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Help Me In Prayer For My Husband!
April 23, 2020

You Will See The Glory Of God In Your Home!

John 11:40 (Amplified Version):"Jesus said to her Did I not tell you and promise you that if you would believe and rely on Me, you would see the glory of God?"

Isaiah 62:6-8 (NKJV) I have set watchmen upon your walls, O Jerusalem, who shall never hold their peace day or night: you that call the LORD, keep not silent, And give Him no rest, till He establishes, and till He makes Jerusalem a praise on the earth. The LORD has sworn by his right hand, and by the arm of His strength, "Surely I will no more give your corn to be meat for your enemies; and the sons of the stranger shall not drink your wine, which you have labored for."

Hi Precious Daughter of God,

May God continue to preserve and strengthen you.

In a matter of hours or minutes (depending on your time zone) the final set of BBI 10 participants would close officially. This would also bring the BBI 10 Intensive Prayer Partnership to an end.

The BBI 10 has been an awesome experience . We recorded a very impressive number of testimonies from 26 nations of the world.

But I know there are some very dear friends who were also expectant to receive their answers but have not seen the physical change in their marriages yet. Some of them have been praying with us for quite some time.

Sincerely, I wish everyone would just get their marriages restored at once. I assume that anybody who didn’t send a testimony, is still on the waiting line. I know the God I have believed, who called me to do this, that He is the Doer of the impossible. He has said that if I pray with any sincere wife, He will make her joy overflow in her marriage.

I believe that. So I pursue the assignment tirelessly.

And I see new results that encourage me that He is working with me.

Every BBI Participant ought to have prayed just 31 hours (minimum) for the 21 days. That is one hour 30 minutes every 24 hours for 21 days. You remember we did three prayer sessions (12 am, 12 pm, 6 pm) or any other convenient time close to those times? Did we all pray that? If you didn’t pray up to that, then there’s room for catch up. You may continue the BBI 10 prayers until you have squeezed out all the power virtues by praying complete.

Please know that this is now personal pursuit. You are the person that will tell when you are through.

If you prayed more, then that’s great. We are stirring up things in the relevant places; you have not seen the end of turning things... in your favor.


I have made an arrangement with one member of my team to continue special prayers (2 to 3 am every day) for the release of the prayer answers to everyone on the waiting line. I believe the BBI 10 prayers are answered but may still be hanging up there for some reason. If God is keeping it, we would plead for mercy. If it is the devil, we plead the Blood of Jesus.

If it is YOU standing in your own way, we ask for revelation and for the spirit of truth and obedience to help you come out of self-hindrance. Holy Spirit, speak to her as she reads this line in Jesus name!

BBI Prayers: Frequently Asked Questions Now Answered

Some people ask the same type of questions when we end the BBI. I would like to answer some of them here.

Can I continue to pray the BBI or what can I pray now?

You may continue the BBI 10 if you feel you have not prayed through or completely. But let it be an addition to your approved prayers. That means you'll be praying three prayers plus the BBI.

When will the next BBI come up?

The BBI is usually a command of the Spirit of God. I cannot tell exactly when it will be holding. However, I know it happens about three or four times in a year. We have just had the first one this year. This means we may be having another one perhaps in June or July this year.

It did not work for me, what next?

This is what you would think but you really cannot say it didn't work for you. I have seen many women who had really outstanding testimonies weeks after the BBI. Check the recent testimonies to confirm. Power effectual prayers like the BBI Prayers prayed for that duration don't stop working just because you changed to other prayers.

My dear sister, you may not have seen what you expected at the beginning but you are close to your day of joy. Meanwhile, resume your approved prayers. If you don't have approved prayers, send me your five prayer numbers (numbers only) from the Prayer eBook. It all adds up.

I would like you to check what someone did when the worst happened in his circumstance (Daniel 6:10). See the outcome in verse 27: He delivers and rescues, and he works signs and wonders in Heaven and in earth..."

My marriage has been restored, what next?

We give God all the glory and praise in your behalf. God alone is the restorer of your marriage. Don't stop giving Him the glory please even if you notice a few things that are still depressing. He completes His work in praise Let the people praise You, O God; let all the people praise You. Then the earth shall yield her increase... (Psalm 67:5-6)

Also, continue to pray the approved prayers until we round off together.

If God Has Answered You...

This eZine is called Help me In Prayers for those who are still waiting on God in prayers for the change of their husbands and restoration of their homes.

This list in our data base here is quite large, a little over 9,000 women and increasing by the day.

However, only about 2,700 women are praying actively with us. The rest are some of those who have received their answers but are still in the list. I know this because I just asked for the audit of our membership and I saw many names I am familiar with who have sent in their testimonies. And they no longer communicate for any issues in their marriage.

My appeal is to those who no longer belong to the group we minister prayers to.

If you are in that category, you may unsubscribe so that we have a slimmer group and spend less in maintaining it. I would not like to delist anyone from here because the person may still need the prayers or the guidance.

It costs a lot to maintain a large group particularly when you know that more than half the number are no longer interacting.

Thank you for understanding.

You shall succeed.


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