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Help Me In Prayer For My Husband!
November 21, 2017

Let God Arise And His Enemies Scatter!

“Let God arise, let his enemies be scattered...”
(Psalms 68:1)


"The LORD shall go forth as a mighty man, he shall stir up jealousy like a man of war: he shall cry, yea, roar; he shall prevail against his enemies."
(Isaiah 42:13)




You will soon find out that the words of God in your mouth is unbeatable. It is the Word of God you have in these prayers. If you keep saying these prayers, something will happen. And it will make you laugh and leap in wonderment and joy. This has happened to hundreds of women since BBI started this year, 2017


Hi Beloved of God,


The BBI is set to start on Thursday, November 23, 2017 as scheduled.


For those joining us recently (there are about a hundred of you) and who are wondering what the BBI is all about, you may get useful details from here.


However, I will explain a few important things about this intense prayer partnership force that keeps all of us praying for the change of your husband and the healing of your marriage.


BBI means Blast the Barrier Intercession. It is a covenant prayer partnership force for the healing of troubled marriages. The BBI is packaged in a PDF document called The Letter. This letter contains instructions and fully developed prayers, backed by power scriptures.


The BBI revelation requires a sacrifice connection to the prayers. Therefore, everyone who wants to be part of the BBI is expected to sow a seed-faith sacrifice and access the BBI Letter.


This seed-faith should be a true sacrifice of value compared to your expected change of story. However, you are at liberty to sow at the level of what you can afford.


The BBI prayers are expected to be prayed as written except when you add the name of your husband, the tongues and the songs (these are personal to you). Everyone prays the same prayers at the same time.


The BBI also starts with fasting. This may not be mandatory for you if you are not able to. I refer to those who cannot fast for reasons of health, pregnancy and breast feeding. Whether you fast or not, you will pray along at the times specified, or closest to them. If you just download the BBI Letter and do not pray them, it will not work.


In this current BBI 3, there are three prayers:


*Prayer 1 – For Re-Dedication And Spiritual Energy.

(This is to get you charged up and ready to pray acceptably. It is the beginning of all prayers here.)


*Prayer 2 – Breaking The power Of Witchcraft And Spiritual Control.

(This prayer is for the release of the husband from spiritual manipulation of immorality, drugs, unfaithfulness and divorce.)


*Prayer 3 – Stop The Husband From Returning To The Strange Woman Again.

(This is stop the husband from moving here and there, today home and good… next day back to the strange woman. This prayer is for that.


Though you may download this BBI Letter 3 right away, please do not start praying prayers 2 and 3. You may read them and check the scriptures but you will not start praying them. We will all start praying 12am of Thursday November 23, 2017. We will raise the momentum at that time and keep stepping up your change of story each time we pray.


There are a lot more direct instruction the BBI Letter when you download.


Some More Testimonies From Past BBI

Hi Osita,

I haven't talked to you since we started praying on BBI letter 2. I am so excited to share the good news of what God has done for me since the beginning of the BBI prayer until now.


God is so faithful and his love and mercy for me is beyond my explanation even though I don't think I deserve it but because of his grace and mercy I have got my marriage back. Praise GOD. Thank you JESUS.


God has heard my cries and prayers, as soon as we started the BBI 2 prayers. That night, my husband asked me to come home with the kids, moving back to the house with him. He said he was so glad that I haven't given up on him. I was tearing up and couldn't stop praising God. For me it was impossible for my husband to say that or changing his heart by asking me to come home that easily.


But God did change him for me and for our family. Now I’m moving back to the house and my kids are happy. My husband has changed to a better husband and father to the kids. Sometime I remember how he has been unfaithful because of what he did to me. I know God wants me to trust him more than anything else. Day by day, I see God working miracles on my marriage and family. He has restored my marriage.


After the BBI, I will keep my prayers with God always. One other thing I would like to ask you if I can send my seed faith of sacrifice to you because I didn't send the right amount that I want to in the beginning. Can I still do that? If I can please let me know and please pray for me.


Thank you so much, Osita, for what you do. I praise God that I found your ministry and you have been my prayer partner in every situation. It made me not to give up but keep me going on in my prayers. I thank you from my heart.


God bless you and I’ll still look for more of your prayers.


Good afternoon Osita


On Friday I had a whole night prayer in church close to our house in Johannesburg.


After the night prayers, I went to my husband (we were separated) he opened the gate for me, then we went to our bedroom and slept. The following day he said there is no need for me to leave. We went out for dinner. Since then we reconciled. And to my surprise he is no longer arrogant. I praised God for that.


I’m still praying for his complete deliverance, for his eyes to be opened, and for him to get saved.

I also pray that I might find a job close to him or him find a job or start a business close to where I stay with kids.


Thank you so much for being my prayer partner, for holding my hand. I know at some point I wanted to give up, but you calmed me and you advised me continue praying. God will surely bless you.


I have bought another 2 copies of your book for my friends, they might email you.

Thank you so much.


Hi Osita


This is to quickly update you since the last time I wrote. Since then my husband has been calling every day and has come down this side of town twice.


He came and saw me and for the first time in two years he walked back to our family home, this is where he lived for 5 years before he left. He laid on our marriage bed and was saying how much he missed his bed.


He also rang his former employer for his job back and they said they may have shifts for him …Please pray the Lord redirects them to give him employment somewhere else.


Just this morning, he received a very large sum of money which he has been waiting from one of his investments. He told me today after receiving this money that we are going to be ok from now on.


Here's The BBI Level 3

These prayers are massive covenant bombs divinely obtained and targeted at those keeping your marriage in perpetual crisis. "For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds." (2 Corinthians 2:4)


The next BBI (Level 3) will start from Thursday, November 23 to Wednesday, December 13th, 2017.


I'm already fully charged and ready to dive into it.

Shortly, you will sow your seed-faith and access your BBI Letter 3. as I mentioned earlier, there are three prayers in this power-packed BBI. Please do not start praying them yet! We will all start on Thursday, November 23 (that is midnight of Wednesday 22).


This how to start...

Everyone should pray *Prayer 1 for about 10 minutes before starting the other prayers. This how you will conduct your prayers until Saturday November 25 when you may drop prayer one altogether.

This means that prayer one will only be prayed for three days, then we continue to fly with the other two until Wednesday, December 13.


To sow your seed-faith and access your BBI Letter 3, go here. This page is updated for your seed-faith sacrifice and download of the BBI Letter 3.

I will remain in touch. Let me know if you have any issues.


You shall succeed.



NB: Once more, read the latest published testimonies HERE.

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