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Help Me In Prayer For My Husband!
October 11, 2019

Taking Full Advantage of Your Helper

Proverbs 16:1:The preparations of the heart is man's duty, but the answer of the tongue, is from the LORD."


Matthew 18:19:"...if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that you shall ask, it shall be done for you by my Father who is in Heaven. "


Please do not be scared of the evil forces arraigned against your marriage, or how severe they are right now. But be careful of your attitude, action and reactions in the face of trials and temptations.

The enemy wants you to be careless in spiritual things and make mistakes… and remain frustrated. The style of the enemy is to increase the confusion in your home and make you say or do inappropriate things.


Hi Precious Daughter of God,

I continue to pray for you to encounter the mercy and power of God to change things in your home.


Actually, I feel uncomfortable when some people don’t get answers to their prayers for long. Though I cannot always tell why some get answers quicker than others, but sometimes they are revealed and I want to share that soon. Jesus asked the question in Luke 18:7 "Don’t you think God will surely give justice to His own people who cry out to Him day and night? Will He keep putting them off?" (New Living Translation)


Sometimes, God reveal why these powerful prayers are caged in some circumstances by the same women praying them. Yes, the devil cannot stop our prayers but you could hinder the power of your own prayers. This, of course, is not intentional.


So, when these things are revealed to me, I share them. That’s the major reason for this eZine… to encourage you and guide you to fruitful prayers.


You do not have to go through this marriage battle alone. God has made provisions for you to be comforted and helped to get back what is rightfully yours. You do not have to beg or appeal to the devil, rather you are entitled to receive answers by the power of your God whether the devil likes it or not.


That’s why He set me up, and when it was time, He connected you and I.


My question is this. Are you really working with me and working with God, in spirit and in truth? Or, are you doing your own thing and also doing something with us? "There is a way which seem right to a man, but the end of them are the ways of death" (Proverbs 14:12).


I want you to imagine winning this battle over your home. You should be confident that you are on your way to marriage restoration. If you are truly following God, you cannot be messed up for long. "For our present troubles are small and won't last very long. Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever! So we don't look at the troubles we can see now; rather, we fix our gaze on the things that cannot be seen. For the things we see now will soon be gone, but the things we cannot see will last forever." (2 Corinthians 4:17-18 New Living Translation)


That scripture is the rhema (active, personalized word fo God for you) to your present situation.


Please do not be scared of the evil forces arraigned against your marriage, or how severe they are right now. But be careful of your attitude, action and reactions in the face of trials and temptations. The enemy wants you to be careless in spiritual things and make mistakes… and remain frustrated. The style of the enemy is to increase the confusion in your home and make you say or do inappropriate things.


They may be pulling your husband in the wrong direction, causing him to do their bidding, at the moment. They may have manipulated every member of your family, friends and inlaws against each other… particularly against you.


But I want you to know that their plans shall be pulled down by the power of right prayers.


I could say this because I have seen hard, distressing family issues fizzle before our prayers. See the testimonies later in this edition.


When I say our prayers, I mean team praying, or prayer partnership. When you have committed spiritual people praying the mind of God from every angle, all the time, for you… you win eventually. That’s active Prayer Partnership.


That’s what we do here for you. It is our call from God.


This is your God-given opportunity to have us by your side. Why go it alone? The enemy is fighting with his team of collaborators, seen and unseen. You need your own winning team from the circle of God.


But I announce to every enemy of your life, marriage or home: their evil works shall be stamped out. And it’s going to be soon.


Let me say this frankly.


Many people are not really following prayer instruction. They pray any of the prayers in the Prayer eBook that pops out to them. They pray some halfway, for a day, and jump to another prayer point.


This may be because they want to pray as many prayer points and hope that one of them will hit target. Or they have short patience and are easily bored with same prayer points even for a day.


The major problem with their hit-and-run style is that the prayers lack direction and does not draw relevant superior spiritual power. Also, it is a sign of confusion and disorder. So, it becomes difficult to get consistent prayer power for your turnaround because there are so many voices from you at the same time. As they say, a rolling stone gathers no moss!


You need focus and consistency in prayers.


Some other people tell their story to everyone that 'asketh'. But not everyone you tell things sincerely want to help you recover your husband and marriage. Some of them are inwardly happy that you are hurting! So, they give horrible advice that leads nowhere or even compounds the entire case.


While all these are going on, you are alone. Fighting alone. It might seem as if you have concerned people but they are either in opposition to you, or they are dormant, contributing nothing to actualize your desire.


