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Help Me In Prayer For My Husband!
July 05, 2017

God Working Wonders, Changing Husbands And Healing Marriages!

“…the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy”
(Revelation 19:10)

“Who has believed our report? And to whom has the arm (power) of the Lord been revealed?”
(Isaiah 53:1)

Hi, beloved of God.

Our great, all-knowing and almighty God is surely doing great works in our midst. Without a doubt, He is also working something exciting in your home, if you are still here... praying. It's either you are seeing the works unfold in stages or they are still in the making.


There will be a burst of wonders in your marriage, just like the ones you will be reading in the testimonies today.


In this edition, as I mentioned the last time, we publish some more testimonies to allow the Holy Spirit speak to you through them.

I want to draw your spiritual attention to the first two scriptures up there. They are relevant to the testimonies... but more importantly, they help your faith and expectations. These are two important factors when you are praying the targeted prayers.


First scripture. Jesus is the Word of God personified (see John 1:1), therefore every testimony that has its root in the Word of God is the testimony of Jesus. So it is prophetic, meaning it is a message (spirit of prophecy) to you and can be replicated in your circumstance.


The second scripture. I know you truly believe that what God has done here is possible for you too. God said you will surely see His Hands (wisdom and power) revealed in your marriage.


God Answers Prayers And It Shows.


The confidence in my calling came early in my Ministry when God assured me through His Spirit in 1 Thessalonians 5:24 “Faithful is He that called you, who also will do it.”


I have never said or behaved as the ‘doer’ of these great changes, turnarounds, and restorations. I know I am just the vessel He chose to reach out to many hurting wives. My job is to follow instructions while our God does what He is known for.


We counted 511 testimonies in the last two months (May and June. Many of them were full page and quite detailed. So, I had the problem of removing identities and cutting out much of the greetings and pleasantries.


It would please me to publish all because they are all different in some way but I don’t have that much room in one edition.


The testimonies are just selected at random for today's publication.


Many of you will surely recognize your own testimonies here but will find them under a different identity. It is my way of keeping your identity hidden from those who might know you. I also removed all the other details (including your husbands’ names) that may point to you.


Read on…

Hi Osita,

I'm sorry for late reply because of my working schedule. The BBI prayers were for my benefit. I never thought that I could have my marriage back but God has restored my marriage and I know he will still make it perfect for me.

I have seen a lot of changes of good things in me, and I saw a big change in my husband. God is so good and faithful. I need to keep my prayer because I don't want to loose my husband again. I strongly want to send you my sacrifice and I will do it tomorrow... How can I send it properly? Thank you so much Osita and thank you for an awesome BBI prayers that you did. I'm looking for more of your prayers.

Chloe, USA


Hello Osita

At the end of the three weeks of prayer, my husband last night astounded me with what he said to me.


Last night we were out had a nice dinner then chatted in the car. I started crying as I have both my parents not well at the moment. My husband was comforting me and telling me that I'm not alone and I have him beside you.


He said to me he loves me so much and misses me and our life that we had together. He said that he wants to honor me as a husband and if I'll have him he wants our marriage back. Praise God!

He even wanted to go to the hospital to visit my father and apologize for all he has done wrong. He wants me to let him know when he can come and apologize to my parents.


I have my husband’s heart back Osita. I am very happy I don't know what's going to happen from here but I trust God that the outcome will be wonderful.

Please keep my parents in your prayers, Osita.

Mary, USA


Good Afternoon Sir,

I just want to testify on the good thing the Lord has started in my marriage. My prayer is that God perfects it and make it permanent. My husband is now a home dad. He comes home straight from the office unlike before and he spends more time at home unlike before.


His mobile phone that was a NO GO AREA before, that he guards jealously before is now what he leaves carelessly; He doesn’t spend time on the phone chatting unlike before. Can this be real? Sometimes, I run into my room to cry in thanksgiving praying that this would remain permanent. I give God all the Glory.

Nneka, Nigeria


Hello Osita,

As soon as possible I want to sow another seed of support so other women can be blessed. I firmly believe in your ministry.


I mentioned we went to dinner the other night for the first time as a family in 2 years for my daughter's birthday. When my husband came in, he hugged my children then hugged Me! I couldn't believe it. Dinner was great. I printed old pics of the kids and brought a stack of them. I wasn't sure how dinner was going to go seeing we haven't been in his company altogether for some time.


We laughed and talked about old times. I am still in awe of what I see. I am excited when I think about more possibilities. Thank you for the BBI prayers and for being my prayer partner. I will keep you posted on any new developments.

Triffany, USA.


Hello my amazing brother,

I just sent my seed to you via Western have no idea how excited I am to be able to sow into your ministry...I am so grateful for all you do!! Thank you...thank you!


