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Help Me In Prayer For My Husband!
October 31, 2022

Enter Your Day of Marriage Restoration!

Isaiah 28:21 "For the LORD shall rise up as in mount Perazim, he shall be wroth as in the valley of Gibeon, that he may do his work, his strange work; and bring to pass his act, his strange act."

Joel 2:25"And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm..."

I would like to repeat that God is working out your case. No situation is too hard for Him to sort out. Your prayers will hit target and you will celebrate the power of God. Don't listen to the enemy. He wants you to stop praying and hand your marriage over. The devil is a liar!

Hi Precious Daughter of God.

I feel sooo good writing this post today. Your time of release from the hurt, betrayal and humiliation is about to end. Mark your calendar, your reconciliation with your husband leading to your marriage restoration is a must this time.

From the last time I wrote here, the testimonies that have come has given me great joy. I am a little undecided whether or not to publish them. If I publish all the testimonies, they will encourage so many people. But then, it will distract for what I really want to pass on today for your own testimonies to happen. Perhaps I would share just two of the testimonies that came in my email this last weekend.

You see, testimonies don’t just happen from being encouraged. You get yours by following the steps of those who have received their answers.Then you would never be lazy. You would be following the example of those who had faith and were patient until God kept his promise to them (Hebrews 6:12).

My mandate is to work with you, through prayers and counsel, so that you do not only have your praise report, but also a permanent restoration in your marriage.

God Brought Him Home Suddenly

Thank you Osita. God brought my husband home yesterday (Friday October 28). He was pleading and confessing like he was drunk. God is awesome. He said he really had the thought to come home but was too ashamed to return. This time he abandoned the lease on the other apartment and came back. We had to drive all the way on Saturday to pick his things from there.

I kept asking on the way what pursued him from there in such a way he left. He said he was feeling so bad and choking. He couldn’t explain it. Now he is ok. He wouldn’t let my hand go. He said he loved me and missed me. He asked me to forgive him but it was me that sent him out, remember? I couldn’t find my voice to also ask him to forgive me. This is huge miracle. Praise Jesus.

Osita, people need to hear what you do for us. I will say this anywhere. My husband will know this GOD that brought him home. Is it the last prayers or is it the sacrifice? I am thinking its got to be the sacrifice, what do you think? I have sent another seed just now through the PayPal.

(Barbra, Illinois, Libertyville, USA)

My note: When the prayer power enters, the evil spirit and the strange woman are cast out, and the man recovers his right senses. In this email, nothing was said of the strange woman. I suppose she left him earlier though I will get to know later. This man was turned around by the persistent prayers and the sacrifice and he's home for good now. Barbra, please keep in touch. It is well with your home!

God Caused Reconciliation Through An Event

On Saturday, my husband and I went separately to an occasion of my sister-inlaw’s daughter. We still leave together but have been living as enemies for over 8 months. The other woman has taken his soul and he comes and go as if I don’t exist.

Both of us sat close at the event because it was in a small apartment. When I stepped outside for fresh air, he came over and started saying the strangest thing to me, that he is tired of living like we are doing. He said we should put everything behind and repair our marriage.

I cried when he said that because he has hurt me so much and treated me like trash and he is saying this now. Is it that simple? I asked him to leave me alone.

Later, my sister inlaw (his sister) called me aside and said her brother (my husband) asked to plead with me to hear him out. I asked her to leave me alone.

At home that Saturday, and today, Sunday he has been pleading and showing care and praying loud to God. I am trying to respond because of your counsel but I feel the hurt of months of his wickedness to me and our daughter.

Please tell me what is going on. I am scared to be hurt again. The prayers is working miracles. I want this kind of prayer again.

(Cherryl, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa)

My note:There was certainly a spirit in their home that would not allow reconciliation. God made them to meet at that event and started reconciliation. Obviously, that spirit in their home was bombed out on their return. Cherryl, enjoy, but give attention to my private email on what to do with this victory.

