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Help Me In Prayer For My Husband!
April 16, 2019

Determined To See The Power Work In Your Home!

“In that day the LORD with his sore and great and strong sword shall punish leviathan the piercing serpent, even leviathan that crooked serpent; and he shall slay the dragon that is in the sea."(Isaiah 27:1)


“So shall my word be that goes out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing where I sent it. " (Isaiah 55:11)


“Women received their dead raised to life again..."(Hebrews 11:35)


I will not cease praying for you with faith and expectations. I want you to experience the joy of answered prayers and the wonderful Hand of God on your husband and marriage. That will be your own prayer outcome in Jesus Name!

Hi Precious Daughter of God,

Thank God for the successful conclusion of the BBI 7 intensive prayers.

Though we have many, many good reports from our prayers, but each time I write, I want more people to move from the waiting list to the praise list. I just want to do all I could to move people to enjoy the results of prayers.

God can never abandon those who call on Him the manner we prayed in the BBI 7. Your case is not too hard for Him. If you see the scripture (Hebrews 11:35a) above, you would see your story being reported. Your marriage may seem dead by what you see and hear, but can anything be too hard for the Lord? (Jeremiah 32:17). “Women received their dead raised to life again..."

We prayed passionately to God to turn aright the heart of your husband, no matter how far gone from you. The type of transformation that will happen to him is what God is known for. He alone can do it. He does the hard things... and the impossible. He knows how to make it happen.

Though the BBI prayers may have been concluded, for now, but your sacrifice and your cry to God plus our non-stop prayers during the period are not in vain. Our intense prayers, can never be unfruitful. If God can transform and restore so many marriages through these same prayers, He will do it for you.

God is indeed the prayer answering God… so very faithful.

I wanted to publish some BBI 7 testimonies with this ezine but we have not assembled them. There are so many of them. We saved them in a folder but have not even read all of them yet. We need to cut out the personal details so as to protect the identity of the writers. That is still ongoing as I write.

Even today, we received a couple of fantastic testimonies from that BBI prayer experience. The prayer spirit and power is still hovering around the husbands and the homes we took up in prayers. Just note this: certain wonderful changes would still happen in your homes before this month is over.

On Saturday morning I read one striking testimony. It is not so much for what happened to this husband or the marriage. But for what happened to the woman that wrote!

See a bit of what she wrote. “I practically gave up on my husband and marriage. I had prayed with all my heart for this man’s return for over 3 years. The more I prayed, the more annoying and distant he became. I was tired of reading other people’s testimonies and hearing “you shall succeed” when it wasn’t me. So I gave up the prayers and stopped communicating you.

On Saturday, Feb 9, I attended an event with my neighbor. I was so shocked to see the strange woman with my husband at the event.

I came back home crying and wanted to die. Somehow, I saw an old issue of your newsletter I saved in my phone. It was the picture of the praying woman in the newsletter that caught my attention, then the scripture. Then I read your highlighted words of faith and hope.

I cried some more.

I sent you a mail to ask questions why all these things were happening to me, why God is keeping me suffering. Your reply was refreshing and encouraging as usual. Your email persuaded me back to prayers for my husband and marriage.

As I prayed the reviewed prayers, I changed. Osita, I changed from the inside. I saw my husband as trapped and sick. So, I prayed in the BBI 7 as you instructed. I was not searching for him but I connected to God in the prayers.

Tuesday was my birthday. Surprise, surprise! My husband wrote an unbelievable love letter to me and posted it on facebook. I was off facebook and didn’t notice but my friend drew my attention to it that evening. I couldn’t believe my eyes. He said I was the best wife any man could wish for: loving, devoted, prayerful and loyal. I have never read such things about me before. He ended and wrote that he would forever love me!

If he meant this, why is he with other women?

Where is the strange woman now? I wondered.

I couldn’t use the facebook so I sent him text “Thanks for the sweet words on Facebook. I love you too.” Last night he replied the text and asked “can we work on our marriage please?”

I am looking forward to our restoration. I feel so strong that our prayers are arranging things for me but I will keep praying. Please review my prayers with these numbers 2, 36, 64, 70, 75.

I thank God for you, Osita, and for all you do. You never give up and you won’t allow us to."

The part of testimony I want to emphasize is: ...I changed from the inside. I saw my husband as trapped and sick.

What this woman didn’t write here was that I told her then that the husband was not in his right senses. Some wicked spirits were putting words in his mouth and controlling him to act it out. The husband had said that their marriage was dead and she should move on because he was in love with another woman. I wrote her that the light of prayers would shatter the darkness in his heart.

Well, if you are in similar situation, I say the same to you now! Believe!

The spirit of prayer and supplication is at work in your marriage since the BBI. It will continue to move things in your favor. Please do not cancel it out by your negative words.

I will continue to pray with you. Please take up your approved prayers for the next 14 days. If you don’t have approved prayers, or you concluded yours, request for review from me.

To request for review, suggest five prayer numbers (1 to 77) from the Prayer eBook ‘Deliverance Prayers That Win Back The Cheating Husband’ to me. I will examine them and approve certain prayer numbers for you and me.

I am confident that God will not ignore our cries. You will see His glory.

Praying With The Truth.

Recently, I have had to change certain prayer points for some people following their confessions on earlier information sent to me. I initially received some incorrect info, half-truths and hidden facts from them and their marriage.

We had prayed for months, I asked a few questions, then the real truth was told. So, I was misled into the wrong praying which could never work, even if we prayed for life. This happened this last month (March) and it involved four women.

No one is under any obligation to answer our personal questions. But if you do, please be truthful and complete. Our prayers are targeted and individualized, so I like to pray specifically mentioning names and issues. What if those names and issues are false?

Don’t draw me into praying generally. If you do not want to give me your information, mention them to God... pray specifically (mention names and issues) to God. Do this on your own without me. I know your prayers will be still answered if you do it right.

I plead that you do not give me the wrong details (or none at all) and expect me to pray prevailing prayers. I don't know how to lie before God. Prayers are serious spiritual achievers.

I will not cease praying for you with faith and expectations. I want you to experience the joy of answered prayers and the wonderful Hand of God on your husband and marriage. That will be your own prayer outcome in Jesus Name!

I tell you this: our prayers will not cease. They will work for you in Jesus Name!

You shall succeed.



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