Thank you again and may God continue to bless your ministry...the devil cannot stop what God is doing!! Bless you!

Olivia, USA



I have been on the prayers and have now experienced things I am not sure what it is any longer.

For the last 3 years that my husband abandoned me and was looking after my niece and her baby from him. He has never got into the house or cared about me. But for the first time yesterday he came to the house and ate my food and … Just this Wednesday he bought me cake for my birthday.

Angelina, South Africa.


Hello Osita,

On Sunday May 21st, my husband came home after work (instead of going to his apartment to be with his mistress for the first time since he moved out almost 4 months ago) and stayed the entire day. We were intimate that day… and have been so a few times since then.


I truly feel blessed that God have brought you into my life. Another lady who is going through the same situation as I am have expressed how your book of prayers is helping her. Thank you and God Bless.

Tina, Malaysia.


Beloved man of God, Thank you for being obedient to God's call on your life and for the ministry Osita. I praise Jesus for doing a mighty work in me and my family.


You asked me in the initial questionnaire something like what would I like in the next 30 days and my main request was that my husband would come home. I told you this May 25th and the Lord facilitated him coming home June 24th, exactly 30 days, what a miracle, truly this is only possible with God. Thank you for praying with me, God really is good.

Mary, USA


Hi Osita,

This E-mail might be a little long for you again and thank you for your time of reviewing my situation. During and after BBI prayer period, God has moved my situation around like I never thought it before. Amazingly, I got to spend time with my husband more and we talked than ever before.

I thought he would reject me and push me away but instead we are sleeping in the same room, doing things, worked in the garden, planted flower, went out to eat and watching a movie. He is taking me out more and talk to me more. I PRAISE GOD for his love and mercy on me. God has dried my tear and I know he will have more for me. GOD IS FAITHFUL TO ME.

Lizzy USA.


Hi Osita,

BBI prayers have turned my husband and marriage around. But I am waiting for your right information to sow a seed in this blessed Ministry. Please tell me how to do it correctly.

Joyce, England



I wanted to thank-you so much for your reply and prayers, I have faithfully been praying these 3 prayers since you sent them, I have noticed a big difference in my husband and myself. I feel it in my responses to him, it is a good feeling. I will keep praying these prayers faithfully every day.

Sarah, Philippines


Pastor Osita,

Thank you so much for the prayer points they have really helped a lot as sometimes I wouldn't know what to say. During the past 7 days my husband came and apologized to my family and I. He told me how much he wants our family to be restored! This is just awesome!

Elizabeth, Zimbabwe.



The first day of the BBI, I did my 12noon prayers on my lunch break. That night at 6pm, along with my prayers I praised and thanked God for everything, especially this overwhelming peace that has come over me. As soon as I was through, I thought to myself, "oh how I want to hear my husbands voice," as soon as I said that, I saw his face pop up on my phone.

He was calling me! He called to see why I haven't been calling him.

Now, just this morning my husband called me to say that "he was at the house and was getting ready to go and get some groceries, because we needed some; and he was going to send our son, who lives in Florida some money to take care of a few things he has need of.

I was just listening to him, because I KNOW it's God moving in this sacrifice, this fast and in the atmosphere. Osita, after I read the email you sent out, I had to let you know I already see God moving on my behalf. I believe with my whole heart, that God is in the midst of your prayers, continue to do what God is using you do. I thank him for allowing me to be part of this blessing.

Cory, USA


Man of God,

I would love to let you know that my husband returned home last night, praise the Lord! I'm still praying fervently for everything to go back to the way it was, if not better than it was. I just want to take one day at a time. God bless you!

Audrey, Canada.


Good Evening Osita,

It's always a pleasure to hear from you .I must tell you with confidence that after the sacrifice, I have seen a drastic change and u-turn in my husband that has not been interrupted up till now.   

Everything that they had interfered with between us has been restored. It's just getting better and better day by day. I have no doubt that the enemy has been defeated. I’m surprised though, that some believers have doubt about seed faith.

   My prayer every day is for God to open an uncommon door for me to support the work of this ministry because marriage is pertinent to God. I pray that he will continue to use you, I have not felt this kind of peace for eight years. I’m grateful; and more grace to you.

Bianca, USA.



So far my husband, is acting more sweeter, when we talk on the phone. So I'll definitely be sowing more seed. I know I shouldn't have bothered you with this. But I'm blown away about how God moves, to me this is confirmation. God is Awesome! Seeds are very important.

Patty, Papua New Guinea.


Hi Osita,

I am thankful to God things have taken a different shift after I sowed the seed like you advised . Everything has quieted down and is peaceful again. I know for sure that God is at work on my case and victory is certain because no one can contend with the Great I Am. I thank you and your team of prayer warriors . We shall surely prevail. More grace to you.

