

But for now I will say, in short, our prayers worked. Glory be to God. I couldn’t believe it. It was a suddenly. For two days I was in awe. Actually I’m still in awe. My prayer journey started June 2017. It has been one that brought me close to God.

Holy Spirit led me to your website and prayer site in March 2020. Thank you, Osita, and your team for joining me in prayer. May God continue to bless you and your ministry abundantly. This email is not sufficient to describe my gratitude, all Glory to God.

So, My husband and I started talking on phone after Christmas 2020. We hadn’t spoken or texted since April 2020 (we currently live in different countries and our form of communication is phone).

The Previous years since June 2017 he wanted nothing to do with me. He was under the spell of this woman. He stopped talking to me and our children. He stopped sending upkeep money. He allowed the woman to move in our home, and many more.

This year, January 25th 2021 he opened up that he broke it off with the other woman, Infact, he said that they had a big fight after Christmas that made him pack up and leave. My mother in law, sister in law and brother in laws were all together and supported the strange woman, but God came through and defended my marriage. All the spells, Charms, witchcraft was broken. No one can match Gods power in Jesus name.

We currently live in different countries at the moment and I trust God will make a way and we will live together this year in Jesus name.

I have seen that God can reach anyone even if they live on the other side of the world. My husband is back to himself, the way God intended him to be. My husband said he loves me. He is speaking with our 3 children every single day. Wow.. wow ... wow

I am so amazed, I have no words. Our God is faithful, our God is powerful , our God is In charge, He will never tire and His Grace and mercy is in abundance. Glory Hallelujah!

Hi Osita,

Good to hear from you sir. I sent a message to you. I also recommended my friend to you. Her name is Mrs …. She said she hasn't heard from you yet.

Well, God has been faithful. Things have been going well. My husband prays more. Things are really changing for good.


I am happy to report. The strange woman has kicked my husband out of her home! She doesn’t want to see him again.

My husband is back home close to two months now but would not tell what happened between them.

He did not even tell me that she pushed him out of her life, I knew from their co-worker because they work together. Your prayers are working.

Please pray more for him to relax with us and not to do worse things.

My dear Osita,

Just wanted to say thank you for all that you do for the Lord's ministry of reconciliation. My husband is slowly changing even not perfect but on my bday he gave me a beautiful gift . And he started to be more affectionate. May the Holy Spirit's power rule. You are all a blessing to me. God bless you!

Praise Jesus brother Osita All praise and glory to God as my husband had left the girl. I’m sorry I'm informing u late.Your prayers had worked magnificently and God answered my prayer early last year.

All praise and glory to God.

Hi Osita!

Praise God, my husband has been home with no contact to the other women!

I believe God is restoring our marriage for His purpose. I am so grateful for you dedicated & targeted prayers. I continue to pray for the healing & heart of my husband & our marriage. God is good & His timing is always perfect.

You will read the rest of the powerful testimonies in a web post I shall communicate later.

God bless you.

Important Announcement

We are about to trim the list of women in our register. So, we need to know communicate only to those who still find our Ministry relevant to their lives and Marriages.

As at today, we have 9,051 subscribed women in our data base, but we do not hear from about half of that number. They have been inactive for some time now.

We feel these quiet ones have either received their answers without informing us, or have quit praying and believing God for their marriages.

We do not want to waste time and resources on those who don’t need us anymore.

Our system will soon interrogate our list and filter out those dormant names in our database. This will free our resources and time to attend to those in need on a deeper level.

If you have communicated with us since March 2021, then we are still praying together. You will therefore remain intact here. Those who have been quiet for over two months will have to communicate us by email to remain in our list.

For those who may be let off the list (they will be duly informed via their email), they may still re-subscribe anytime they choose to.

God bless you.


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