How To Develop The Attitude For Miracles

If the devil can penetrate someone’s mind to scare and confuse her, while she is in prayers, then it is really sad. Give no room to the devil to tell you things or interpret what you see or hear. Did you read the testimonies up there? Just trust God, He is wiser and all-knowing. He knows how to turn the knob of your husband's heart.

Whether you see anything changing or not, your prayers are working… God is using them for your restoration. On the other hand, your prayerlessness and your doubts are robbing you of the restoration timing. There is no way my prayers will be in vain because I know what God tells me whenever I pray. It should be the same for you and for every child of God.

It is not possible for anyone to make me agree that prayers would not work for their situation. Prayers work for everyone who has a relationship (born again) with God. When any child of God cries to our Father God, God steps in and intervenes in the matter. It doesn’t matter whether your husband knows God or if he is trapped by demons. God’s Word is obeyed by all (James 2:19, Philippians 2:10).

I would like to repeat that God is not late in your case, neither is your matter too hard for Him to sort out. See the devil as the schemer and deceiver of the people. He, the devil, would try hard to confuse your mind to think that prayers are a waste of time and will not work for you. He will try to convince you that your own case is too hard and different and cannot be changed like those in the testimonies.

But the devil is a liar! He will always try to plant his lies using the delay of your situation, and the words and actions of your husband.

No matter what, don’t believe him. Laugh at him and tell him to get behind you when he comes with these schemes.

Look at it this way. Cutting down a tree with an ax takes some persistent, aimed strikes before the tree goes down. If it is a huge tree, it takes much more effort (and time) before the job is done. You will have to use a sharp ax and hit the same spot consistently over and over.

Your prayers are working, and will continue to work, if you are truly committed to prayers as we advise.

The prayers I pray for you is a mandate from God over your marriage. Once we give you prayers, or we start this kind FIRE PRAYERS BLAST, things are going to happen. And it’s going to be for your good. God gives me the grace, spiritual strength and understanding to guide you and pray with you until victory.

The devil hates this type of commitment but there is nothing he can do about it. It is the grace of God.

That is why I know that I will soon hear your marriage restoration testimony no matter what is going on now.

Count Down To The Fire Prayer Blast

We are getting set to start the Fire Prayer Blast from Monday November 7, 2022 to December 16. That’s a full 40 days of counseling, encouragement and ceaseless Fire Prayers Experience.

Though I have received a few more instructions on what to add to the Fire Prayer Blast (FPB), I am fired up and in the mood to lead you to victory. I will like to repeat that this Fire Prayer Blast will be a chain-breaker, a barrier-breaker... a change of story for YOU!

I need to say now, that another Fire Prayer Blast will be held again early in the new year, 2023, by the grace of God. So, if for any reason, you are not ready or able to join this time, don’t despair. You need to be ready in your mind, body and spirit… and with quality sacrifice too.

A little more on this sacrifice…

I can’t stop talking of this though I know some people do not think much of it. Sacrifice is a key to the miraculous and spectacular turnaround. Ask those who shared those testimonies.

Sacrifice is not just about money but the spirit behind the giving. We have had many prayer programs where I allowed people in with little or no seed-faith sacrifice. Eventually, they left the program without any change whatsoever though they prayed seriously like the rest. I was later warned not to stand in the way of instructions for sacrifice.

You are not giving your sacrifice to me or our Ministry but you are doing what the Word says and helping your situation. I can’t tell you how I offer sacrifices several times each year to the Ministries I feed from. Whenever, I need a new level in life and Ministry, or when there is resistance on my way, I offer quality sacrifice. And I leap over the matter.

Of course, the sacrifice is used for the work of the Ministry but that is not why it is given. Here, we have people who give for this work whether by sacrifice, offerings and love gifts. So, God makes adequate provision for us to run this place and we trust that He will always make provision for the progress of His Work.

This Fire Prayer Blast is Registration and Sacrifice-based.

For now, if you think you can be part of it, please complete this Indication of Interest Form. This is NOT the Registration Form. Registration Form will be available in a few days.

I know you shall surely succeed.


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