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Help Me In Prayer For My Husband!
October 21, 2020

Pray Until You Receive What You Ask

Luke 18:1/7"And He told a parable to them to this end, that people ought always to pray, and not to give up...And shall not God avenge his own people, which cry day and night to him, though He keeps long with them? "

Matthew 7:8/11"For every one who asks receives... ...If you then, being human, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more shall your Father who is in Heaven give good things to them that ask Him?


If you stick with the right prayers, you will definitely win your husband over soon.

Let me tell you this. It doesn’t matter whether he is gone away with another woman, or he has sworn never to come back to you.

I don’t even care if they used witchcraft or some charm to keep him away from you.

I have seen many of these before, and I know how they ended. The victory of the power of God over them will be repeated in your own case!

Hi Precious Daughter of God,

It is well with you!

The major reason for these posts I send is to help you establish the Will of God for your marriage, cooperate with God's Spirit by right praying, and recover your marriage.

The key spiritual weapon to make the Will of God happen in your marriage is prayers… targeted prayers. Targeted prayers are just personal, scripture-based prayers that will move God to act in your favor.

Prayers move mountains. Prayers change situations. Prayers change hearts and restore affection and commitment in relationships and marriage. Prayers release the Spirit and Power of God which is able to do (and undo) as the Will of God directs.

Not many women understand this. That is why the commitment to prayers from one person to another is not the same. And so the results we get from prayers.

So, for me, one of the most tiring things I have seen in many women who believe in the power of prayers, is when they abandon praying. Some don’t even pray at all. Some others pray for some time and stop, then pray some while… stop ….pray … and…

You guessed it! They stop again.

There are many reasons for this behavior which has become defeating attitude for some women.

How to Overcome the Weakness In Prayer

Before we go on, I want you to know that whatever keeps you away from moving towards your marriage restoration is a sign of the enemy at work. And he works it from your inside, your mind. He presents a picture or painful narrative to weaken you and defeat you. They are all tricks and schemes to take you further away from your reconciliation with your husband.

You see, the easiest way to stop a determined person from winning back her marriage is to give her an alternative, that is, make her pursue a different goal. The enemy wants to convince you that your goal of praying your husband back into your marriage is impossible. So, he tries to persuade you to surrender or leave things to chance.

Why do you stop praying for your marriage if you really believe the scriptures? Do you not hear how these prayers remove marriage difficulties, and reconcile husbands to wives? Why should your case be different?

Well, whether you feel it or not, targeted prayers can wipe off spiritual, physical and unknown issues that are holding your marriage captive.

So, why stop praying when you have not received your answer?

I have been praying with (and for) several women in so many diverse cases of marriage problems for nine years. During this time God has granted us about two thousand testimonies worldwide.

So, I know a thing or two mistakes some women made when we start these targeted prayers together.

I will share some of the reasons why women who once were desperate for the change of their husbands couldn't fight to the successful end. I will call it start and stop spirit. When they commence praying with us, they soon stop, and start again, and stop…

Not Obedient To the Demands of Prayers..

Many people who come over for targeted prayers here just came to try things out after other methods have either failed or are expensive in time and money. These people may not be Christians, and unwilling to be converted, but have read or heard something about us, so they come over.

I have had instances where people were not born again, and would not even pray the initial prayer for their salvation. They still hang on, without the that critical foundation, expecting answers to their prayers.

A few of them had told me that they expect God to have mercy on them whether they confess their sins or not. Some belong to other religions that serve other gods, and would not give their gods up. Well, this God of Heaven is a jealous God who will not share His glory for the restoration of your marriage.

I must say that a number of women got saved here, and had their marriages restored. Others who are sincerely serving and believing Jehovah God would also have victory in the Name Jesus Christ. God is faithful.

Not Willing or Unable to Pray.

Many of the people who come to us do not understand the principle and power of Prayer Partnership which our Ministry stands on. They tend to rely on our prayers alone and expect answers. We do pray for you here but you should pray also to make things change quickly in your home. That is what Partnership Prayers mean.

Of course, some don’t really know how to pray the prayer points, or pray them sufficiently. This was the reason why God gave us the BBI (Blast the Barrier Intercession) Prayer Seasons. During each BBI Season, we provide fully developed prayers for all participants.

Some Get Easily Tired.

It is good to be desperate in prayers. I encourage it. Desperation gives a push and a level of energy that helps you to gain momentum in power.

However, for some people, their level of desperation also has a short span. Soon, they become bored and tired because they expect certain result at a certain time but don’t get it.

For some women, their cases may seem to get worse while on the prayers. The enemy makes them hear certain discouraging news about their husband and marriage.

That’s when the husband says things like ‘I don’t love you any more”, I’m never coming back to you”, “I am happy with the new woman, you may move on with your life” and so on.

Family and friends, out of concern, want you to stop praying and waiting and do something else.

Feeling of Success.

These are the women who start seeing good result as a result of the prayers: husband has changed (or changing), marriage coming together again. All seems to be working well.

They relax their prayers or pray something else (they assume this one is done).


The enemy attacks their marriage hard and they return to prayers. This time, the prayers become harder and longer.

You Are Still Here Because God Wants You To Win

Well, whichever is your situation, you can still re-start your prayers and get victory. Actually, I expect you to be encouraged by this post to return to prayers with fresh determination.

Prayer is not one-off exercise. It is a process of continuous engagement of the Word of God to access His power to help you. Often, people who have lasting victory in their marriage have prayed the right prayers consistently for some time.

If you stick with the right prayers, you will definitely win your husband over soon.

Let me tell you this. It doesn’t matter whether he is gone away with another woman, or he has sworn never to come back to you.

I don’t even care if they used witchcraft or some charm to keep him away from you.

I have seen many of these before, and I know how they ended. The victory of the power of God over them will be repeated in your own case!

Remember, I and my team are committed to praying with you until you laugh last. God can never disappoint those who trust Him.

You shall succeed.


Preparing For BBI Wonder

I have received direction to start preparing for the BBI 12, which is likely to start at the end of November. This BBI is the 12th Edition and from what has been revealed yet it is going to be the bomb.

It may also be the end of the BBI series as we know it. There will be a new arrangement and a few re-organization for our Prayer mandate.

If you are new here, and you don't know what the BBI is about, please read up here.

You shall succeed.


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God bless you.

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