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May 26, 2017

The BBI Sacrifice And The Western Union.

“For I will give you a voice and wisdom, which all your enemies shall not be able to contradict nor resist.”
(1 Timothy 4: 15)

"Gather my saints together unto me; those that have made a covenant with me by sacrifice."
(Psalms 50:5)


“Let us labor therefore to enter into that rest, lest anyone fall after the same example of unbelief.”
(Heb 4:11)



I received some rather disturbing emails from some of you today. I was told that somebody from the Western Union had refused to pass their seeds over to us hinting that we are scammers.


I appreciate that you have confidence in our Ministry and cared to tell me and reiterate your belief in what we do. I thank you so much for that position. I assure you will never regret it.


You see, this is the evidence that we are on to something great in your life through these prayers we are conducting. Though I always expect issues of challenge and resistance when we start these earth-shaking prayers, this is the first time I have been associated with deception or lies of any kind.


I think this is from the pit of hell, knowing that the BBI prayers are breaking spiritual barriers and achieving. I see this rumor as a scheme to disrupt our prayers. It's not about money; I care about you and your matter more. Their intention is to destabilize you and me, thereby defeating the miracle marriage restoration.


If I have ever scammed anyone, I ask her to speak up now. But if you know we are a true blessing also speak up.

I do not have any ideas yet where this nonsense came from but l have handed it over to God. If I have deceived, cheated or scammed anyone reading this, let her speak up now.


The truth is that I have been very busy in this BBI Prayers and have had very little time for anything else, not even collecting the seeds you sent. Though I have received some of the money some of you sent, quite a lot were uncollected at the Western Union. Just yesterday, my attempts to claim them online didn't go through. So, I excused that failure as poor internet network and went back to my prayers.


And now, this!


I have contacted the Western Union over this unfortunate and demonic allegation about me and my Ministry. I will await their explanation. I have never scammed or deceived anyone all my life and will NEVER even think of it now or forever. The work I do here is a divine and has nothing to do with the works of darkness and crime.


I want to assure you that there's no truth in this fraud allegation at my end here. Unless there is some interception, unknown to me, from other sources. I hope the Western Union will explain better.


So, don't let this rumor bother you because I know the devil is liar and is defeated. This matter will be resolved in a short while, believe me. But if you know what is the truth concerning us, speak up if you have the opportunity. If they ask you to take back your money, do so. Keep it with you knowing that it has already been dedicated to God and presented through us in spirit.


I want to strongly advise you to continue fervently in the prayers (and fasting, if you are part of it). Fasting will end on Tuesday, May 30th but we will continue the prayers until Tuesday, June 13th, 2017.


This is a kind of distraction the devil will throw up when you are on to a good thing. But we have victory in the name of Jesus Christ. So keep praying.


You shall succeed.


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