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Help Me In Prayer For My Husband!
October 05, 2018

No Case Is Too Hard For The Prayers.

“…God is faithful, He will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you can handle; but will make a way of escape for you within the temptation so that you will overcome it."

(1 Corinthians 10:13b)


“So shall my word be that goes from my mouth: it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall fulfill the purpose for which it is sent." (Isaiah 55:11)

    (Zeph 3:19)


"This storm was too heavy for me. If it wasn't for your prayers I was going to die spiritually. My husband is now a changed man. Osita, from the blues, he is now texting so often and calling. I won't stop praying. Now my desire is for him to give his heart back to God fully."

Hi Beloved Daughter of God,

I welcome you to this edition of the Newsletter. You are blessed for being here and reading this.


I have always said that you are not here by accident or coincidence. Neither are you here for the fun of it. Even if you were, I am NOT. It is my calling. And I am super excited by the numbers that encounter the power of prayers in their marriages.


God helps me to do the little I can and He does the many dimensions, complicated miracle marriage restorations consistently. (I have published some of the new testimonies in this edition. I wish I have the space to publish more.)


I am encouraged by the joy of the Lord that lights up many homes through the prayers and grace God gives us. Husbands and wives change and marriages are healed... through targeted individual intercessions.


If I am praying, and approving your prayers, it means I 'see' the promise ahead in your husband and marriage recovery. I do not pray without the assurance of the Spirit of God. If I am in doubt of your marriage recovery, or if the Spirit do not lead me, I will back out of prayers for you.


If I would not pray with you, I usually communicate so that we do not waste our time. But one thing I have known is this: If I am cleared to pray for you, then it becomes a my deep desire until I hear your good news.


That is why I know that you who is praying the approved prayers (and the BBI) will rejoice and testify soon. I don't know how else to put it but I mean to state that God and His Words, which are in the prayers, cannot fail.   

Whatever your situation, God has the end already worked out. It will be a story of grace and glory worth sharing, an encouragement to many doubters and shame to your enemies. All you have to do is to follow through with God.


Of course, no one says it is easy to pray and believe. It tasks your mind, body and senses. The enemy fights your faith with your senses, your experiences, your desires and all manner of discouraging information.


But you can win. Many with impossible cases have won through the prayers. You can stand in prayers with me for your home and take back what God has given you. It is doable. You can do it.


No one has ever regretted walking with God. You are not going to be the odd one out! Your marriage challenge of the moment is not different from many others God has changed.


Every one who came over to pray here was brought by God. No one came by themselves.


You may find it difficult to agree but I repeat it with all sense of seriousness. No woman came over here for prayers by herself!I don't care if you were referred here or googled us out.


God brought you here to change your story. He saw you hurting. He knew you couldn’t help yourself. He gave me a message and hope for you.


Now that you are here, God Himself will make it happen. You will have to pray. Beyond prayers, you will have to believe Him, no matter what 'show' the enemy is putting up.


Don’t ever think God didn’t know you were coming this way. He ordered your steps because He has made provisions for your settled, peaceful and love-filled home. It doesn’t matter how the enemy is raging at the moment or how bad (and long) things seem at the moment. You, mark these words, will see the end of the bad and have plenty of peace and love in your restored home.


Preparing For The Next BBI Season

In a matter of weeks, the BBI 6 will be start with full effect of intense prayers and outstanding demonstartion of God's power in your homes. Hallelujah!


I will inform you fully on how and when to start. If you don’t know what the BBI is about, check it out HERE..


I want you to know that whatever your case may look like, the right prayers will correct it.


Prayers do what no human can do. It extends the Spirit of God to reach the unreachable and turn it God's Word is

"powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing, dividing apart the soul and spirit, the joints and marrow, and is a reader of the thoughts and intents of the heart"(Hebrews 4:12).


Prayers will enter the deepest part of the mind of your husband and 'talk' to him like you could never do. Prayer will make him to meditate and ‘come to himself’ like it happened to the prodigal son in Luke 15:17.


God is an expert on how to soften stubborn hearts and make them humble and loyal.


If need be, the power in the prayers will unsettle him, scare him, rattle him, turn him upside down until it corrects him and brings him home. Prayers NEVER fail… unless you fail to pray them sufficiently.


Daily, we receive many testimonies of the doings of God through our prayers and counseling. But we can not publish all of them in one edition due to the space limitation. Today, I share a few of the testimonies we received in these past weeks. As usual, they are unedited except that I removed names and locations contained in the emails.


I pray that your turn to receive your own answer and share your testimony be the next in the Name of Jesus Christ! AMEN!

You shall succeed.





Dear Osita,

I would like to report that things have been very good. My husband and I took a six-day vacation alone (without our daughter or anyone else) and it was better than I could ever expect. I am wary and afraid things will go wrong, because I have been hurt so many times. But God appears to be changing him.


