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October 25, 2014

Praying For Cheating Husband: 3 Reasons Your Prayers Have Not Worked!

From here, we begin a walk in praying for cheating husband and infidelity-challenged marriages. I know you need a miracle over his life; God will change him real soon as we take hold of him in prayer. I pledge to provide you the benefits of my deepest studies and experiences in praying (and getting lasting results) for misbehaving husbands. These writings will help you reset your mind, pray with renewed vigor and receive quick but lasting results. Today, you’ll have to clear these huddles that had made your prayer for him ineffective so far . Let’s go…


You Don’t Believe Your Prayer Can Change Him..

It’s funny how people go to God in prayer and still think the prayer won’t amount to much. If you believe, the immense power of God is available to restore and reform him who has gone astray.

For you to be reading this, I want to believe you are persuaded that there is power in praying for cheating husband to make him responsible and loving again. If that is you, you are right and God will validate His promises on your life and marriage in Jesus Name. Amen!

Listen to this truth: God made man and knows his ways; He knows the enemies of your marriage and their secrets. More importantly, He has the absolute power to tune your husband’s heart aright or turn back the hands of the clock (as in doing the impossible (Matthew 19:26; Mark 10:27).

There is no power on earth greater than the power of prayer. If you are not praying, or stopped believing in your prayer, you have regrettably handed over your right to the opposition.

If you are not seeing what you are praying for that’s when you should pray the more; it’s not the time to be weary (or lazy) about prayer. Never accept that your prayer is not working. I tell you it is working.


You Cancel Your Prayers By your Own Words..

If your opponents gets you on their side (against yourself), the battle is won and lost.

In life, positive confessions are powerful shapers of the future. It is more so in prayers. Prayer is like sowing a seed or planting a shrub. Confession is like watering it regularly. Therefore, negative confession is like setting fire to your own farm. Imagine!

Jesus said, ‘…whoever shall say…but shall believe that those things he says shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he says.’ (Mark 11:23). Another scripture, ‘Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof (Proverbs 18:21).

The summary is what you say is what you get! Don’t be careless – in private or in the open – by saying the negatives or nullifying your prayers.

You are both saying (and getting) what you desire, or what you fear. Make the right choice.


You Don’t Have Prayer Partner(s)..

Prayer partnership gets answer on a fast lane (Matthew 18:19). This works when your partner is a Christian who believes in your prayer desire; and really prays committedly with you on the prayer on those points.

Be careful of prayer contractors or giving your prayer points to just anyone as this may have counterproductive results and your answers are denied or delayed.

My suggestion is this. If you have kids, get them involved at a very light level. Give them one-liner prayers to say under your supervision. Or have them agree (by affirming Amen! when praying for the cheating husband). Children are God’s favorites in prayer (Matthew 18:10).

You may also involve a close Christian confidant to pray along with you on a daily basis. You don’t need to come together physically; but you can pray agreement prayer from any location of the world and get dramatic results.

I can also partner with you praying for your cheating husband and marriage. It is my free obligation to your fulfillment in marriage.This is what I have been involved in for years.

I already have a small group of wives (who have asked me to pray with them) in my register from all the continents of the world. As we pray and receive answers, I remove them from that list and put them in the testimony list for thanksgiving.

If you want me to pray along with you, just contact me and we’ll kick off right away.

I need to know how you are doing, if you don’t mind. You will succeed!

Osita Onuoha email:

Ps: This is just an extract from my PDF ebook titled ‘6 Foxes That Rob You of Victory In Prayer’. You may download a free copy RIGHT HERE

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