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Help Me In Prayer For My Husband!
October 18, 2018

Power To Calm The Tough Storms of Marriage

“Therefore the redeemed of the LORD shall return, and come with singing unto Zion; and everlasting joy shall be upon their head: they shall obtain gladness and joy; and sorrow and mourning shall flee away. (Isaiah 51:11)


“So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him." (Isaiah 59:19)



The BBI 6 can be the turning point of your long story of travails in this marriage. I know that for so many people, this BBI Prayers would be it.

Hi Beloved Daughter of God,

If you are among those that sent me emails but have not received any replies yet, please forgive me. I have been very busy at the Prayer Camp, preparing for the BBI 6.


So, my emails and other correspondence have been unattended for days.


I'm delighted to announce that the BBI 6 is ready to fly. More on that later.


There is something super powerful about the Word of God used in prayers. I see it work all the time, sometimes sooner, other times later. Unfailingly, it works, defeating the demons and the devils and all their plans... ultimately.


I believe very strongly that you are doing the right thing by praying for the change and return of your husband and for the healing of your marriage.


Actually, your efforts to win back your husband is not just the ‘right’ thing but it is the righteous thing!


I know that it is God’s will for your marriage to bounce back and grow strong. God wants every marriage to succeed. God is never part of a failed marriage or scattered home. You can never find one example where God was party to that. Rather, wherever there were problems in the home, God always wanted reconciliation and love.


God wants those who will agree with Him and work out His Will for the growth and advancement of families. That's what we are doing and God is empowering us and doing His miracles.


However, the devil doesn’t want you to be happy, married or have a stable God-fearing family. He wants you to fail in marriage, and be messed up. Not because of you, really. He wants to score a point against God’s system. Remember, marriage is God's idea… it was instituted even before the Church.


Now, some of you don’t even see the need, or the value, why you are still holding on to your marriage. It seems that all the good in it is gone. You think that your husband has lost all interest in the marriage because he had repeatedly been mean and nasty to you. You have suffered and gone through stuff to keep this marriage together, and it seems it is still far from your expectation.


You wonder whether it is still the will of God to stay married to this man. Concerned family and friends are already telling you ‘the right thing to do’ because ‘time is passing.’


My answer is this: If you were truly married, It is the will of God, hang in there until you win!


Now you may have this question: 'How do I really know if it is the will of God to keep fighting for the restoration of this marriage?'


So, lets look at the truth of the will of God concerning your marriage. Bear in mind that the scriptures are written for you as a person. Jesus said:

"What I say to one I say to all" (Mark 13:37).


God’s Word concerning the success of marriage and His disapproval of divorce are everywhere in the scriptures. The will of God is shown both in His Word (scriptures) and action (testimonies).


  • Malachi 2:14-16
  • The LORD has been witness between you and the wife of thy youth, against whom you have been unfaithful: yet is she your partner, and the wife of your covenant.

    And did God not make you one? …And why one? That he might produce a godly offspring. Therefore obey the spirit of your union, and let no one be unfaithful to the wife of his youth.

    For the LORD, the God of Israel, says that he hates divorce therefore obey the spirit of your union, that you are not unfaithful.


  • Matthew 19: 6 / Mark 10:9
  • At marriage, God has joined the two of you to become one. What God has joined through the covenant of marriage, let no one separate.


  • Testimonies.
  • When you see God heal and restore other marriages, it is an incontestable indication of the will of God concerning the union of marriage. When you see God do something in someone’s life, that’s the plan he has for all others in the same position.


    That’s why we pray with God’s Word (the scriptures) and the testimonies (His acts). Every where the Word of God is released, there is power (Ecclesiates 8:4).  The Word of God is to be taken personally for you to receive the promises.


    If you think God is talking to people of the Bible times: Abraham, David, Peter, Esther, Rhoda, Ruth... how can you claim the promises? You must place yourself in the scheme of the promises of God. That is what God intended. You should be blessed by the Word of God and the testimonies. They are a picture of where God is taking you!