The vacation was all pleasant. Laughing and having fun. We made love over and over. He told me he loved me. It all felt right. Now that we are back in "real life" I am picking up my armor again to make sure that I am praying against all evil forces that will try to intrude. While we were on vacation, my male friend (the one I told you about) texted me saying he was having improper thoughts. I responded neutrally and he backed down. Satan is so dangerous.

Pray for us please. Pray against the strange woman, I am worried as always she is still in the background.

I remain trusting in the Lord and on guard, but trying to let go and let God do the work.


Dear Osita, I don’t believe this! My husband by himself said he wants to work on our marriage! What an answer to prayer! Now I have prayers for building our marriage and being the wife he needs. I pray he doesn't fall again.


Thank you so much for your continued prayers!


Osita, these Prayers are divine, powerful and life changing. I don't even know where to begin sharing my testimony. My husband had become so proud, stubborn and unyielding. As we prayed during the BBI, I began to wonder how God could reach should a stubborn individual.


Then July 7th, 2018 came. The day that would change our lives forever. The BBI prayers landed him in jail! His physical body was harmed but his soul was saved! My husband was arrested for receiving stolen goods from a man that was doing some work on our property. Of course, he was innocent and had no idea that the goods were stolen but he still had to suffer the consequences by spending 6 nights in prison!


During his time being held we faced insurmountable pain, trials and heartache. I was even taken into custody and threatened to be arrested along with him!! I was released the same day and allowed to be home with our son, even though I should have been arrested as well.


However, it was during this time that the Holy Spirit was doing the necessary spiritual surgery that my husband so desperately needed. Through the brokenness he surrendered his life to Christ and admitted that this was a lesson he desperately needed. He has also admitted that he was taking God for granted.


He now prays with us and is slowly drawing closer to Christ. He was later released and the trial is set for both of us (because we were both charged). We have seen the hand of God during this difficult time and we know that God has already vindicated us.


My husband stated that he believes my prayers landed him in prison. I never thought this would be my testimony, but as I looked at the prayer points during and after his time in prison I'm beginning to wonder if he is right!


This one stood out in particular: “Father, send help to my husband (mention his name). Give him an encounter he cannot forget by Your Word and Spirit. Lord, use Your own means to reach my husband (mention his name) and let him be troubled about his ways and seek me to restore our marriage.”


God is awesome. The BBI prayer program is powerful. I will do what I vowed and help as many other married women as I possibly can to save their marriages to unfaithful husbands.


To God be the Glory!


Hello Osita,

Praise to the Lord! I just want to tell you that I got a letter in the mail yesterday from the divorce court stating that they have dismissed our case since my husband and I didn't appear in court. I am so overjoyed! Although my husband and I still have a long way to go to restoration and healing of our marriage, this is a huge step towards that and I know it by God's grace and mercy that this happened.

Thank you Osita and your team for all the prayers. Please continue to pray for me and my husband.


Thank you and God Bless!


Good morning Osita.

This is me (name removed) from Zambia. I want to say thanks so much for the verses and prayer points you gave me and the prayers for restoring my marriage.


Indeed, God is faithful, what God has put together no man can put asunder. My husband and I have reconciled and back to our normal life again. l almost lost hope but your encouragement and the scriptures you sent me really worked. May God almighty meet you at the point of your need too. God richly bless you and your ministry.


Hi Osita,

Good morning dear. I don't even know where to start from.Well the first day I started the prayers things got worse he was not talking to me not picking my calls. However, God is indeed faithful.


He inclined his ears to our prayer. On the 4th day he started texting me calling back. He was chatting with me on the 7th day asking for forgiveness. He said i cheated not because i don’t love you but because I got trapped by the devil. He confessed everything about the relationship. I couldn't believe it Osita. Indeed these strange women can lure men until they get finished.


He said he blocked her and Osita I’m still praying that they don’t communicate with each other again. He hasn't told me that the strange woman had an abortion but he told his sister.


However, thank you for being there for me. This storm was too heavy for me. If it wasn't for your prayers I was going to die spiritually. My husband is now a changed man. Osita, from the blues, he is now texting so often and calling. I won't stop praying. Now my desire is for him to give his heart back to God fully.


Your website is helping many woman and I'm also praying for you. God should continue using you in this ministry. Marriage problems are very sensitive that you can’t even share with anyone. I even failed to disclose to my pastors but I thank God for you.


I found you at the right time. I believe it's the Holy Spirit who directed me to you. Your book is very informative. God is not a man. I have seen His hand in my life this week.

Be blessed always, Osita.


Man of God, something happened to our case. My husband was in Las Vegas, Nevada, to push for a quick divorce from me.


But he starts experiencing chest pains. Can’t sleep at night. He feared he won’t wake up in the morning.


