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Help Me In Prayer For My Husband!
August 12, 2015

Using Prayer Partnership To Change The Adamant Cheating Husband.

Matt 18:19 "Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.”.


Hi friends, it's a pleasure to share with you another spiritual prayer secret that could end your worries over your husband's unfaithfulness.

I’m an ardent lover of the wild life – how animals strive and survive in their natural habitat. I’m thrilled by the methods and manners of the predators amongst them – how they seek, pursue, overcome and consume their prey.


The cats, particularly the lion, is a no non-sense hunter that goes after all other animals, even the bigger and stronger beasts – and often wins them, having their flesh for family menu.


I have watched the lion bring down stronger wild lords like the Rhino or Buffalo among others.


How do they do it?

The lion hardly hunt alone! That's its secret. The winning tactic of the lion is its joint, partnership, effort. On the other hand, the prey often defends alone. That’s always their undoing.

Unleasing Power Prayer Shots For Maximum Impact.

You Need Reliable Prayer Partners To Change Your Cheating Husband.

Eccl 4:9 "Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labor.”.


Fighting the battles of husband infidelity alone is not usually a wise decision. No single lion can bring down a Rhino or a Bull. Without organized prayer and counseling plan, the cheating husband will never change. Indeed the overall plan of the cheating spirit, to devastate your marriage, may manifest.


This is why God prescribes the ageless weapon of prayer partnership against huge challenges of life and marriage like husband’s unfaithfulness. As you know, nothing can ever be alright in a marriage where a partner is cheating on the spouse.

The Choice Of A Prayer Partner.

The prayer partner is one who labors with (or for) you in prayers over a nagging or stubborn matter in your life. The prayer partners may physically pray together, or pray separated, but must be in unity of spirit and faith. Here, in this intercession project, we are up against the spirits and attitudes of the cheating and lying husband.


The wrong choice of a prayer partner could mislead and hurt you really hard. Many have unknowingly handed over their cases over to the enemy in their desperation of seeking a prayer partner. At best, these unwise choices, which also masquerade as counselors, are usually busy doing nothing (or the wrong thing)while the cheater spirit wrecks more havoc unchallenged.


I will show you tested methods of proving prayer partnerships that work.

Who Is Your Prayer Partner?

In the area of prayer (and in many things too), any principle you don’t apply correctly will not benefit you. That is to say it will not end well, or go as expected. That is why we must have understanding.


1. Your prayer partner should be a fellow Christian, possibly at the same (or more, but never less) spiritual level than you.

2. Your prayer partner is someone who is passionate about your personal wellbeing and marriage success. This person should be a sincere person, working in the Spirit, with proof of the knowledge of the word of God.


3. The Partner should be a person you are comfortable to disclose personal issues, fears, marital challenges and spiritual weakness. You should not be in doubt of his/her integrity in the use of the information shared.


4. The two of you must agree and work in harmony (Amos 3:3). You should have reverence for the person and take counsel.

Working Out Victory In Prayer Partnership.

1. Your prayer partner should be able to use your desires to obtain prayer points. Even if you suggest prayer points, your partner should have spiritual sensitivity to advise the order and process of prayer.


2. If you are praying physically together, know the time and venue of the prayers and be punctual.


3. Revelation, feelings, developments, dreams and concerns should be shared to enable partner gauge and refresh your prayers.


4. Ensure you give offering to your partner regularly. It is a not a condition for prayers but a spiritual pump which energizes the commitment of your spirits for victory. This gift could be anything, small or big, but you are working an unfailing covenant giving and receiving. (Matthew 10:41; I Corinthians 9:11).


5. If you ever lose respect for your partner for any reason, stop the prayers and seek whom you agree with.


6. It is not unusual to have several praying partners but everyone should be praying same thing, preferably, same time. If you don’t know what some partners are praying for you, or if they are praying something different, it may be your tower of babel, and lead nowhere. To get things going as you desire, send partners specific prayers and agree bible-based prayers before you pray.

We Are Set To Pray With You Over Your Cheating Husband.

If you read this, God has sent us your way to help you break the shame of immorality and cheating in your husband. You can take the step to contact us by mail at We can partner with you until you have your cheating husband changed, loving you faithfully and committed. God has been faithful to this project and we have over 93% victorious prayer cases.


Presently, we have several thousands of wives on our list from 63 countries, and God is still bringing more wives with burdens of husbands’ infidelity to us for prayer intervention.


Join Us On FaceBook

I would be glad to have you visit and like our Facebook page Praying For My Husband77. We also share some helpful tips there from time to time.

We Need Your Support.


This Prayer Project is completely free for any one we pray with or counsel. We have never asked anybody money for the prayers but we welcome the financial support from anyone who believes in what we are doing in this ministry. Surely, the prayers have been a blessing to so many women beyond what money can get.


Now, our numbers are really growing and the work load is enormous. I need you to support this divine Project by sending us your financial seed. Please do this if you are led by the Spirit, otherwise there is no obligation. If you are led to reach out to us, send me a mail at and I will inform you how you may send your gift.


God will surely reward you.


You shall succeed.



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