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Help Me In Prayer For My Husband!
November 13, 2014

Prayer Ended Husband Cheating On Me

When Tesy called in with this testimony, I felt it was good enough to be shared with all our friends here.

Tesy had earlier communicated this victory in prayer but I pleaded with her to give as much details as she can recollect so that I publish it in the e-book I’m reviewing.

I decided to publish here first then on the website and in the e-book later.

Since then I have received three other outstanding victories (all the cheating husband cases we have are outstanding!).

This testimony is unedited except for the paragraphing, heading and sub-headings that I added.

Read on...

Cheating Husband Returns Home After 19 Months.

Hello, Osita, I’m writing this detail today, 29/10/2014, because you asked me to, and also to encourage those still on the prayer list.

If I were told, I could never have believed before March 2013, that my husband, (please permit me to call him Bob here), would cheat on me. And in the manner he did it.

We had been married for 11 years, happy Christians, blessed with two sons (aged 8 and 5 years) in a beautiful home. Bob was a rising architect in a real estate management firm and I was running a private French and German private languages School. It all seemed so good.

It was in March 2013 that I saw, for the first time, proof of Bob’s cheating on me. The evidence of this cheating was everywhere in the house but I was too busy or stupid to notice until then.

I saw her photos, gifts, notes everywhere I looked (I didn’t even have to search!) in our home! I couldn’t believe it. There were just too many evidence to show.

Of course there were signs I didn’t think much of until now: his unexplained spending, late nights, impromptu travels and lack of sexual intimacy between us.

How I Got To Know Of His Cheating On Me.

A neighbor, who is also a church member, and worked in a café downtown, mentioned to me that he had seen my husband ‘running around with this lady’. It turned out that this affair had been going on for a long while.

This information made me check his room, clothes, wardrobe and all that.

Bob was not in when I saw all those disgusting evidence in our home. I waited for him to return, but wishing that he would deny and tell a different story!

Actually, I was very afraid, angry, and devastated.

The Fight And The Separation.

When Bob came home, I was more than ready to ask. I put the question straight as soon as he had settled down, “Honey, are you having an affair?” as calmly as I could. I wasn’t ready for the answer he gave.

“Yes,” was his short and direct reply.

He was so ruthless and insensitive – the way he said it. He didn’t even care to cover up, or lie, as most men in that situation would. No feelings of guilt.

Just plain, bold yes. I asked him some other questions but he didn’t say much. I yelled at him, and said things I can’t remember now. He didn’t say anything sensible like some explanations or apology, not that I would have listened anyway.

I didn’t sleep a wink that night and I made sure he didn’t either.

Next morning he picked a few of his personal things and left. He didn’t come back for a couple of days, and I didn’t care.

Then he returned only to take more of his clothes and left.

When he didn’t come home or call for four days, I started to worry. I loved him and wanted our marriage to succeed. Some younger couples were looking up to us as the model marriage. It was a shame how things turned out.

I started reaching out to our friends and the church to help. But Bob told them it was over between us that he didn’t want the marriage anymore.

I tried to reach him at his office but he shunned every of my moves. I knew it was serious. I remembered that this was exactly how my elder sister’s husband left home and they later divorced. I didn’t want that to happen to me.

I started to pray on my own for God to help me bring my husband back and restore our marriage. My husband wouldn’t take my calls, not to talk of calling us.

So I prayed more, and fasted, but I was getting weary of everything, ready to give him up and go on with my life, or what remained of it.

One night (I think it was in March this year - 2014) I typed something like ‘husband cheating on me ’ on Google. Somehow I settled with this website (among some others).

I liked what I read, so some days later, called the number I saw and spoke with one Osita. That was the beginning of a new prayer experience.

To be concluded next segment.

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