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Help Me In Prayer For My Husband!
April 25, 2018

Your Prayers Will Not Fail!

“For everyone that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened" 

(Matthew 7:8)

“And shall not God avenge His own elect, who cry day and night unto Him, though He bear long with them?"

(Luke 18:7)


If you would follow me and trust this God, and take Him at His Word, and pray, He will turn your marriage around so good, make you so joyful and fulfilled that you won't stop praising Him!

Hi Beloved Daughter of God,


Please know this. Your prayers are working to transform your husband and heal your marriage. The scripture said. "if the cloud be full of rain, they empty themselves upon the earth..." (Eccl 11:3).


Your prayers are pumping up enough power that will change the taste of adultery in your husband and shatter the grip of that strange woman.


Praying the right prayers is walking towards your testimony. You are on the right road, facing your destination, and you are walking towards it.


Every step takes you nearer. Never mind all the junk the devil is throwing into your path to slow you down. He can't stop you taking prayer steps, so he can't stop your winning. It is written, "you shall decree a thing and it shall be established for you; and the light shall shine on your ways" (Job 22:28). Keep marching on.


Very shortly, the tears on your face will be tears of joy! You will have your answers in your hands, and in your home!


It will be like a dream. All those knocks and trials gone in a flash!


You will hardly sit still. You will share your testimony, and the story will be so long that I will abridge it like I have always done.


I am praying and waiting for that day.


Surely, God is working it out.


And I feel you... you can't wait!


Everyone wants her prayers answered the next hour. No one would prefer her answers delayed a day longer. That is why those who sign up for the prayers want their husband's change NOW. Then those who have been praying for months wonder what they are doing wrong.


If you would follow me and trust this God, and take Him at His Word, and pray, He will turn your marriage around so good, make you so joyful and fulfilled that you won't stop praising Him!


I wanted to share a few more things with you today but I got two emails that changed my direction. I believe they will help you in this prayer walk to your testimony.


But, before we get to them, I want to squeeze in a few testimonies from the many new ones that are dropping every day. There's not enough room here to publish all the testimonies.


God Is So Faithful...

Here are a few of the testimonies that arrived this month of April, 2018.


Hello Osita, I was led to write to you after the last email you sent after the BBI 4 concluded. You mentioned that there were some who wants to "wait on it" before giving their testimony. I feel the same way too. For me, it was because of the feeling of guilt and unworthiness to give a testimony when in fact I wasn't consistent with my prayers.


During the BBI time I was not praying as consistently. My husband got a letter from the court so it was a good chance for me to start a conversation about what's going on. The letter stated that we failed to appear in court and that they have to reschedule another appearance.


My husband told me he totally forgot about it. So I asked him if he wants to go through with the divorce, he asked me what I want to do so I told him I don't want to go through with it. After some discussion, his last word was "I want to stay here and see if we can move forward" I told him I am praying for him and he said "maybe it's working".


After this happened, I said a prayer of thanks and I thought of writing to you but later changed my mind and did not. I know now that was not the proper thing to do. There is a line in the BBI prayer that come out to me " Lord, connect us again in a way only you can arrange. I want to meet with my husband (mention his name), help me O God! Organize a meeting between us. Let us meet through Your own arrangement. Let us be glad to meet in a peaceful and caring manner." I know God is doing this for us. Praise the Lord and to Him be the Glory!


Is it ok to continue to pray the BBI prayers? The approved prayers you sent me was a long time ago. Can I still pray those?


Thank you for your prayers and may God bless you!


Hello Osita, A lot has happened between the BBI 3 & 4 my husband moved back home on Feburary 6th. Glory to God.


For the 1st two and half weeks of returning home, he returned with a clean heart. We had conversations, hugged and kiss when returned from work and before going to work. We were intimate within by day 3 of his return and intimacy continued.


By Feb 22, I noticed the kisses turned to pecks and eventually he stopped giving me hugs, kisses and not coming to sleep (instead stayed awake in the living room claiming that he was not tired only wanted to watch tv). I prayed some more.


And then a breakthrough on Friday March 30th. I gave him his lunch for work and he accepted it and even ate it instead of taking it to work. The following day he sent me a text checking in so that "I would not be worried" (and I did not even send him a text that day). On Easter Sunday, while at church, he sent another text asking if "I was hungry" when I returned from church, he took me and the kids out to eat.


I know this is a lot, God has me. He has my marriage and he will continue to cleanse my husband of every unclean spirit that is trying to attack our marriage.


Thank you for interceding for the restoration of my marriage. God bless.


Hi Osita, GOD is AMAZING.


I would like to thank you for being my prayer partner. As soon as I finished the targeted prayers, GOD really touched his heart.


