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Help Me In Prayer For My Husband!
March 15, 2023

Your March To Reconciliation Has Begun

1 Sam 30:8 "Then David asked the LORD, “Should I chase after this band of raiders? Will I catch them?” And the LORD told him, “Yes, go after them. You will surely recover everything that was taken from you!"

Jeremiah 49:19"...But I will suddenly make him run away from her."

The Fire Prayers Blast shall start on Monday, March 27 and end on Tuesday April 25 2023. Plan to participate, win and testify.

Hi Precious Daughter of God.

Greetings to you in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

I feel heavier and enriched in the spirit as we are about to start the Fire Prayers Blast 2. I got the touch of Heaven for fresh audacity to enter this Intense Prayer Season.

Things change dramatically for many people each time we are commanded to enter this Prayer Arena. I hereby inform you that your set time for the long awaited change is about to start.

This Fire Prayers Blast is not for everyone. Some women got their answers in the last Fire Prayers, some will get theirs this time. However, some may get their own change of story through the approved prayers or sometime later.

If you feel that this time could be your appointed time despite what you've been through, I urge you to step in and give it your best push.

I must tell you this: I feel so charged to start right away if not that I have been given a date already!

I am not going to do a long post on this today but I need to tell you a few things straight off.

Please bear the following two reminders in mind as we march to win the battle over your marriage - spiritual and physical.

Number one: Prayer, the type of prayers we do here, works. They've been working since we began this Ministry, and it worked (the more) the last time. I will publish (down here) just a few of the testimonies we received very recently.

You see, each time the spirit of prayer is brought into a matter, the whole scenario is changed. Spirits from God join your case. Of course, you know that all of us here also pray non-stop, calling your names.

Though prayer is initiated and pushed by all of us, prayer is not carnal or human intervention. Prayer works from the supernatural; nothing is hidden or concealed from the knowing of the Spirit.

This is why the negative spirits try their best to stop people praying. They sponsor people to tell you that your matter is not a prayer case. How wrong they are! You may use reasonable human approach (not demonic or devilish) to help you reconcile your husband, but without right prayers, that approach will fail sooner or later.

What I say is that prayer must be in the mix… in fact, it should be the leading action in whatever you do.

The power of prayers is in doing it, and doing it… and DOING it… until the daystar rises. And. It. Will.

Number Two: Every Prayer Program that we have ever conducted has always delivered more testimonies (in number and power) than the previous.

The last Fire Prayers Blast was a volcano in effect. If we go with what I just stated (in being better than the previous) then call this upcoming Fire Prayers Blast a higher volcano. Some cases are due for a final push to reconciliation and freedom. Others are just stepping into the pool of Bethesda where the impossible becomes possible.

As you know, I don’t make promises because God has given you a higher assurance. I trust my God, the doer, Jehovah Almighty. He has never failed to do what He said. He has said certain heavy things to me which I will be telling you when we get into the arena of Fire Prayers Blast.

Why not give this Fire Prayers Blast your best push and change the story of your marriage by completing this form.

You shall succeed.




I am happy to report that it is going very well with Konrad and I. We went away for Valentines and had a very nice time. He is even wearing his wedding ring again and is not active on tango. He says that he has sent the other woman a message to tell her it is over. Apparently she hasn’t replied. I try not to look, but it is hard. I just want it all to be over, deleted and out of our lives. I am battling with the trust.


Since we started the prayers, my husband treats me different, he hugs me and says he loves me so much, he keeps smiling at me and has invited me out for dinner today. I must say it is a bit scary and I must admit I am very hesitant to believe him...

Hi Osita,

Please can somebody wake me up! I mean what happened in this Fire Prayers Blast? Something definitely joined or was added, I can’t say what but it worked for me.

Well, Osita dear, I have been working on and off this my marriage for 7 yrs and 9 months. It was something nobody gave a chance. The prayers was just for lack of what else.

God came down for me Osita. After the Fire Prayers, I sent a message to my husband and he replied nicely. Long and short, he’s been coming to me on weekends and we are planning moving to a new location to build our marriage. I am so excited for the next round of prayers! Thank you so much for everything and your prayer partnership! God is so good!

Good morning Mr. Osita I hope all is well. Today I am here to testify about my husband and to thank you for the fire prayers blast. My husband spends every night in our bed unless he is at work far away. I must say he has changed for the better, I don't see secret phone calls like before, and he comes home early and stays. The dark veil that once covered out marriage has been lifted. I don't know what has become of the other woman and I am even afraid to ask. Today I am here to give glory to the Almighty God.

More Unbelievable Testimonies Will Happen This Time

I regret that we cannot accommodate more testimonies here. There are 33 of them that reached us in February, 2023 alone.

This coming Fire Prayers Blast shall indeed be a BLAST, and an opportunity for you to turn the table on your enemies.

So, prepare to be part of it.

Fire Prayers Blast 2

This Fire Prayers Blast would have come before now but God asked me to do the Prayer Sense Training first. So, we did the free training from Monday, January 30, 2023 to Sunday, February 5, 2023.

We are now ready with the Fire Prayers Blast 2.

It shall start on Monday, March 27 and end on Tuesday April 25 2023.

The Fire Prayers Blast is joined by Registration Fee and a seed faith sacrifice. It is a Prayer Covenant and it is required that every participant would covenant with their seed before joining. If you don't understand what this means, please send me a mail.

The Prayers will be real fire that will penetrate any hardened heart and melt it up, and change it, no matter how long or how bad the issue may be. Trust God!

As always, if you are unable to join this time for any reason, don’t worry. The approved prayers will continue to run alongside and you will be assisted to pray.

But if you will be part of the Fire Prayers Blast, you may have to suspend any Approved Prayers you have when we start on March 27.

For those who will join, please please complete this form so we can plan for everyone adequately.

Do not send your Registration / seed-faith yet. We will advise how to send it shortly.

Again, to join the Fire Prayers Blast, please complete this form.

You are blessed.

You shall succeed!

Osita. email:

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