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Help Me In Prayer For My Husband!
July 09, 2020

How To Be Sure Your Prayers Reach God

Psalm 100:4:"...Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name."

Habakkuk 3:17-19 :"Although the fig tree may not blossom, neither are there fruits on the vines; the labor of the olive may fail, and the fields may yield no meat; the flock may be cut off from the fold, and there may be no herd in the stalls: Yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will joy in the God of my salvation. The LORD God is my strength, and he will make my feet like hinds' feet, and he will make me to walk upon mine high places."

So, whatever you do, you must get God on your side. Please let that sink in.

To get God on your side is to praise and thank Him before you mention your needs.

Hi Precious Daughter of God,

I hope you are living safe and strong.

God is changing hard hearts and reconciling homes with love and trust through the targeted prayers. Further down, we share some of the very many testimonies we received recently.

I am convinced that God will yet do more wonders for many of you that are expecting His intervention in your marriages and homes. God wants you to share your own testimony and give Him the glory.

Suddenly, something will happen in your home that will make you feel like you are dreaming. You know that kind of joy that makes your smile permanent on your face? That kind of joy that makes you struggle to sleep at night because you are too happy! That’s what will suddenly happen for you. God is faithful.

Here, we continue to give God His full glory for these mighty works. Indeed, God does everything well. He gave us the prayers and performs them for you.

Learn To Give God His Glory

I want to tell you something about thanksgiving and praise.

This is a secret.

If you understand it, and use it in prayers, you will see a quicker and fuller level of results.

No prayer would be answered completely without thanksgiving and praise!

Praise is the access to God’s heart. If you don’t give it you are speaking to yourself.

You know, there are two critical parts in prayers. One, you get God on your side concerning His Will for your life and marriage. Then, you command your circumstances to change to the Will of God for you.

Consider these scriptures.

Mark 11:23 :"whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be removed, and be cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he says shall come to pass, he shall have whatsoever he says. "

Ezekiel 37:7:"So I prophesied as I was commanded: and as I prophesied, there was a noise, and behold a shaking, and the bones came together, bone to his bone."

When God is on your side, then your command of change of your situation will be successful. With God on your side, situations and circumstances ultimately surrender to you.

So, whatever you do, you must get God on your side. Please let that sink in.

To get God on your side is to praise and thank Him before you mention your needs.

Jesus taught us in Matthew 6:9: that :" “hallowed be thy name” must come before “Give us this day, our daily bread… forgive us our debts… lead us not into temptation… deliver us from evil…"

Now, some people think there’s not much to thank and praise God for in their lives and circumstances.

They don’t understand.

The Bible said “Let everything that has breathe praise the Lord.”

God said in Malachi 2:2 “If you will not hear, and if you will not lay it to heart, to give glory unto my name, said the LORD of hosts, I will even send a curse upon you, and I will curse your blessings.”

So, if you have breath in you and want to recover your marriage blessings (among others), you should learn to give God regular praise.

There are two types of thanks giving.

The first is to thank God for what he has done, or doing. When you thank God for what He has done, you remind Him of what is yet to be done.

The second is the sacrifice of thanks: thank Him for what you expect to happen. Jesus did this at the grave of Lazarus (John 11:41) and at the feeding of 5,000 people with fives loaves and two fishes (John 6:11).

Both types of thanksgiving are to be offered to God. They release the Spirit of God to attend to your petition to God.

You could see that we often talk of Praise and Thanksgiving interchangeably. There is a slight difference between them. We have just said that thanksgiving is appreciating God for specific issues He did or is expected to do.

Praise is to adore God for His character and attributes. For example, you can adore Him for being holy, faithful, merciful, loving, almighty, dependable, righteous judgment etc.

Thanksgiving and praise should come before you present your needs (petition)… and after.

If God reveals a secret to you, use it.

You shall succeed.


Oh! Lord, Nothing Is Too Difficult For You!

We receive many testimonies regularly and can’t publish all of them at once. We picked these ones randomly to publish in this edition, not because of any special considerations. All testimonies are important to us.

If you didn’t see your testimony here, please don’t feel bad. We don’t have enough space to publish even half of the ones we receive. We shall keep publishing them at later dates.

As usual, we don’t change anything in these testimonies except that we remove the names. We also cut out lengthy salutations and descriptions to protect the identities of most people.

The testimonies are presented in the exact language of the person sharing. Please note that I didn’t do any of these wonders you read here. On my own I can’t change anyone's situation.

But I serve the God of all possibilities. He called me and assigned this Ministry to me, so He is forever doing His great work here confirming His Word.

Testimonies are important tools for prayers and faith building. They show the will of God concerning your marriage. Testimonies can be reproduced in another family.