My counsel is this.


You. Don’t. Need. Them.


So, when these people come your way, filter them out. You are better off without them.


Now there is another thing that keeps you alone in this must-win case.


You do not take the counsel I give in prayer times or duration. I’m not talking of those who are inconvenienced by work or illness. I mean some of us who do not really think these things are important. Well, they are crucial, my dear.


Prayer partnership is a complete agreement among the persons praying. First we agree on the prayer points, then we agree on how to pray them!


If we do NOT respect these methods of praying, then we are NOT praying together.


I will continue this discussing in other editions of the eZine. But you can start to adjust your attitude and style of praying if the Holy Spirit has just spoken to you.

The power of God is close to all who have called upon Him. He is faithful.

Your time of recovery is here!


You shall succeed!


Great Wonders Through Our Prayers.

We continue to receive so many amazing testimonies of marriage restorations through our targeted prayers. This has prompted me to consider a compilation of testimonies for separate distribution. I have already engaged some folks to start putting them together.


All the testimonies are awesome in their own right because they are all great acts of God. We give God full glory because without Him, nothing would happen. Thank you, Jesus!


I will publish a few of the testimonies to fulfill the promise I made to some women who asked for the testimonies.


Testimonies are prophetic. That means they can be reproduced to whosoever believes. It is written that "the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy" (Revelations 19:10b).


God will make you join the team of people who testify in Jesus Name!

These testimonies are reproduced the way they were written by the testifiers except where we removed actual names or cut out lengthy salutations.

  Hello Sir,

God bless you real good.

My husband visited me at the office yesterday and for the first time in more than a year since he moved out and got married to the strange woman I sat in his car.

It was something my Husband Sheriff deliberately avoided after he told me he was moving on and married the strange woman in May, 2019.

He told me he was bitter for doing what he did and that he was still interested in our marriage, me and the kids, His folks doesn’t want me but I will need to work with him and be patient with him so things can work out well with us.

He confessed that he misses me and loves me. Sometimes Osita I feel like I’m dreaming.

He renewed the present rent where we lived before he moved out and made provision for the kids to resume back to school.

He is planning on relocating with me and our two lovely boys to Canada.

I was so reluctant to finish the prayers but I did two weeks back to back.

My banking job and kids was so draining but I survived the two weeks.

I also noticed the strange lady has removed my husband's name from her names on Instagram.

They have been married (very elaborate wedding) for just four months and God is already moving.

He asked if I will still be his wife as he is still my husband just to be sure we are good.

I can write on and on but this is Just GOD , I mean Only GOD can be this true and reliable. God is a good good good super God.

I pray God will finish what he has already started.

Thank you again sir.


Hi Osita, something happened to me, in my home that amazes me till now.

I confess I did not really believe that my husband can come back to me. He was gone for THREE years. When you have been through what I have seen in his behavior and words, it is difficult to believe that it shall be well. Anyways I have been praying the prayers and done 5 BBI but this last one did the wonder. Praise be to Jesus.

When I read your last newsletter I began to think that God might change something for my marriage after all my suffering and prayers. I know that God is not wicked and would not ignore my weeping every night.

Osita, everyone was scattered in my home. My daughters and husband were against me. I was just feeling worthless.

Then, last week Monday, something inside my wanted me to talk to him but I did not have his phone number anymore. He changed phone number when he didn’t want me to talk him. That was over a year.

God gave me favor, my daughter gave me his office number and I called him. I thought he would hang up on me when he heard me but he didn’t. He was rough on the phone and asked me “what do you want”.

I was nervous and I said I was sorry and missing him. He asked if I was tired of chasing him out but I said I didn’t chase him out. Then he said “don’t waste my time, what do you want?”

I said “I want you back home”. He said “when.” I couldn’t believe it. I said this night. He laughed and cut the phone.

He didn’t come back that night but on Tuesday he came to our house without his luggage. He stayed, we talked till late into the night and we were intimate twice. It was like a dream. Osita, it was as simple as that.

He slept in our apartment and went away in the morning and returned with his bags and clothes. He said we should work on our marriage for the sake of our children. On Sunday he followed me to church and said he liked it. Our pastor noticed him and invited him for a chat later and he went.

He’s with me in the house and our daughters are also better in behavior to me now. But I don’t think he is completely free from the strange woman. I have not seen anything between them but I still think she’s not given up on him. I will obey you Osita and will not ask him about that affair yet.


Please give me special prayers that will help us to continue to be happy together, please give me. I still need your prayers because they work. Glory to our God.



