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Help Me In Prayer For My Husband!
January 25, 2019

God Is Raising Help For You.

“Do not grant the desires of the wicked, O LORD: let not their evil plans work..."(Psalms 140:8 )


“...shall not God help his own people, who cry day and night unto him, though it has been long with them?(Luke 18:7 )



The devil knows that his ‘facts’ are about to expire and change. You are about to be helped by the power of God.

Hi Beloved Daughter of God,

God is with you!

Did you get what I just said to you?

God is with you!

Do you know that's what the angel of God said to Gideon in Judges 6:12?

But Gideon argued that nothing around him showed that God was really with him. He queried the angel:

"If the LORD is with us, why then has all these (evil and hardship) happened to us, and where are all His miracles which our fathers testified of...?"


A certain woman here, a dear friend, (every one on my prayer list is considered my friend, I hope you don't mind?), sent me a chat on WhatsApp three days ago. She wrote, "I don't feel God anymore. I feel my prayers are not heard. I feel this may never work for me!"


She wrote Feel, feel... feel. This kind of feeling is the tool in the hand of the enemy of your prayers. He wants you to feel something before you believe. No wonder, sometimes you feel it, sometimes you don't.


But God said, "walk by faith, not by sight" (2Corinthians 5:7). He also said "...You shall not see wind, neither shall you see rain; yet that valley shall be filled with water..." (2Kings 3:17) Then He said to you "Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that love him. But God has revealed them to us by his Spirit..." (1Corinthians 2:9-10)


That is why I rate the Word of God high over feelings. The Spirit of God gives me all the feelings I need when I read the Word and Pray.


So, I replied my dear friend with those scriptures and assured her that God does not fail those who run to Him. But we must obey Him and do it according to His dictates. The scripture said in 2Corithians 10:4-6 that these prayers of victory are NOT ordinary but powerful to revenge all disobedience if our own obedience is complete.


It is natural to feel weak, and even forsaken, when you have prayed and waited long…and nothing changes!


So, if you feel like that sometimes, or at the moment, don’t write off yourself yet.

But don't let that feeling linger.

It becomes a plague and a prayer poison when you are trapped in that feeling and can’t get out.


I know that some people want to be free from this feeling of rejection, dejection, frustration and utter loneliness but can’t help themselves.


God will send you help today. Yes, as you read this you will get a lifting and help.


First I want you to know that despondency, depression or frequent mood swings are signs that demon spirits are around and oppressing. Usually, the devil gives reasons why you should be downcast and sad.


He tries to prove his lies using circumstances and feelings. He wants you to believe him and act on your feelings. The devil is a liar! A liar is someone who gives a false version of a story, or hides the truth. (see James 4:17).


The devil knows that his ‘facts’ are about to expire and change. You are about to be helped by the power of God...

See some of the questions the devil raises in your mind:

• Are my sins and weakness working against my prayers?

• Is my husband irredeemable or my marriage destroyed permanently?

• Perhaps prayer does not work for everyone!

• Are these testimonies I read about prayers real?

• Is the evil power holding my husband stronger than these prayers?

• Should I give up my husband and marriage?

I am sure if you examine the questions in the light of God's Word, the right answers will pop up. God loves you and wants you to win your husband and marriage back.


There is nothing too hard for Him to do. If He allowed His only son Jesus to die for your sins, He can do this one for you. He has done it for so many others through these same prayers. He wants you to trust Him and pray.


You will testify soon.


You shall succeed.




See What God Has Done!

I have tried to squeeze in some testimonies we received from the period of the last BBI (it ended in December, 2018). We received far many testimonies but these are all we can publish in this edition. We will also publish more in the next editions of this Newsletter.


I cut off some salutations to create room for more testimonies. I also removed the names of the people involved to protect their identities. Those are the only things we removed, the rest of the testimonies are intact.



Osita, last year when my husband’s birthday was approaching, I was unsure how to communicate with him since he warned me not to contact him again. I really missed him and wanted to send him a gift.


But when I wrote you and you said I should buy him a gift, present it to God and tell my feelings to God, I didn’t understand it but I did. Osita, man of God, it worked.


On the last day of BBI, my husband’s birthday, he called me and asked me to go on a date night with him. At the restaurant we went, he gazed at me all the time. He said he missed me and he messed up putting me through the pain. I was just weeping when I remembered all you said God would do as it is being done now.