Rachel, South Africa.


Hi Ostia, Now my husband seems very loving and keen to give our marriage another go. Yesterday he surprised me by telling me he loves me. He has been spending a lot more time at home and been coming every day.   

He assured me that he ended his affair with the other woman although I'm still doubtful if he's telling the truth. I am still praying every day and thanking God for where He has brought us at the moment. Will keep you posted on our progress.

Eve, USA.



My husband and I had a good beginning conversation yesterday. He apologized and confessed to his affair and I apologized for having been engrossed in work after we lost the baby in which he felt abandoned. I have a feeling this will be a very delicate time and that I need to pray even harder since everything is out in the open. Thank you for your continued prayers.

Anna, Trinidad and Tobago.


Dear Osita,

Thank you for your time and prayers. My husband is with us physically. He is back to normal from a father point of view. He has told me he loves me and will never leave us. But he does not see how things can ever be the same with us... he keeps telling me that he feels responsible for the breakdown of the other woman’s marriage. That it is his fault and he can't live with that.

Kendall, USA.


Good Morning Osita,

I’m thankful to God things has taken a turn for the better and God has finally broken the wall the enemies put between me and my husband.


We went out one night and one of his mistresses were there, he made a public show of her and he was all over me. It appeared as if he never knew her. We came back home that night, he made love to me like he has been craving for me for a long time and after that he apologized for not touching me for so. I just give God all the glory because the enemies had interfered with the intimacy between us for too long.

Jemima, USA.


"God can turn the heart of a prodigal, stubborn husband and pull him back to his covenant wife. God can stop and annul any evil scheme against your husband and marriage. God can scatter the evil gang-up of inlaws and make them eat their words about you. God can...if you will believe” (Jer 42:11).



Indeed even when we are weak God is always strong, I left home after being beaten and for the first time my husband has been coming to plead for mercy and even crying, this is unlike him because he has done bigger things and has never apologized or shown remorse. I believe its God who is softening his heart. I will continue to pray my prayers until there is a total transformation. Thank you for your support.

Kate, Zambia.


Good Morning Osita,

My husband texted me today and we spoke on the phone as well. He doesn’t want to move forward with the divorce anymore but wants us to work things out.

   I told him that I knew that God has his hands in our marriage and that we would be blessed for reconciling. I apologized for not respecting him on the decisions he made on our remodeling. Felicia, USA.


Calvary greetings in Jesus name, Amen. I want to share with you my experience after using the prayers you sent me on right conduct and confession. I realized that l wasn't conducting myself well due to anger. I had a little chat with him but did not mention his Cheating, amended my ways accordingly and kept on praying. Soon after, things began to change for the better though I can't say if he still cheats. Thank you very much and l give God all the glory.

Patty, Canada


Osita, God gave me another victory over my husband and marriage. My husband actually surprised me and got me credit card today. He gave it to me and told me I should keep it and use it to buy meds for the kids and other things that I may need.


I also had a dream about him last night fixing our bed. I give God all the glory for I know for sure without any doubt, that my victory is certain. I thank you and more grace to you.

Julia, USA.



Sorry for this delay in sending you this testimony. I tell you with much, much joy that my husband has been home for four months. Our nineteen-year marriage back on track. I pray the prayers from your book, but add many thank you to God, for example, "thank you for halting the spirit of separation and divorce."

You prayer book helped me get closer to God, who keeps me anchored in hope. Your book helped me stand in faith that we could correct our marriage, You were right on so many things. He came home six months and two weeks after the affair started. It was completely over. I prayed your prayer points without ceasing.

I even already prayed them this morning at 3 am. Thank you so much for your ministry. I cannot tell you how much you mean to me.

Pamela, United kingdom.


Hello Osita

Praise the living God! Thank you for standing with me. Indeed I have seen some changes especially in me. Truth is I have always been a bitter person and so glad God gave me an opportunity to experience true joy and the power of prayer.


When I started prayers on Monday, my husband kind of became uncomfortable though I kept my cool. Then on Wednesday he confessed his cheating, told me where I went wrong. From what he said he’s no longer interested in that affair but with me. I couldn't believe my ears; only gave God the glory. I know he is not perfect yet but I know the God who made him leave the mistress will complete the rest.

His behavior towards me is good. He treats me like a human being, we talk freely …no more barking at me. I’m going to continue with my prayer points indeed God is working.

Shawna, Canada.


All these testimonies must remain and get better; everyone believing God for her own good report shall testify soon in Jesus Name!


You must get your own tes

You shall succeed.


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God bless you and give an answer of peace in your marriage.   

You shall succeed.   


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