My testimony is not perfect but it’s mine. There is so much more I could write but this is what I am sending. Much love and appreciation for you and your ministry. My bank has frozen my account so I couldn’t send send you my seed at the moment. Thank you for all you do for me. I cherish your prayers and faith. Many blessings and love to you all.

My husband will have been home a year August 31. I started praying with Osita July 11 of last year. He had been gone for 5 months living with the mistress after I filed for divorce. What changed? Me. God changed me. That’s what brought him home. My faith, prayers, and trust in God. This last year has been full of ups and downs. The downs come strong when I slack in my prayers and forget that God already has things taken care of.

Right now, we are on a family vacation and it’s our youngest child’s 3rd birthday and I’m in a fight with my husband. How? I am too involved in what thoughts I have let the enemy put into my head and my own insecurities.

I could look back at all the hurt and things that have gone wrong. When I did, I also looked back at the time when I was standing in prayer. I never stood. I laid crying, I kneeled in prayer, and I sat in the intense company of God.

I am sad that I am not perfect in my prayers and that I am trying to take back up on myself what I gave to Jesus. Months have come and gone with me knowing I need to write my testimony. Tonight and right now is finally the time.

The fight you are going through right now is heartbreaking for you every second and it is so hard. Don’t give up. While you are praying for your spouse, pray for yourself. Pray to be changed. You must change for God to work through you. You must yield first. You are expecting the prodigal to yield. They cannot until you do. If you don’t yield, they have nothing to come home to and nothing to support them. This is a hard concept. It gets much harder when they come home.

God will make you strong enough to withstand the storm. You must trust God. Your spouse may not outwardly love you right now or all the time when they come home. God’s grace is sufficient. You may not trust your husband but you must trust God.

My husband is not a Christian yet. Two weeks ago was the first time he had been to a non-catholic church in his life. Progress... Jesus makes progress when you think there is no hope


My husband turned around and pleaded with me not to leave him and that he was ashamed of his unfaithfulness. He joined in prayer with me and asked God to deliver him. However, I still need prayer to heal me from the pain of what the girlfriend said about their intimate affair.


Help me in thanking the Lord. Things are happening in my marriage that I never experienced ever since we got married. The Lord is faithful. I am grateful. We are spending time together with my husband something that was not easy.

Each weekend he always had an excuse to spend time away from home. I was surprised last Saturday, he woke me up and informed me of the plan for the day and I was part of the plan. Yesterday we came home from work separately and he was the first to get home and I found him in the kitchen cooking. That was something that I never dream in my entire life.

He is still dropping me and picking me from work. He is making improvements at our new home.

Another thing is we are staying just the two of us at our new home, something that never happened since we got married 21 years ago. We always had other relatives. It’s like we are a newly wed couple. We spend time talking about anything, work, social, business.

He has not yet said anything about the other woman nor confessed or to ask for forgiveness for what he did. I am not sure if they are still together but I am grateful for the time we are spending together as a couple, I am grateful for each day he sleeps at home. I would like to thank the Lord for the wonderful and amazing work he is doing in my marriage. I give him praise.

I would also like to thank the Lord for leading me to you, for your support and guidance. I have faith and trust that the Lord will surely destroy this affair between my husband and the strange woman.


Dear Osita,

All glory to God. He is faithful. There is a change in my marriage situation. Thank you for the targetted prayers. There is power in prayer and in the name of Jesus Christ. My husband is now with me.Please continue to help me do warfare through the targeted prayers until the enemies are dismissed totally from my marriage.

Thank you, Osita. You've been a blessing to me and many others. God Bless!

Dear Osita,

Today my husband is asking for forgiveness and I did forgive him. I ask God to really help us. Thank you for helping us in this difficult time. The battle is the Lord's indeed!


Good Day Osita,

My testimony goes like this.

I started praying with you since July 2018.Those days were dreaming being divorced. Since I joined your group the dreams stopped. I joined the BBI 6 in July 2018 with others. The strange woman and my hubby started fighting and they did not break away. I joined BB1 7 this 2019 and nothing happened.

I was about to give up. I asked Osita to review my prayer points, but I was not that much into prayer like before because I couldn’t see a change. It was getting worse and worse. I could see they were having big plans.

It was on the 22nd of June 2019 when I was at work sitting in my car alone. I heard a call ringing. When I answered I knew the voice and the number though I pretended like I don’t know the person.