We came home together and became intimate several times in that night. He has gone back to his station after three days with me and has asked me to relocate with him. He calls me many times in a day now.


Thank you, thank you, Osita, for being there for us. Which prayers would I be doing now?


Hi Osita, I am writing to update, and thank you again for your diligent prayers, they are working! My husband has really changed and treating me very well and caring. I see him making efforts to please me but he has not confessed or asked me for forgiveness.

I can see that his affair with OW is over as he stays at home with us most times and keeps his phone with me and talks on phone to my hearing. But I am still hurting inside and I feel really used. I pray God heals my heart from this pain.


Good Day

During the first week of BBI 6, my husband had a fight with the strange woman. Then some days later, my male workmate had a wedding and invited me. My husband went with me to that wedding and paid all the bills to get us there. We spent the whole day there and he even took me some pictures.


To my surprise, first time ever, he put the photos of him and me on his status and my photos on his wall. We spent the Christmas and the new year together. He even attended the 10 days prayer and fasting of our Church. He is open about his future life or our future plans. He bought new clothes for us for the New year.


The problem is the strange woman pesters him with text messages.

I have also stopped dreaming that persistent dreams of divorce.

Thank you Osita for your prayers.


Osita, thank God for me. God is really wonderful. Do you know my husband has been following us to fellowship and Church and joining me and our daughters in our night prayers? This change scares me as I feel he’s up to something. But the more I suspect him the more he shows me more pleasure.


Last night, he asked me if he could come back to our bedroom. I said yes, he left on his own and has been sleeping in the living room, basement or sometimes in his car. He came into the room and was all over me, licking and kissing but we did not make love and I don’t know why. I guess we will do it soon.


He bought us gifts when he came back from the morning shifts. This is like a dream. How did this happen, Osita.


Osita, this BBI is the bomb. For 3 and half years my husband has sided his family, particularly his mother, against me. He does whatever his mother say and his mother will ask him not to come home or eat in our house or buy us anything and he obeys. But we have been praying. I think the mother is using some means to control him. She even said I am not the right wife for him. That was why my husband filed for a divorce.


But, Osita, when the BBI ended nothing happened but I felt the prayers were not ordinary and I kept my hope alive.


Then on Tuesday, from the blues, he came to the airport where I work and waited until I closed. I thought he came to bring me divorce papers. But alas he came to drive me home. He apologized, Osita. He said his mother has misled him and want to ruin his life.

I asked what happened, he said the mother was pushing him to marry a different woman who is a widow. He said he didn’t want that woman and they had a fight. In the dream at night, his mother tried to strangle him but some hand help him and he heard a voice that asked him to return. This is unbelievable.


However, yesterday the mother phoned me and said I have bewitched her son against her. What can I do now? My husband said I should ignore her as he would never leave me again.


Please help me with prayers against this demonic woman. God is too powerful. Thank you for those prayers.


Hi Osita,

Thank you for all the work that you are doing praying with us women here. Today, my husband called me, out of the blue. He NEVER calls; he usually texts or sends messages on LinkedIn or other social media. Furthermore, he called and expressed some affection in a way that seems strange to me considering how things used to be.


I am not sure how to deal with this as I am pretty sure he is still legally married to the strange woman. But, I cannot deny that the prayers are working! I praise God for everything He is doing here. Since October, happy things have been happening during exactly the time frame He tells me they are going to happen.


A lot of things are in motion with my job and health as well. I feel that God wants to turn me in a complete 180 degrees, to bring every part of my life in line with His will which I still don't understand. I am glad one of the prayer points you sent me deals with asking God for wisdom, because I am going to need it for so many reasons!


Thank you very much for your prayers and encouragement. I am sorry you had to keep working during your vacation! But I am sure we all appreciate what you did.

Praise God!


Osita, my husband came early to the house and made love to me before we left for work. He returned home this evening and we made love twice just now, about 30 minutes ago, and he is sleeping on our bed. I had to write this testimony to God.


This is just huge to me. You know he has not come into our bedroom for 15 months. When I tried to touch him, he would withdraw and frown. When I tried to ask him to treat me like his wife, he said I stopped being his wife a long time ago. But this night he showed so much passion and love.


Really God can turn things around suddenly.


Is there anything I can do to keep this love here and growing? God bless you and grant your other prayers. Thank you.


