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Help Me In Prayer For My Husband!
November 29, 2018

We Will March On To Your Testimony

“...I will not let you go, except you bless me.(Genesis 32:26b)


“...The spirit truly is charged, but the flesh is weak.  And again He went away, and prayed, and spoke the same words." (Mark 14:38-39)



But I still want more testimonies to flow in before we shut down the BBI 6. I know that many more testimonies will even come after the BBI has ended but we need to pray them in. I truly feel that many of you have not prayed adequately.

Hi Beloved Daughter of God,

I have some news for you.


The BBI 6 will not be ending until Saturday December 15, 2018. You know it was supposed to end today, November 30. But that has changed as it has been extended.


This extension is for the good of somebody reading this.


I have received some very amazing testimonies since this BBI 6 startwed. We started seeing testimonies from the second day of the BBI. Even among those who joined in the Middle of the BBI, we have received some outstanding testimonies.


There are many other testimonies we have saved in the folders for later since we are still praying.

God is faithful.


Glory to His name.


But I still want more testimonies to flow in before we shut down the BBI 6. I know that many more testimonies will even come after the BBI has ended but we need to pray them in. I truly feel that many of you have not prayed adequately.


Also,there are some outstanding and desperate cases, I know well, and have been praying passionately over. I also have very recent cases that breaks my heart, so I want God to intervene and give peace, love and comfort to those marriages from this BBI.


More over, I know that many of you were distracted from active prayers by so many things. Now, we should be able to redeem the lost prayer time.


This is also a divine opportunity for those that joined the BBI 6 midway and have not prayed as adequately as they should. We would be praying together now, raising the tempo.


But I still have people asking how to pray the BBI. I have explained this in the BBI Letter which you should have if you are praying the BBI Prayers. Please take time to read the instructions in the BBI Letter BEFORE you start the prayers.


I have heard that some people have become weary and bored with the prayers. They don't feel any movement or shaking in their spirit after the a few times of praying them.


Please note this. It is not how you feel that makes the prayers work. See, when your desire matches the Word of God, and we pray together, persistently like this, it works. I know what I am talking about.


So, if you feel anything as you pray, that's great. I feel charged and touched every time I pray this BBI (And I do more than seven prayer sessions daily).

But if you don't feel the prayer in your body, don't let it bother you. What is unhelpful is when you don't pray, or you skim through the prayers carelessly. That will be deceiving yourself. The secret is to continue (consistent) and concentrate on them (persistent).


That's why you should understand the scriptures we use in the prayers well. I suggest that when you read-pray the BBI prayers, you do it slowly and with passion. Then you repeat them until you can think of nothing else but the prayers. That's when your answers start to gather.


I want you to know that you are not the only one praying the prayers for your marriage. If you have downloaded the BBI Letter, or I sent it to you, then you are on my list. And we (I and my team) are praying for you, your husband and marriage. We pray for you, individually. Your names and special cases are used in the prayers. If we have pictures, I use them. With me, every one has, at least, 30 minutes of concentrated prayers every other night.


Our deep prayers for you is really important to push your case. However, your voice must be heard also. If you are not praying, you can mess up all our efforts. Imagine a fast moving delivery van without any goods loaded. When it gets to destination, and is opened, there will be nothing to deliver. It is just no good. Take my prayers for you as the fast moving delivery van and your own prayers as the goods in the delivery van. If we do this as required, it must work for you, even if it takes some time. Let's put in our soul into this and win.


Just keep praying, whether you feel like it or not. The devil wants you to have excuses why you should slow down the prayers, or suspend them altogether. But you have a reason by the Word of God, and we agree with you, that your marriage shall NOT go the way of the devil.


The Contest Over Your Sacrifice

We still have issues receiving many of the seed sown towards the BBI 6. Quite a lot of the seed are pending here and there. Initially, the seed issue was going to be a major distraction. It was a method the enemy wanted to use to derail the BBI 6 Prayers.


The truth is that I decided to concentrate fully on the prayers. I have very little time to check payments or do other things outside the prayers.


However, I will assign the matter to someone to check out the current position and find the methods of payment that will be convenient to you. I am sorry for the difficulty you encountered in sending your seed-faith sacrifice for the BBI 6. This shall not happen again.


God is with you.


You shall succeed.





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You shall succeed.

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