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Help Me In Prayer For My Husband!
November 14, 2018

BBI Prayers Working For You!

“Gather my saints together unto me; those that have made a covenant with me by sacrifice.(Psalms 50:5)


“Sing, O daughter of God; shout, be glad and rejoice with all your heart, O daughter of God.  The LORD has taken away your errors, he has thrown out your enemy: the ruler of this earth, even the LORD, is with you: you shall not see evil any more." (Zephania 3:14-15)



I know many of you are being attacked and pestered by the enemy in so many areas. Sometimes it all seem so hopeless and irredeemable and you just want to stop! It is a sign, a good one, that you are on to successful prayers! If you keep a persistent mindset, you will get what we are praying. Just don't let go... please!

Hi Beloved Daughter of God,

I apologize to many of you who have sent emails and have been waiting for my reply. As you would know, I have been very busy praying, and praying... for your husband and marriage. The BBI is usually a time I don't do much else than pray.


Please allow me a few days to treat those emails. If you did not see your own reply, and you still need an answer, resend the email.


We are barely two weeks into the BBI 6 and quite a lot is happening already through the prayers. I feel confident that you will see happy wonders from these prayers. Everyone that caused you pain and distress in your marriage will be shaken off your home. I make one more request: fix your mind on God and pray, ignore contrary voices!


I know many of you are being attacked and pestered by the enemy in so many areas. Sometimes it all seem so hopeless and irredeemable and you just want to stop! It is a sign, a good one, that you are on to successful prayers! If you keep a persistent mindset, you will get what we are praying. Just don't let go... please!


I have also been bombarded by the enemy in a bid to derail my prayers for you. Actually, it has become a tradition for the enemy to attempt to hinder me from either releasing the BBI Prayers or to pray them as required. So, you could say that this is neither new to me nor unexpected. Therefore, I am always prepared for his schemes.


But this time, however, the major distraction came to stop you getting the BBI Letter. From day one, the Payment Processor would not perform as required. It seemed like a little problem which could be solved easily, but it was a grand design to stop the BBI 6.


In fact, it was so bad that many people could not get the BBI Letter because their seed was rejected by the system. I was uncomfortable. If people don't get the BBI Letter, how will they pray?


I was tempted to release the BBI Prayers to everyone, with or without any seed offering. But I know that the prayers would not be as successful because the seed-faith sacrifice is part of the covenant that makes the BBI successful.


Though this experience annoyed me, I know that attacks like this could only mean that we are onto something tremendous. So, I dived into the prayers, more fervently, even more than ever.


We relocated to a serene Prayer Camp where we pray like crazy. We pray here 24 hours in the day. Many of us here are always up praying and interceding with your names and your husband's.


Do You Really Want Your Husband Back?

I have noticed that some women really detest and despise their husbands to the point of hatred. It is as if the man should drop into the ocean and perish for all they cared. The same husband we are praying to bring home! How can our prayer achieve for you in this case?


It is the right thing to pray for your marriage restoration, irrespective of what you feel now, but you must decide whether you really want the marriage or not. If you don't want your marriage restored, or can't stand your husband anymore, I will need to counsel you first before we continue praying for your reconciliation.


The only way we can hasten your marriage restoration is by frequent persistent right prayers. If God blessed marriage and ordered that it remain together in the Bible, that is your marriage. Do not make your marriage less important than the standard of God.


We will continue to pray the BBI prayers and God will answer us. No problem is too hard for the prayers except you make it so and give up. You can ignorantly cancel all our prayers for you by monitoring your husband, complaining and be scared off prayers. If you keep checking on your husband, then you are NOT helping your restoration at all.


I will tell you why.


The moment your heart is captured by offenses and pain, you can not truly pray acceptably. The reason why our prayers work is because we agree on what should be (or should not be) with our hearts and our lips in prayers.


Why The Fight Over Your Sacrifice

I stated earlier that the enemy has tried many methods to stop or reduce my prayers for you at this BBI. But he cannot succeed because I already know that this is an indication that things are about to turn and bring great glory to God.


The BBI Covenant Prayers work with two parts. One is the Sacrifice, the other is the prayer partnership. Any part missing will compromise the BBI Effect. That is why the enemy is fighting to stop you from sending a quality sacrifice or block your way of giving completely.


Many of you know that sending your seed was a real challenge this time. Many people have not given their seeds because the avenues are failing and blocked. The enemy wants me to give up the prayers and be looking for means of receiving the seed. If I do this, I would NOT pray with (and for) you. Then we would not have good report at the end of the BBI.


Even the Western Union have refused to release the sacrifice many of you sent. They felt the number of people sending money our way was against their policy. I think that is ridiculous but you know what's playing out there.


Many of the seed sent through the Western Union was not released to us. The enemy seized them and wanted to distract me. I have tried to collect ALL you sent through the Western Union with very little success. I think it is a waste of my precious time to be dancing around them.


Please Note: If I had written you earlier to acknowledge receipt of your own seed from the Western Union, it means I have collected it.


We would not have anything to do with the Western Union in terms of these seed anymore. We are searching for any one of you who can assist us on this seed collection while we concentrate on prayers. If you can help or you have ideas on this, please let me know.


I have also asked some others to do a direct Bank transfer to us here. You could ask me for details if that's what you can do. The point is this: don't let this take the zeal for the BBI Prayers. Later, we can find a way of taking the seed off your hands.


God is with you.


You shall succeed.





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You shall succeed.

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