Dear Osita

I hope all is well. I am writing to give you an update on things between me and My husband. Since I last wrote to you my husband took a turn and became more loving and spent the last 2 weeks or more staying and sleeping at our home.

He was continuously saying how much he does not want drugs alcohol in his life anymore .He also started spending less time with his friends and sees that his evil friend (name withheld) in a different light now. Praise God!


Osita, I have been praying with you before you started the BBI. I have also done all the BBI but nothing changed for me. It even got worse because my husband actually went to live with my best friend (former) and co-worker and got her pregnant. And we do not have children yet. I couldn’t believe that I was doing all the BBI and this was happening.


After the BBI 5, I decided not to pray for my marriage again or do another BBI. But when the BBI 6 came up, I still joined. God was moving me. When we ended the BBI, I didn’t know what to do as I have not heard from him.

On Sunday after Church, I called him and the OW picked the call and was insulting me but I heard my husband’s voice in the background shouting on her before the line went off. I was so upset.


An hour later my husband called and apologized for what happened. I was dumbfounded, I didn’t reply a single word to him, just weeping. To my greatest surprise, he came to our home that evening with dinner and flower.


He came into the house, and knelt down. He asked if I would accept him again. I was so confused, it was like a dream. I asked of the other woman but he said she doesn’t matter and would never matter again in our lives. He took me in his arms and we just stayed silent. After dinner he said the OW had lost the baby. He said he had wanted to come back but something always pulled him back. He asked me if he could go get his things and return home. I said yes.


He has been here since that day and it has been like dreamland. I love you, Osita. You are God-sent. Is there anything I can do for you or the Ministry?

Sorry this email is long but still keep me in prayers, sometimes I become afraid something may go wrong. Let me know other prayers to do. I will not stop praying with you.


Osita, my marriage came back from the dead. My husband was a show biz personality and got much attention from ladies. Then he really became uncaring as he travelled often and flirted with many women.


We had a talk, he asked for divorce and I consented. The papers were filed but one thing after another delayed the progress . My mum referred me to your site but I felt there was no need since we had agreed on divorce and the process was already on. Why didn’t God change our feelings before now, I asked?


But I signed up with you and your first email blew my mind. I believed God can actually do the impossible. My faith leaped and we were praying until the BBI 6 came. I fasted and I prayed. I didn’t want the divorce again but I was too embarrassed to say so. So I told told you and we took it to God.


Pastor, the court day was yesterday. My husband’s lawyer said he had instructions not to discontinue with the divorce and that my husband (he is in South Africa for an event) would like to speak with me.


Long story short, my husband spoke with me this morning. He asked if we could work on our marriage and stop divorce. He said I have been on his mind since September like never before. It was that September that we started these prayers.


I give God all the glory for Ministers like you. I would like to speak with you, if you don’t mind, and know how I can support you in this work.


Hello Man of God, For about a week into the BBI 6, I prayed that special prayer against addictions and drug abuse for my husband, and all hell were let loose. He got deeper into use of cocaine and weed that week and I thought he would just die.

I was afraid to pray the prayer for a couple of days. Then he stayed off but when I prayed again, he took so much of the drug and was involved in auto crash and taken to hospital.


The car was written off and he had bruises and was hospitalized. He’s been out now for 11 days and he’s cured of that cocaine and weed addiction. He said he doesn’t feel the urge anymore. From the hospital and all these 11 days, he has not used the drugs.

Even last night, he asked me to destroy the ones he kept in his wardrobe which I immediately mixed with earth and bagged for the garbage man.


This morning, as we were praying, he joined us to sing and say Amen! God is indeed faithful. His ways are higher than ours. I will like to have my approved prayers reviewed so that I can continue without stopping. Thank you, Osita.


Dear Osita, the Lord has been so faithful. I have been seeing some significant changes in my husband recently. He cares more for me than before...... He enjoys my presence now unlike before.

The last time he told me to come to his office and offered to entertain me unlike before that he will not even allow the security open the gate for me.. I am so grateful to God.


The last time he was with me the strange woman called him and he shunned her.... Though he still goes back to her, he has not returned home fully, I believe God will perfect His work in my home in Jesus name.


Osita, I have done all the BBI but God favored me in the last BBI. As you said, it was only when the BBI had ended that the answers started showing for me. I saw prayer 3 happen as those friends that influenced my husband into drugs stopped being with him.

