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Help Me In Prayer For My Husband!
May 23, 2017

The Count Down To An Exciting Change Of Story In Your Marriage.

“For I will give you a voice and wisdom, which all your enemies shall not be able to contradict nor resist.”
(1 Timothy 4: 15)

"Gather my saints together unto me; those that have made a covenant with me by sacrifice."
(Psalms 50:5)


“Let us labor therefore to enter into that rest, lest anyone fall after the same example of unbelief.”
(Heb 4:11)



Depending on where you live and your time zone, you may be reading this in the last hours of the eve of BBI. Or, you could be reading it in the days of power of God in BBI proper.


I don't have much to write. I don't have to because there will be a lot to write later.


Jesus shared a testimony with his disciples in Luke 10:18 and said,

“I saw Satan fall like lightning from Heaven.”

Yes, me too, I see all the things that have exalted themselves against your marriage defeated.


As at today (May 23, 2017), over a hundred women have signed in and received the 20-page BBI Letter which we will be using throughout the intercession. If you have sent a sacrifice and you have not received your BBI Letter yet, please send me a mail immediately


If your spirit is moving within you over this, you could still join this week. There is no room for regret here. I don't know who will be free in the first week... second week... third week or immediately after this 21 days BBI.

Though the intercession has not started, I have received many testimonies by some from our pre-BBI prayers here. The first person, Jemimah, had sent in a sacrifice previously. I have been quite busy but I quickly obtained the consent of these four precious daughters of God to show you their testimonies.


So, here we go...


Good Evening Osita,

It's always a pleasure to hear from you. I did a sacrifice through you some time ago. I must tell you with confidence that after the sacrifice, I have seen a drastic change and U-turn in my husband that has not been interrupted up till now. Everything that they had interfered with between us has been restored. It's just getting better and better day by day. I have no doubt that the enemy has been defeated.


I’m surprised though, that some believers have doubt about seed faith. My prayer everyday is for God to open an uncommon door for me to support the work of this ministry because marriage is pertinent to God. I pray that he will continue to use you. I have not felt this kind of peace for eight years. I’m grateful and more grace to you.

Jemimah, Maryland, USA

The night I presented my sacrifice in prayer, that same night Barry called and asking me if he could come home. Can you imagine that? This was a matter I have begged, prayed and fasted for! He asked if he could come back and I said ‘yes’.

I didn’t know what to believe and for most of that night sleep didn’t come. My thoughts were everywhere. He called again in the morning that he was on the way.

When he arrived, he said he was misled by all manner of people, that no one could compare to me. He said he wants us to work on our marriage and that he would never leave again no matter what.

This was someone who said he didn’t love me again and walked away 19 months ago.

Judith, Memphis USA.

Hi Osita, You are doing a wonderful work there. I received the BBI Letter of Intercession and immediately another mail dropped in my inbox. The second mail was from my husband who moved from our home and followed a single mother who openly called him her husband.

I was surprised to see his mail because he had never contacted me by email, only by phone calls and texts. Even he stopped any form of communication with me and won't take my calls.

Anyway, he said he was ashamed of the way he treated me and our daughters and asked if I would ever forgive him. I asked of the woman and he doesn’t want to discuss her. Then I said he would also have to ask our daughters (they are 11 and 8 years) if they will forgive him.

Well, yesterday afternoon, I came back from the hospital and he was here chatting with our girls. I have not spoken much to him but he’s been all over me like never before. I can’t believe this is happening.

Bimpe, Ilorin Nigeria.

Hey Osita, this sacrifice has been in my mind before you mentioned it. But I sent it immediately you said it and for 2 weeks my husband has been like a charmed man. He is always around me in the house holding and touching me as we just met. I have not given him much attention because he hurt me so much but this thing works.

Camille, Philippines

Brother Osita

I prayed yesterday with the specimen prayer of intention you showed us in the newsletter. I wanted to send the sacrifice today by western union. So my heart told me to call my husband. It was night, 11 pm, he has not come home for 4 days. When I called him, he said he was coming home.

He came and said that he didn't know what came over him and that there is no woman like me. He said he will do whatever I say and follow me to my Pastor. I will send my sacrifice today. Thanks so much, Osita. You made me so happy.

Pat, Cape Town South Africa.


If your spirit is moving within you over this, you could still join this week. There is no room for regret here. I don't know who will be free in the first week... second week... third week or immediately after this 21 days BBI.


But what if you don't know how to be part of it? Read up again here.


You shall succeed.



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