Please read and be blessed.

Praise Jesus Pastor Osita,

To God be the glory and honour. I would to share my testimony as I continue to believe in complete restoration of my marriage.

In 2014 we celebrated 18 years of marriage so much in love, celebrating and planning for our future. In these years God blessed us with three children.

Out of the blue in 2015 my husband asked for separation and quickly escalated. I became so bitter, angry and resentful towards him and was fighting in the flesh for restoration. I was very comfortable and spiritual warfare was akin to me, though am a believer from age of 14 years old.

Prior to the separation announcement, I was having strange dreams. And from that time on the dreams were deadly, snakes trying to bite me etc.

In trying to find counselling and help, I came across the website and prayer against cheating husbands in 2016. I engaged with the targeted prayers including BBI to BBI10. I stopped arguing with him or pleading with him to come back home. I wanted him to change.

Eventually my husband moved out and started renting. I asked God to change me instead and start working on me for His glory.

My husband filed for divorce in January 2019 so that he can start a new life with the strange woman. I received the divorce decree from court in June 2019. I didn’t oppose it or fight him.

I went on my knees and appealed to the court of heaven and declared as it is written my husband shall leave his mother and father and cleave to me his wife, and I take authority as his wife, we are one flesh and I detach you from all strange women.

I continued with my declaration calling on my covenant God who keeps His word. I affirmed that what God has put together no man or court or demon shall separate in the name of Jesus.

He moved in with her in September 2019 and I continued with BBI 9 and BBI 10. It was tough to witness didn’t give up. I had to walk in obedience and forgive the strange woman and my husband.

We launched into BBI 10, him and strange woman separated. He told me and I kept silent.

During the lockdown he has been coming around home to help with fixtures (I would pray and then call him to come and help) and to check on me and the kids. I want to testify and declare God is at work and will continue to stand on the word and put my trust in God for complete marriage restoration and healing. The Holy Spirit has been my best friend, comforter and everything that Jesus promised he would be.

As I started interceding for other marriages, God was fighting for me. So as I pray for my marriage I stand in the gap for those friends whose marriages are being attacked by the devil. But he can never win in the name of Jesus Christ because we know our spouses are not the enemy anymore.

Thank you, Pastor Osita, for being the vessel of God in restoration of marriages and families.

Pastor Osita, I want to tell you that my husband is doing great and has never been more focused on projects to secure our future than now. The Lord has separated him from all the unfriendly friends that use to influence him negatively.

He is more gentle, works all day and more family oriented. Prayer does works, we just have to keep praying and wait upon God's perfect timing. He had first opened my eyes to my own flaws before changing him.

Now I know how to seal my lips, and be more respectful and doesn't let anger get the most of me. And be more loving also. I am thankful to God for all he has done and continue to do and give him all the glory. Thank you for answering the call of God.

More grace to you.

Hi Osita,

Here's the changes I observed since I start praying the 3 power prayer points you have given me:

1. He started preparing our beakfast every morning. He is one preparing my moringa tea, because I have high blood pressure. We ate our breakfast, lunch or dinner together, when he is at home. Before he didn't care if I eat breakfast, lunch or dinner. As long as the food is already served he started eating not even asking me if I will join him or sometimes he even ate ahead of me.

2. He treated me well, always in a good mood and always with smile. Before he got easily irritated at me.

3. Every night, he always embrace and sometimes kiss me until we fell asleep. Before when he started his affair with his woman, he distance himself to me, avoiding kissing and embracing me. I was the one who embrace and kiss him every night. I was the one also asking him for us to make love, but most of time he denied me.

4. He stayed at home for almost a week now, he made himself busy playing card games on his cellular phone. He went out only to meet his bookkeeper and went to his costumer to get his check payment but took him just 3 1/2 hrs. He looks happy and contended staying at home. Before he used to leave the house as open as possible, always telling me that he will visit his customer where in fact he's dating his woman or buying her food supply for a week, and took him 7 or 8 hrs. of his time. He told me before that he always go out because he is bored at home.

5. He praised the dish I cooked and said that the taste was really good, which he never said before.

6. Last Sunday, he invited me to accompany him in the Supermart, he canvassed the price of the product he is selling. Before the start of lockdown due to Covid 19, he went out of the house once or twice a week to meet his woman, but told me he will visit his customer, go to drug store or supermarket, his woman was his constant companion.

7. I can feel the sincerity in what he says and do now than before.

8. When I sent him a message, he read and replied to it. Before when he was with his woman, he seldom reply to my message or reply to it several hours later or he reply only when he was on his way home.