I don’t know what happened but they kept away from him, and even when they went on their cruise, they did not invite or inform him. They went without my husband. He was unhappy but I was happy. When he asked them, they were rude.


Then prayer one happened for me too. The strange woman started an open affair with a fellow woman and my husband was mad, so she kicked him out. He returned home feeling guilty but I assured him that I would forgive him if he would not go back that way again. He agreed to go counseling with me soon to heal our marriage.


I know that God started this and has gone far and I give him praise. I want God to complete his good work in my family.


Hi Osita,

I keep having testimonies from this BBI. I just wanted to let you know, I have been in online communication with my husband the last couple days, and there is just something different about him and his communication than the whole time I talked to him before he left.

I feel he genuinely cares now, not just putting up with me as it was before. I always used to feel like i was pursuing him and something in him wanted to get away from me, and he used to be very crude sexually. There is not even a hint of that now; the energy between us is very clean and friendly. God must have moved something.


Thank you for all the work you are doing for us in prayer. Blessed be the name of the Lord!



My husband has started being nicer to me. He's behaving mostly like the husband I knew. He's texting me a little more and asking about my whereabouts etc. He attended Thanksgiving dinner at our friend's home with me and daughter.

He initially didn't want to attend. He has talked about 'us' in a positive manner but still talks about looking for jobs out of state. He had planned to meet mistress this upcoming weekend but suddenly he's no longer going. I don't know the details as to why plans changed.


Someone, a client of mine, raised his voice at me and my husband got upset and told person ' this is my wife, don't talk to her that way.' I was surprised by that because it seemed so sudden. We've been intimate once, on Thanksgiving Day. I feel things are getting better. I don't have proof but somehow I feel there has been a rift between him and strange woman.


Yesterday he went to buy me a laptop that he had promised sometime ago. He doesn't like shopping but spent time looking for the perfect one for me. He sent pictures of his shortlist for me to choose. To be honest, I'm amazed at his new behavior. I've wondered if he could so quickly start turning around.

Dear Osita, I have delayed sending this email because I had to see it to believe it myself...finally a breakthrough!! I am coming to terms with it and still in a state of shock.


I had started to talk to God that the end of this year was my limit as to how far I could continue with the marriage.

Just before Christmas during school holidays my son was working for his father in his office. My husband would come home with my son in the evening. All I could think of was that perhaps the girl was on leave because he does not usually have my son and the girlfriend in at the same time due to affordability and awkwardness. But I did not ask questions I just watched.


My son arrived home one evening without his father, I was concerned but said nothing. My son then told me that I don't need to worry his dad is in the office alone he is not with the girl as she does not work in the business anymore she has left!! My response was not to tell my son that it is not true she is still there his dad was not telling the truth or he would have said something to me.

I then questioned my son and asked him who was helping his dad to run the which he responded that it was him (my son) and the mechanic. I still did not believe and thought it was all a lie and a big con after all why has my husband said nothing?


I then decided to do my own investigation. I checked my husband’s linked in page and it showed that indeed she had just started a new job in a new town. In fact the carrot was big enough for her to bite in that it was a better job and offer than what he could offer, just what I had prayed for.


However on her Facebook page which I looked at to see if she had changed her status it was the same. So I waited to see if she would change it and looked last week to see that indeed she has left the business. The date of her leaving was the 17th November and the date of her starting her new job was the beginning of December.


I am still in disbelief. Five long years of painful waiting, broken children, home and every other problem you can think of. I have started going back into my husband’s office for short visits. I feel a bit embarrassed because I know his employee and the other businesses around there know about his affair with the girl and have seen me going in again.


I noticed when I used the bathroom that she has left her hairbrush behind which is in the cabinet. I will dispose of it when next I am there. There are some gift sets that he has in there as well which I know has come from her...these I will leave. Christmas was better. My daughter came home and stayed for two weeks.


BBI 7 Loading...

As I announced here last time, I am getting set for the next BBI, that is, BBI 7.

The number 7 is very significant in the scriptures and I am believeing God that this BBI will deliver according to the power of God.


For many who are new here, the BBI is a Covenant Prayer Platform for Intense Partnership Praying between you and our team here. For us here, it is CONTINUOUS prayer intercession for all those who are enlisted.


You may read more of the BBI from this free manual HERE.


This time I am being led to assemble and pray very intensely the most answered prayers of the BBI to date. I am preparing already.


However, the BBI 7 will start at a date to be announced soon. I will keep you informed.


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