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Help Me In Prayer For My Husband!
December 01, 2014

How To Stop Your Prayer From Working!

Hi, friends.

The title of this day’s e-zine may seem curious for two reasons.

The first is that no one would seriously want to stop her own prayers from producing desired result.

Secondly, even if you wanted to stop the prayer, you didn’t need help to do so. Just stop praying, or pray something else.

My intentions for writing this piece is really serious, intended to guide and encourage.

I want to share some of my frustrations with friends (that’s what we call those who request us to pray with or for them) since we started this assignment some years back. I will show here how some of our friends unwittingly scuttle their own prayers and stop the answers.

I’ll like you to know that there’s no sweeter thrill for me like when we pray and someone is answered. God has been very faithful (is there anything like too faithful?).

For instance, between Sunday 23rd and Saturday 29th November, 13 women from eight countries have sent in testimonies of cheating husbands who returned home fully.

Glory to God who gave the Word, the Prayer Points, the zeal, the Spirit and the ANSWER!

Now let me mention some of those elements that hinder free flow of prayers and its answers.

Prayerlessness Or Weakness In Prayer. This is by far the greatest problem many of our friends face. Some cannot even pray for 30 minutes a day (or night) on their own so as to establish a glorious marriage or family life.

It is our assignment to pray with friends, not to pray without them! We are not prayer contractors!

Nothing you do in Christianity can take the place of prayer. God expects you to come to Him in prayer when challenged. We obtain prayer points according to the challenges or needs of our friends and we join our faith to pray and receive answers. If this prayer weakness is in a friend, and we know it, we pray it out before we embark on deeper prayer points.

Masking Or Covering Up. (Proverbs 28:13). This term is for those friends who are not honest when dealing with past (or present) sins.

For everyone we pray actively with, we give prayer points to run with. To obtain these prayer points, we usually ask some in-depth personal (or private) relationship and family questions. Some answer truthfully, some give misleading answers and a few evade answers.

The prayers that get answered must be based on truth – of the scriptures and of your life. You can’t get a good fruit from a bad seed!

My regret is that we don’t always know who is covering up until we are many months gone in prayers…then the truth shows up. By then we would have wasted precious time in a wrong direction.

Praying A Different Prayer Point. Many friends discard the prayer points we give (while we are still praying them here) and start independent prayers.

This is an effective way of making nonsense of our efforts here.

The essence of giving prayer points from here is so that we pray same thing with you. If we operate in the unity of Spirit and faith, we rally great strength for victory faster.

This is not to say you cannot (or should not) pray any other thing, but we strongly suggest you pray the points we give consistently. You may pray any other prayer (you can never over pray!) as the Spirit leads you in addition, not in replacement!

Giving Up. Many of our friends have preconceived ideas when their answers should come. This is good in a sense and we encourage it because it drives desperation, zeal and target setting which are evidences of thirst for divine intervention (Isaiah 44:3).

However, it is God that answers prayers and He alone decides when (and how) to step in. That’s why He is the most wise God. None of us can stampede Him to action.

Some friends become cold and give up when the time they set is up or coming close. But God’s time for them could even be nearer than they imagine.

Doubts (How Can Prayer Deal With My Issue). Many start off fine only to question the efficacy of prayers later on.

All those thoughts are from the enemy using respected individuals or occasions to sow the evil seed.

Prayer is God’s instrument to intervene in your affairs. Answers come in many ways: to open your eyes, strengthen your ability, connect you, put right words into your mouth etc. Prayer is not a joke, and it’s certainly not talking into the air to nobody in particular.

Prayer is exercise of faith in God’s power and wisdom. James 1:5-7 shows how people get disqualified and lose their answers from God.

Wrong Confession. This is very close to the above. You can actually abort emerging answers to your prayers by negative confessions.

You don’t have to speak out doubts that come to mind. Words are either watering the seed (your prayers) or poisoning them. Speak what you have asked for in prayers…whether you see it happening or not.

No Foundation. Many people, who hear of the exploits of prayers here, want to partake in the power but they are not Christians yet.

If we don’t ask, or they don’t say, our prayers will just be an exercise with nothing to show. So, we waste our time until we do the right thing…and they are converted.

Well, that’s it. Please take these points to heart and let’s quickly record your own victory. One thing I know: everyone that prays with us receives answers.

God bless you.


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