He keeps messaging me. Many, many messages. For six years he barely contacted me but, now, message after message.


He was in sin city as it’s called, right where God meets sinners.


I gave him an address to Calvary chapel, a bible-based church, in Las Vegas.


He said he will go.


This is really amazing. He’s not getting the divorce as quickly as what he thought. So maybe this truly is the work of God from your prayers.


Osita, thank you for your continuous prayers, God has been amazing. My husband and I went on holiday and we had a wonderful amazing time together. We went to Our daughter's graduation as a family in Nottingham which was a fantastic week, family healing and bonding. Seeing God work in our lives, our marriage and our home is fantastic and I praise him for people who he has given me in my life. I thank God for you and the work and prayers you do for broken marriages.


I continue to pray every day for my marriage and thank God he brought my husband home and for the love and forgiveness he has given me. There is still some issues we need to work through but, with God's help, I know we can do it.


Thank you for everything, love and support in prayers


Hi Osita,

I give glory to God for what he has done for me finally my husband came back home today and all he is saying is he loves me. Despite what other family members have been influencing him he told me he loves me and we are going to change things.


Osita, I thank God for your ministry and know that you are truly called in this ministry. Please mentor me through this period when my husband has returned that there will be complete change in his faithfulness and trustworthy.


Hi Osita, I want to thank God for what he is doing in my life and marriage. It seems everything is going on well. He is taking care of me and kids. He took me for lunch, bought expensive nice shoes for kids.


He calls me many times in a day. I am very happy. He even suggests that we must eat together as a family and pray before we eat. He chooses a very nice and expensive hair style for me and my daughter and he paid for us. Please keep praying for me the enemy is attacking me now. On Sunday I dreamt another man sleeping with me.


Good Evening Osita,

Today my husband took me out to Lunch. It has been years since he took me out to lunch. Today he asked me to have sex with him, we did and it was great. Thank you for your prayers. I am trusting in my God to restore our marriage. In Jesus Name I plead the Blood of Jesus over my marriage and my home. To God be the glory.


Dear Osita,

Things are moving in a positive direction, hubby has been spending nights at home since a few weeks after we ended BBI 4. He is still holding on to his apartment though but certainly behaving much better toward me and the children.


He initially slept in the guest bedroom but moved to our room before we started BBI 5. Praise the Lord indeed. I think the relationship with him and the strange woman is over. Before he used to make his phone unreachable until he gets home but now his phone is always available.


I am truly grateful to God for these positive changes and for your counsel, encouragement and most of all the prayers. May the Lord bless you always.


We are on our way to succeeding!


Hello Man of God, I want to thank you for your obedience, Pastor! Your ministry has been a GOD sent to me and my husband. Initially, when I started standing on behalf of my husband for marriage reconciliation, I became easily frustrated and gave up after only a few weeks. I was full of bitterness and anger. I had also was filled jealousy and rage. GOD healed my broken heart and HE repaired me and gave me the strength to continue standing for my husband.


GOD has given me new eyes for my husband. HE has softened my heart. I love my husband unconditionally. He is my love. I don't want him to perish. GOD has changed me and I am praying for his salvation, deliverance and our marriage restoration. I know GOD is speaking to him. I've seen subtle changes in him. He is coming around more. Today we actually had a conversation without argument. It was real. I know it is only a matter of time before my beloved husband is back home with us permanently.


I just wanted to share with you that I started praying the prayers from your book and I am very happy about the results. I am going to continue to pray and I ask that you pray with me in agreement. I am deeply grateful for you Pastor and your Ministry. I pray the LORD will increase your territory and endow you with much more grace.


Thank you so much!


Hi Osita,

First of all! I would like to give you thanks and all who help in the BBI prayers.

I continued praying with you, I hadn’t spoken to my husband for over 2weeks because of the other woman.


Well, on Friday, the 3rd the day after we stopped the prayers, he showed up at my door , and apologized for what had happened two weeks prior. We talked & came to an agreement that he would come home and work on his drug issues from here!


For years I have prayed & I would always give him ultimatums, stop your using or leave. But it never worked, so he would leave and end up cheating. I have come to realize that I can’t stop him on my own.


So now I have put it in his hand & I will let him do his work on my husband!

Once again thank you!


Osita, I say 'Amen'! Yesterday my husband called again night time. He asked for his baby and mom again. He spoke to both of them and he was very happy. He told us he had been missing us soo much. Wow...


He told me that his mother told him two weeks ago that among all his daughters in law, she had never seen a girl like me and that THERE IS SOMETHING ABOUT ME'! Oh, my God!


He even declared that He still loves me a lot and accused me that I do not love him because I do not show it. Imagine! I ask strength from God to pray persistently and have a renewed man back to me in Jesus name.


I shall succeed.


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You shall succeed.





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