Dear Osita,

I know this is an odd thing to write but the pandemic and quarantine has actually been beneficial for my marriage. My husband and I are getting along fine. We keep saying to each other how lucky we are that we are so happy and not fighting, as many other couples are having problems during this very scary and challenging time.

We really are not fighting; we are actually happy and have been enjoying each other's company. I do not mind being at home at all. I am busy with work (which I can do from home), reading, exercising, helping my daughter with her online schoolwork, and hanging out with my small family.

He has gone out at night here and there during the quarantine and I have wondered where he went, but for the most part, I do not have much reason to question him and he is treating me with much affection. He tells me lately every morning, "I love you so, so much."

Hi Osita, there have been some changes in my marriage. My husband is home more than he has ever been. We communicate better. I try not to bring up Jennifer name but I can tell when he has been around her... where she was living around the corner from me they tore the whole place down.

I even feel myself healing more from all the trauma because before the BBI 10 started I was on an emotional trip. But as I began to pray the BBI10 prayers I could feel the atmosphere changing. I am still believing God to completely remove the drugs and the immoral friends from my husband’s life.

Good day Osita,

I want to give praise and thanks to God for seeing changes in my husband's heart.

My husband message me a week ago asking for forgiveness and begging to accept him again give him another chance.

Dear Pastor,

Thank you for standing with me in prayers. I was not able to join the BBI 10 because I am not able to send my seeds online.

However I have been praying the approved prayers for over a month now and I feel God's presence.

My husband confessed to me several times that he is no long having any affairs with any woman and he is always telling me to clear my mind off what he did in the past, that it won’t happen again.

But, Pastor, to tell you the truth, I think his affairs with the strange woman hurt me badly and I did not get time to heal that I always feel so so hurt about it. Yes we are staying peacefully now but my mind is deeply hurt whenever I think of it. Advise me on how to let go of this negative thoughts over him.

Good evening Osita

Just updating you on my situation.

We finally spoke after 3 months. I just listened. He said he don’t know what to do. He misses us and loves us. He wants to come back home. I feel that he is afraid of something. But there is nothing our God cannot do.

I really am truly grateful to you.

God bless you.


GOD has been so good, the prayers are working we are talking everyday and healing. We are communicating better. He has even talked about moving back home. Our children have been really hurt because of this so they are going to need healing also. He has even told me the truth about things he lied about. I'm ready to have my prayer review.

I am really thankful for your help!

Hi Osita,

I want you to know that the prayers are working. My husband is communicating more with me. And it's not about the children. His demeanor is much nicer with me. At times when we are talking, I can see the husband I fell in love with. I'm amazed at God.

I'm still praying for the strange woman to be gone. I believe it's just a matter of time before the adulterous relationship is destroyed. God is faithful.

Dear Osita,

Thought I’d give you an update on how my husband is doing.

My husband has been quite pleasant around the home, not as angry as he used to be. Things seemed to have shifted there. Praise God!

He has distanced himself from that his friend Barry. He moved house so this Barry lives an hour away from us which is a blessing as it is too far for my husband to go see him anyway. Another prayer answered.

My husband last week bought me a new car and I was so grateful and thankful to God for this as I know it was his doing.

He drives my old one and bought the new one for me. So, I now have my freedom back to go to work and out in peace.

I am so grateful Osita.

He seems to regret the drug taking. The other night he opened up to me with tears in his eyes how he wished he didn’t inherit the addiction part from his father and how he prays that God will deliver him from them.

Things have been much more peaceful than they have been in a long time and I know that God is behind it all.

I believe things will only get better.

Thank you for your constant prayers and encouragement.

Dear Osita,

Thank you again for the targeted prayers.

Since we last started praying God has been doing a mighty work in my husband and me. Although at first he was very depressed, he has started listening to preachings, reading his bible and a Christian book on overcoming guilt and addiction. He says he feels very guilty and wants to change his life.

This is a testimony on its own because before he refused to read his bible and listen to anything godly, as I think he had too much shame.

Good morning Osita,

I thank you Osita for the help that you have given me for the Deliverance of my husband from cheating and lying. I thank God Almighty for hearing our prayers and answering.

My husband is really changing for the better. The communication between us is improving and we are actually planning for our family together as husband and wife. Most of the areas are improving and I mostly thank God that he now joins us for family prayers when he is at home.

Hello Minister Osita,

Thank you so much for the prayer chosen, next time i will pick five prayers.

I also want to let you know that your advice on intimacy is working, today is my husband's birthday and I really did not want to be pushy as I know he might have his own plans.

I texted him yesterday morning to drop cakes I baked for him in the evening, he agreed.

I dropped the cakes and a bottle of wine. He was very warm and thankful.