    The devil doesn’t want the family unit to exist, or even be happy. So he fights it with everything and everyone he can use.


    That’s why God wants to help you. You are supposed to run to God and stay there until He intervenes. This must be done in faith and patience.


    Now, you know it is the will of God for your marriage to flourish. That’s why he arranged His people (like me) on your way. The enemy and all his cohorts are really very small before God. In a short while, God will demonstrate the power of prayers through your own case.


    The BBI 6 Is Set For Kick-off...

    The BBI 6 is ready. It will start on Wednesday, October 24 2018. For those who are new to BBI, and want to know what it's about, please read it up here..


    In a few days from now, I will be giving more details on how you can be part of it.


    The power we experience in the BBI each time is two-fold:


    1. The prayers are scripture-based, super powerful and complete.


    2. During the BBI, all of us here pray same thing at same time with you. The only thing you add to the prayers is the name of your husband or other personal issues as we indicate in the prayers. This is the ultimate power generator that makes things happen for you. I will also be using your names (and pics if available) to pray.


    The BBI is an inspired intense Prayer Partnership done round the clock here. I and my team pray continuously with everyone registered for the prayers.


    Can you imagine twelve people praying (in turns) 24/7 for you, your husband and your marriage?

    Can you imagine the spiritual force generated and reconciling you and your husband and children?

    Can you imagine the divine light of God shining into the secret darkness and exposing them?(John 1:5).

    Can you imagine the raging fire of joint prayers chasing away all those demon that cause those conflicts?

    Can you imagine the hard-hitting hammer power smashing all the arrangements of the devil in your home?(Jeremiah 23:29)


    The BBI is a prayer bond opportunity to draw the help of God for your marriage.


    I have great expectations bubbling in my spirit. I am so excited. This BBI will be prayed mostly in the Spirit here. That's what I was told to do more this time. When we pray a certain prayer once in our understanding, we will also pray it thrice in the spirit. That is, with other tongues, as the Spirit will give us utterance.


    I believe everyone has equal chance depending on your commitment to the prayers. I feel very strongly that there will be many mind-blowing testimonies coming up. The Bible said in Acts 10:35

    “ every nation he that honors him, and does His Words, is accepted with him.

    But I need to say something to you.


    The BBI 6 can be the turning point of your long story of travails in this marriage. I know that for so many people, this BBI Prayers would be it. Do you know what is usually the most asked question for those who had a 'sudden' turn of happy circumstances in their homes?


    What did we pray differently this time that moved things so miraculously for me?


    Well, it is not really one prayer that gets the job done. It is usually a combination, an accumulation and steady stream of unbroken right prayers that breaks the chain of that affair and softens that hardened cheating heart of your husband.


    Do you know that those who will read your story later will want to have your kind of testimony?


    Today it is hard, you are fighting with your entire being to keep your marriage. You are not alone. It is the good fight of faith and you will win. Remember, Jesus “because of the joy that was set in his future, endured the cross, despising the shame…” (Hebrews 12: 2)


    I am taking a break from the Prayer camp as I write this. I don’t care what anyone says or what situations seem like, the Word of God on your marriage restoration shall be fulfilled. If you are praying with me, you are closer to Restoration day.


    There is no case that is impossible.


    You shall succeed.





    We Need Your Support Here.

    Over the years, God has used many people to support this Ministry and sustain the prevailing Word of Prayers for hurting marriages.


    We are immensely grateful to those who have regularly sent us their financial seeds and we believe that God will also replenish them and reward them by sending them relevant help in their own areas of need and interests.


    Have you considered sending us your an offering or gift of love to support our prayer for troubled marriages? If you are moved to send us your seed, Click here. Please indicate (by choosing the tab) on the page whether you will "Give Once" or "Monthly". Then complete the form with your details.


    When you send us your gifts through that link, please send me an email with the subject "Offering To The Ministry"


    God bless you.


    You shall succeed.





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