We are living peacefully right now with his remaining days here in the Philippines. He is a seafarer with a nine months contract onboard.


Last Easter Sunday I asked him to go church with me at first he refused but I pray and asked GOD to touch his heart. After a few minutes his mind changed and decided to go with me. It's very seldom that he go to church, he a Roman Catholic and I'm a Born Again Christian. I can't explain the happiness I feel every time we're together praising and worshipping GOD.


It's been a week that he's not texting the OTHER woman however she's bothering us. Please help me pray for her as well. She's a single mom.


Please continue to pray for us and for the complete healing of my husband. Right now, I'm doing my best to be a godly wife for him. If you could also send me prayer points on how to become a better wife for my husband I will appreciate it.


Thank you for so much and please continue to help couples that having problems with their marriage.



Hello Osita,


I just wanted to share an update with you on my current situation. I have been praying my approved prayers as you advised. I have been praying them at least twice per day, some days more. I wanted to share that my husband who has normally been staying away from home for days on end for the last few months was only gone 1 night this week.


Additionally, he was very loving towards me and even disclosed that the strange woman was pushing for him to leave our marriage and he told her no. This was big to me because I've been thinking lately that this was what he was going to and/or wanted to ultimately do but he spoke up and said absolutely not.


He said that he loves me and will not leave our marriage because I've been perfect to him. He has not communicated with her since Wednesday and has been ignoring her calls. We've continued to talk and work on us. I wanted to share this update with you. I will continue to pray because the battle is not over but I can see the shift beginning.


Thank you again for standing in the gap and interceding on my behalf. I cannot thank you enough.


Osita , Indeed your prayers are working. I can start telling you how much peace God has restored in my home and things keep getting better and better everyday. I am grateful for ur support and prayers. More grace to you.


Dear Osita,

For the couple of months since February my husband has turned around and has changed and I am full of happiness. He is now wearing his wedding ring, sleeping in our room and giving me unconditional attention and love to my son.


We go out to dinner together. He has taken time off work to spending quality time with us. We are building our family back together. He has been going to church with us and we live in our new house.


He texts me all the time while I work and he's at work even when he's on his way home just seen those messages hearing his voice having him next to me is a blessing.


Thank you for your prayers and the BBI prayers I would never give up hope I pray he continues walking in the right path and God's path. The Other Woman has been quiet through social media and I pray that she will no longer ever bother us again. She is evil, she is 26 years but has been nothing but a bad nightmare to us.


Thank you for everything please continue to send me your emails your prayers you're powerful words let's continue to pray for all others and their loved ones.


God Is a Prayer Answering God!

People don't believe that God is interested in you and your marriage. God's glory comes when His will prevails over the wishes of His enemies (your enemies). You see, that's why God would not let His praying children fail.


As I mentioned earlier, I wish to show you two emails I received recently. I'm sure you know I receive hundreds of emails daily, but these ones are important for the lessons they carry for our prayer life.

One the mails, the first one, was written in despondency and discouragement. To this, I show the reply I sent too.

The second one was one of hope and determination.


So, let us go...


I am on the verge of giving up. Every voice in my head is telling me to let go and that my husband is too far gone and it is his freewill that God has given him. That he is only buying time and will soon leave my daughter and I with nowhere to go. Even my own relatives advice is in line with these thoughts.


My in-laws don't seem to care about the situation of our marriage. I have cried and prayed to God night and day, I have included fasting too, but it all seems to go nowhere. What mistake am I making, man of God? Why is God not showing me even just a flicker of hope for me to stand on.


I don't want to lose my marriage, I only want both of us to change and start having a marriage that will be a testimony to the Glory of God. My husband still not talking to me, no communication whatsoever, its hard to know what he is thinking or planning.


I feel like my spirit and heart are breaking every single day I wake up to this. I vowed when doing my prayers that I'll give a big seed offering (despite all my other needs) if my marriage is restored because my marriage means much to me. I don't understand what is happening and don't know where we are going, but my husband seems to have left already. Help me, am I praying right?


Here's my response to that mail.



When you have been at prayer for some time, it is natural to wonder what happened to all your fervent prayers, and inquire why you have not seen what you have prayed.


It's worse when there are so many impatient, unbelieving 'over-concerned' people around you. They always give their opinions (whether you asked for it or not) which, all the time, is direct opposite of the mind of God for you. People don't believe that God is interested in you and your marriage. God's glory comes when His will prevails over the wishes of His enemies (your enemies). You see, that's why God would not let His praying children fail.