The voice was a female one. She said “may you please tell your husband to leave me alone and my friends. Your husband must behave like an adult. He is busy bothering us.” And she dropped the phone.

Whilst I was in shock, she phoned again and said, “Mama Betty I apologise for what I caused in your life. Sorry for going out with your husband.” I couldn’t believe it until today. On the night of 28th of June my hubby apologised for what he did to me.

Thank you for teaching and helping us to pray. I still remember one of the verse of scripture you used sometime ago from Ezekiel 36:26-27 “A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh. And I will put my spirit within you, and cause you to walk in my statutes, and ye shall keep my judgments, and do them.”

This scripture has happened to my husband and marriage.

Please give me again prayer points for my marriage. I need to pray for my marriage everyday, Osita.


Dear Brother Osita,

God is Faithful . My husband is back home . Praise God I can see some changes in him but I need him to change completely. Glory to God! When we think God is silent it is then He fights our battle in full of wisdom and power.


Dear Osita, I have continued with prayers 6, 39, and 69. I must confess that am not praying as I should but I not giving up.

I am aware that you were praying hard for me. I am very grateful for your ministry. Today was a day that I heard something from my husband that I have been waiting to hear for a long time now. He said he is looking an apartment to move out of the home with the strange woman.

To God I give the Glory, because only him could make him lead to this decision. I realized too that I need to pray now more than ever. Please help me and continue to guide me.


Hi Osita,

For the first time in a very long time, my husband talked to me.

I don’t know how to feel.

He said he is not talking about divorce, but he is also not giving me hope. For me, that is God telling me the door is open. I need to pray my way back in his heart and mind.

I need more coaching on how to pray right how to change me as a person … how to get to the right place and mind set.

Thank you for the prayers I will start them but I need aggression to pray my way through. He has agreed to open our lines of communication to talk more about us… but that is a start but how do I use that to not mess up but get back in his heart.


Hi Osita. Yesterday, I had another disagreement with my husband and he made a very shocking statement. He said I was the cause of his separation from the other woman, that there was always problem with them and that she had left him for someone else.

I didn’t know they even had any problem because my husband was always saying he was happy with her.

I denied ever coming between them but he said something I can’t believe. He said what do I expect when I keep praying against them. This is not ordinary. I never knew because I was doing it quietly.

Osita, these prayers are dynamite. I want to pray more so that he doesn’t go back to immorality. Please help me.


Hello Osita,

My God is Good, and all the Glory to him.I thank God for the drastic change on my husband; I'm even amazed when he talks with me now.

These days, when he goes away on businesses he invites me to join him and he's home more and spending time with his family more than ever.

I want to take this moment to thank and give my Lord and savior Jesus Christ Glory in all wonderful things he has done for our marriage. You deserve all the Glory, God .

It didn't happen as quickly as I thought; I wanted to quit at times but I thank you powerful man of God, Osita, and your team for the amazing work you’re doing and praying for our marriages even when we're strangers to you.

To everyone out there, please don't give up on your marriages and your husbands; no matter how long it may take... God still sits on the Throne.The devil is a Liar.


God is good. I have a new job and my husband and I are communicating. He agreed to join us for dinner for our daughter's birthday next week. He bought a small property north of here and is fixing it up. There is no more relationship with the other woman. PTL. Will send another prayer request tonight.


Good Afternoon Osita,

I thank God for what he is busy doing for me, My husband travelled on Saturday as he likes travelling.

On Sunday morning I called to check on him, usually when I call him he gets very upset for no reason. We spoke and the conversation ended very well.

Late in the afternoon he called me to update me on what is happening and to tell me what time will he be back home, out of the blue he started saying that he is not perfect and he is not evil. He said he will try by all means to make me happy as much as he can, he will stop hurting me intentionally. He further said that if the demons are using him to hurt me we will have to pray.

I strongly believe that God has started doing something.


Good Morning Osita,

I've been thinking of you for the past couple of days, couldn't say why but you were in my thoughts. I am so emotional all I can sing in my mind HE DESERVE THE GLORY AND THE HONOR. HE IS ABLE HE IS ABLE.

Osita, for the past 2 weeeks as mentioned there has been a super change in my husband.


Since last week Monday, September 2, he has been calling me and it felt so strange. Now I'm asking the Lord to change me cos it really feels strange and I do not know how to behave myself. Also this lady Tania called me on Tuesday at 6.05am but I did not answer my cell phone.


Thank you Osita and the BBI 8 prayer team.

When I'm blessed financially I will not forget you.

Love and all the best to the TEAM.


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