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Help Me In Prayer For My Husband!
November 13, 2023

Prayer Power Like Never Before

HEBREWS 4:15-16 "For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin. Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need."

John 14:12"“Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father."

Hi Precious Daughter of God.

Greetings to you in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! I know it's been long we communicated here, forgive me.

We have been working on the reorganization of our Ministry and improving our Prayer sessions. This will help to deliver more satisfying prayer results to only those who are really serious.

Therefore, we are pruning our membership to have a slim list of only sincerely committed people. Currently, our membership list contains many people who have been helped or those who are no longer active in the prayers. It doesn't help to have a bloated mailing list of those who are no longer involved. It leads to unnecessary expenses.

That said...

Th August Stream Fire Prayers Blast is still producing streams of testimonies daily. Just as it was told us. Still, we are not relenting in praying for all of you until every marriage under our prayer cover is recovered fully.

Again, its time to push your matters intensely again.

For those who were NOT part of the Fire prayers, or those who did not follow fully, another opportunity is here. The Fire Prayers Blast is here again.

Don't miss it.

We are post a few testimonies below to let you know the kind of turnaround that is waiting for your grasp this.

Testimonies From Our Intense Prayers

Firstly I just feel so happy! I pay less attention to what my husband is doing and am more focused on my relationship with God.

My husband has expressed a desire to attend church regularly with me and he has been coming (not just on Sundays either!). At the last service he attended with me he went to the altar call for prayer unprompted - it may sound like a small thing but it brought me to tears because I can see that God is changing him into the Godly husband and leader that me and my children need.

We separated last year December but God has been working miracles my husband has been so supportive and showing care and concern unlike before and he wanted me to look for a new apartment and am really believing God that my family will be united again and permanently ....looking forward for the next fire prayer blast.

You won't believe this (or I am sure you will), but after you emailed me back, my husband stopped by the other night and told me that the strange woman was moving out today. And she did, they are no longer together! He still hasn't said anything about us, but God is working and ended that relationship! I am so excited for the next round of prayers b/c now I can focus on him coming home! Thank you so much for everything and your prayer partnership! God is so good!

Thank you for replying to me. I am glad to report that my husband suddenly showed up last week to check on me and our daughter. We are now talking again and I pray that we don't get any more conflicts. I will continue praying the prayer points and I have faith that God will transform him.

I have been praying with you since August. Your prayers are amazing and I love your ministry. I wish you guys were close by so I could come in daily to pray with you. Or be able to call and pray daily. I have learned so much concerning prayer and the word. Praying his words back to him. I always want to be a part of your prayers. I have been praying for years because I know my Lord hates divorce! He is the savior and restorer. I have registered before and I am thankful.

I am happy to report that it is going very well with my husband and I. He is even wearing his wedding ring again and is not active on tango. He says that he has sent the other woman a message to tell her it is over. Apparently she hasn’t replied. I try not to look, but it is hard. I just want it all to be over, deleted and out of our lives. I am battling with the trust.

Today I am here to testify about my husband and to thank you for the fire prayers blast. My husband spends every night in our bed unless he is at work far away. I must say he has changed for the better, I don't see secret phone calls like before, he comes home early and stays. The dark veil that once covered out marriage has been lifted. I don't know what has become of the other woman and I am even afraid to ask. Today I am here to give infinite glory to the Almighty God.

Since we started the prayers, my husband treats me different, he hugs me and says he loves me so much, he keeps smiling at me and has invited me out for dinner today. I must say it is a bit scary and I must admit I am very hesitant to believe him.

Thanks for your prayers. My marriage has been restored it was at the point of divorce. Almost gave up but the support received from this fora gave me hope and the Lord has done it for me.

Yesterday my husband kissed me and asked me if he can return to me. He wants to start a new life with me and my son. We had two wonderful days and now I have the time to totally thank you, Osita!

Without you all that would not have been possible.

You prayed for me and with me and God was working!

God not only worked on the relationship between my husband and me. He also worked on the relationship between my husband‘s best friend and me. We did not speak anymore (it‘s a long story, too much for now). By chance I met him on Friday and he talked to me (he did not talk to me for nearly 2 years). We reconciled. It was wonderful. God gave me that power and braveness to respond to him.

Osita, my life is good again. God took over and showed me so much!!!

You are doing good things for helping women and men in the same situation as I am.

You are blessed now and you shall be blessed forever!

No words can express my gratefulness, joy and love!

God is so good, I could see that my husband has changed a lot. He started caring for me, and immediately ask forgiveness when he knew that he hurt me by his words. He's now managing a resort owned by his bed ridden aunt. He's now sending money remittances for 2 months now. He also settled all my monthly medical bills. Thanks a lot Osita and prayer group for all your prayers. God is true to His word that He will not forsake or abandon His children who call on Him and love Him. I still continue praying everyday though the storm in my life has ended and I will still pray for others who also need prayers.

The next testimony should be yours! It will happen this time by the power of God.

The End of Year Fire Prayers Blast

We are set for another extraordinary Fire Prayers Blast Program! This supernatural event is set to be a story-changer, powerfully targeted to heal and reconcile and restore your marriage.

Also, this may be the last Fire Prayers Blast we shall organize before we start membership re-registration.

We are about to move over to another strictly membership platform for continuous effective prayer ministration.

We will give more information on this next move shortly.

For now, please get ready for the mother of all Fire Prayers Blast scheduled to start on November 27th, 2023.

Something must happen to give you back your marriage and give god His glory.

The Registration for the Fire Prayers Blast will be $50, then you offer your seed-faith sacrifice. The seed- sacrifice is according to your expectation.

The most important part of your preparation is your heart. Be ready to allocate time for the prayers. We want you to taste and see that there is overwhelming powers in the right prayers. Your own THING will be done and concluded in Jesus Name!

You may start sending your registration and your exceptional seed-faith sacrifice through either of these channels:

1. Click here and complete the form.

2. PAYPAL: (

We will acknowledge every received/accepted registration for the Fire Prayers Blast.

Prayer changes things from inside out. The Hand of God shall help you. When your detractors see the Hand of God, they will acknowledge your God.

You shall succeed.


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God bless you.

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