My prayers for you is that God should do a marvelous work of restoration in your marriage to shut up many loud mouths and shame the mockers. I have continually prayed this same prayers in my intercessions for many other women. And I can confidently say that many people have seen that prayer fulfilled for them. I continue to pray the prayer, and so many unbelievers will also be proved wrong so that they eat their own words.


When these words of ordinary people fill your ears (and mind) daily, the devil will amplify them at night and harass you. When the devil speaks these words of hopelessness and defeat, they sound like it is your thoughts. It is NOT you but the devil, and he is a liar!


That is why I want you to read my mails, and read your Bible, to hear God's Word on the matter. When God has spoken on a thing, all other contrary voices are mere noise. But you have to believe the Word of God, even when it appears unrealistic. So many successful marriage restorations were many times severely resisted by negative forces. But today their stories have changed permanently. Read the testimonies.


If you believe the Word of God, you will be praying them, confessing them, doing the right things as a worthy wife and be patient. I want to assure you that the Word of God is already settled in Heaven and will NEVER fail. God is forever faithful. Soon, you will testify of the power of prayers.


I want you to get your miracle marriage restoration by tomorrow, and I believe it is possible, so I am persistent in prayers for you and your husband.


Please hold on to God and to your faith in His Word. The prayers will work, I tell you. When the time set for them is up, request a review by sending me your five choice prayers you would like to be answered for your current situation, from the Prayer eBook. I will meditate over them and advise the next prayers from the list or from elsewhere as led by the Holy Spirit.


I am with you in prayers all the way to victory.


You shall succeed.


This is the second striking email.


Hi Osita,

I continued with the prayers and I am thankful to God for how my husband has changed toward my marriage and has been acting by the good hand of God.

I am thankful for many things: including better intimacy. I can feel connection now, not like a routine, he enjoys it. I've been praying for this, prophesying, speaking onto him (Proverbs 5:15-19) for him to rejoice with me, his wife and that he may be satisfied with me always and be intoxicated with my love. I keep praying for this, for his desire and passion for me, using Prayer 54 from eBook.


I am thankful that he cares and gives explanations with love about where he is, why he is there, and simple things that will give me peace. One day he called and said that God told him I needed some reassurance and that was exactly what I have asked God minutes earlier, so it was a confirmation that God loves me and He is working.


I no longer check his phones. It may look like I live in denial, but no, it is not good for my spirit to check what I cannot control. I leave it on prayer and rest in God. I can only control what I do and pray for my husband. It is not me who is changing him, it is God.


I try to pray at noon, 5 pm, and midnight. I also pray at 6 am. Early morning, noon, and 5 pm are the times where he could encounter her at work. Those specific times are key, because he meets her clocking into work and clocking out. So I am specifically alert at those times, and pray, pray, pray. When I cannot pray at noon, or at 5 pm, I still read them out of my phone. This gives me peace. But I still do proper prayers. I understand that I cannot manipulate prayers, I have to let them at the altar, be still, let not my heart be troubled, and wait on the Lord, as this is His battle.


I have found prayers that address the issues I have. Specifically, prayer number 49 is one I have used many times and it worked. In the past that's exactly what happened, he sold himself trying to please her when she said her partner didn't.


I trust God that the attachments and spiritual ropes have been cut off. However, I pray a lot because I don't want any fresh ropes of immoral bondage upon him ever again. I want the husband that I am praying for, restored to faithfulness and decency, free from bondage to sexual immorality and distraction, dead to sin, a redeemed new creature that seeks God, a husband that will be a godly influence and leader to our family.


I pray this because since it is spiritual, whatever she or any other lust deployed by strange or loose women, whatever captivates him... I command it to be dismantled. And any evil arrangements from her or any other to be reduced to naught. So he is delivered from the adulteress, from the sexually loose woman; and that all cords of the wicked are cut off him.


And sometimes I feel like the need to come back to BBI Prayers too, I read some specific points that I liked a lot and I do not know how to pray on my own so I feel I have guidance there.


God is changing me too. I now deeply regret sinning in the past, I know God cleansed me, and I am a new creature. I just don't understand how I could hurt him, hurt me, hurt God, now I feel free and delivered too. I told my husband, this hurt too much, had I known I wouldn't have done it.


I am blessed by your ministry, please I want to sow seed in good ground, not sure how to if there is a link, etc.


Thank you.


Are You Blessed By Our Ministry?

I have received inquiries from some people who want to send us offering or their gifts of love but don't know how.


If you are moved in your spirit to sow into the gracious work of God through our prayer and counseling, use the This Special Page.


On that page, you will find the'Add To Cart' button somewhere within the page. Click it and follow instructions. You will have to send your seed with your credit card.


If you are not able to use that page for any reason, please let me know.


You shall succeed.



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