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Help Me In Prayer For My Husband!
November 18, 2014

Prayer Changed Husband From Cheating On Me

Last week we started with the first part of the testimony of Tesy (South Africa).

A recap of her story…

Tesy did not know that Bob (her husband) was cheating on her until a neighbor (and fellow Church member) hinted her.

Later that day when Tesy checked Bob’s things, the signature of the affair was everywhere. The girl’s pictures, gifts and love notes were easy to find.

When she confronted Bob, he easily admitted having an affair. There was a fight in their home; Bob walked away next day and moved in with his mistress. He later announced that he was through with their marriage.

Tesy didn’t want an end to their marriage and turned to God in prayers. During a search at Google, she hit our site. Now read on…

The New Prayer Experience.

I had some kind of peace and assurance from day one of our prayer. It was like we were physically praying together.

Still no answers but we prayed the more and things did not improve. In fact it seemed to get worse. For example, my husband and his mistress moved out of town to God-knows-where.

I had to go to his office before they told me he was on vacation. I grieved but Osita said God’s answer was nearer than I thought. That was very hard to believe but I held on to my prayer schedule. I called on God, shouted, wept, slept and woke. I couldn’t think straight; was I going crazy?

Osita said we would get answer, I bought a blockbuster prayer e-book with fire prayer points from his site (written by him) and we prayed on.

The fellowship was worth much more than the few dollars I bought the book.

The Prayer Worked.

On October18th, my husband called me for the first time in 18 months, to know how we were faring. I was overjoyed, yet angry. How could he be cheating on me and still asked how we were doing?

Then I remembered what is written in the e-book about the returning husband. I told him we missed him and asked when he would be coming home.

He told me he missed us and felt like ‘a fish out of water.’ I couldn’t believe I heard him right!

When the call ended, I was so happy I could neither eat nor sleep that night.

I couldn’t get Osita on phone that day but I shared with my sons and a few close friends. My friends doubted my husband’s sincerity and asked me to tread carefully so that he doesn’t shatter my heart one more time.

I got Osita on whatsapp to tell him what happened so far. He advised not to discuss anything of this with my friends until my husband returns home. He brought two more prayer points (thanksgiving points, really).

He Stopped Cheating On Me And Came Back Home.

Two days later (10.20pm 21/10/2014 precisely), my husband came home with his personal things. Our sons were already asleep when he arrived (he had called me earlier that he was coming home).

We woke them up and he was just begging us to forgive him and take him back. I told him I have forgiven him before his return (Osita’s advice). But I couldn’t help staring at him ceaselessly.

That night we barely slept as he told me some disturbing dreams that kept coming to him and how he came to the decision to leave Meg (that was her name!). It’s a long story.

I told Osita all this but he said I had to write in to encourage others. I had to wait till today (29/10/2014) to be sure I’m not dreaming (I’m sorry to say).

I give all glory to God who answers prayers and changed my husband from cheating on me; yes, He can change any cheating husband and turn his affection back to his wife.

No one should give up on God, no matter what it looks like. Trust Him, follow Him and He will perfect His word in your marriage. Tesy, East Griqualand, SA.

My Note

I usually do not publish testimonies here because there are so many of them with different twists and lessons. I intend to put them together in an e-book for free distribution soon. But this one got me to break that policy because it taught a few lessons which I find common and want to highlight.

•Tesy really believed in prayer but couldn’t pray as I suggested; she preferred we prayed for her. Your prayer is very important; mine will tie yours with faith and give more push.

•She wanted the husband back but was so bitter with him. We had to show her that bitterness and prayer do not mix.

•She thought that if we prayed and believed, the answer would come next day. Sometimes it doesn’t come that fast.

•When she got the hang of it, she was just flowing with the prayer points we gave her. She knew the answer must come. She got before she got it!

Your own testimony should be next!

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