As I was about leaving he started getting intimate again and very passionate about it.

So I stayed till early hours of the morning and we prayed together before I left.

He has been very nice all day. He called to check I got home safe and to thank me.

He has also fulfilled his promise by paying the monthly allowance he promised into my account this morning. (I did not remind him for it)

I am thankful to God and your counselling, I know God will complete the breakthrough to my marital challenges very soon. Thank you for praying with me.

Hello Osita,

Thank you for everything you have done interceding so I could save my marriage.

My husband has become a kind and loving husband again and is taking great care of us as a family.

I would like to ask you for intercession and prayer points for pregnancy/fruit of the womb.

Thank you.

Thank you for your help, may God continue to bless you.

My husband has been home every evening after work. He told me he has ended the affair.

He said he does not want that life anymore he does not enjoy hurting me.

He wants to break free of the spirit of sexual perversion and problem he has with sex. He wants to serve God but it is a struggle for him.

He wants my help but he is not consistent with his prayers.

Dear Osita,

I have such a praise report this morning. Initially i didn't think i'd be writing this for a longer time. But this morning I asked my husband for sex and he initially said no. It wasn't a mean 'no' just a soft 'no'.

Then He went to sit on the couch and play with the dog. I said a little prayer over him and then went to my room to talk to God. I got up and was starting breakfast and doing a few things and he had finished a phone call and came up behind me and started to rub my hips and himself on me.

He then took me to the bedroom. I wasn't expecting him to kiss me as much as he did, but it was really nice. Afterwards, he gave a small hug and another kiss. I just had to email you, after I praised God!

I now have even more prayer grace in me to keep praying.

Thank you for everything you do for each of us wives and our marriages!

Dear Osita,

I am back after 21 days. My husband has returned home and is a changed man. We pray together, take communion and read the bible. We have applied for a coupled discipleship training school in Switzerland for couples under YWAM and we have been accepted!

God is good! My husband says he is struggling less with lust but still a bit with addiction to marijuana.

Good Morning Osita. This is the end of another 21 days but so much has occurred. God has convicted me of so many things. I was a horrible wife and mother.

I was a contentious woman, I was self-righteous, I treated my husband horribly. God has shown me my sins that my husband's sins no longer compare to the damage that I have caused over the years. Talk about pain.

I think it hurt worse when I realized what I had done to my husband that it did when he walked out on me. God has given me opportunity to apologize for some of the things I have done wrong and I know he will open the door for the rest.

I am continually working on myself and my relationship with God is closer than it has ever been. I know that God did this to save our family and I have full faith he will bring him home in his time once we are all perfected.

Hello Osita,

The night of 6/4/2020, my husband messaged me and asked if he could come by and see our son. Before I could respond back, he said he was already on his way. He played with our son and spent time with him. He stayed the night and went to sleep with our son. I slept on the sofa but later that night my husband awakens me and tells me to go sleep in the bedroom with him. He wanted to be intimate with me.

Hi Osita,

Tomorrow here in the Phil. is the 21st day of our prayer. I pray unceasingly and I've noticed changes in him since we started praying last June 6, 2020. Since June 15, he started preparing our daily breakfast and prepare our Moringa tea at night everyday.

He frequently stayed at home during this period, when he went out it took him 3 to 4 hours to return, while before he spent a lot of time with his woman, and took him 7 to 10 hrs. to come home.

He started fixing things that need fixing at home. He's a good handyman. At night in bed, he embraced and kissed me more, it became very seldom since he had an affair. We made love twice already. We started talking about family matters which we never did since he started cheating.

I'm so glad that I love to pray now than before. I was healed of my laziness to pray. All the prayers are now in my memory, I keep on repeating them even when I'm doing my works at home.

Thanks be to God, and also to you Osita, what will be our next prayers. I will not stop praying until he is totally changed and his affair with his woman ended.

The BBI 11 Is Set To Start Soon

The BBI 11 will be coming up later this month of July at a date I will announce soon.

I am already praying the BBI Prayers. From this weekend, my team will also start to pray them until you join us at the starting.

The way these prayers charge me, I expect some wonderful change and turnaround in some cases before we actually start. As I pray, I mention many of you and I ask that there be significant change in your situation.

For those who are new to the BBI (Blast the Barrier Intercession), it is our peak prayer season. It is our prayer enforcement when we fast and join faith together and pray the same prayers throughout the period. You may read more about the BBI HERE..

The BBI Prayers are really intensive and you can participate by your sacrifice and a ready spirit.

Here, our prayer team prays in turns so that a group is praying with (and for) you 24 hours every day.

Please expect more information on the BBI 11 here soon.

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