How To Quietly Change Your Cheating (And Lying) Husband By Targeted, Private, Powerful Prayers.

Do You know That Every Wife Who Prayed The Right

Prayers We Recommended Had A Changed Husband Story?

 What’s The Magic?

It’s Not Magic At All…far from it.

  • Some Of Our Prayer Testimonies  (Names are withheld for obvious reasons)
  • Hello Osita, the prayers are amazing. My husband returned home this SUNDAY evening out of the blues. Hallelujah! He came home a broken man asking for forgiveness, I told him I had already forgiven him. He said he was miserable without us and could not rest. I am so speechless of your amazing prayers and God's love and mercy. Our little boy is so happy he hasn’t stopped smiling. My husband and I had the most amazing two nights rekindling our love. I cried, he cried. I will post my testimony if it’s allowed or where could I post it to give others encouragement to stand strong and keep on your site/page and connect with you?                                                        ...Philippines                                                                                                                                                  
  • Dear Osita, I have a wonderful news to share with you. Our Father in Heaven has answered my prayers. My husband became unusually friendly and was helping me in our patio, and then he kissed me, and we made love in our new additional room.  I am so happy and blessed.           ...USA                                                                                                                                                                                                          
  • Dear Osita,  I thank you for your support in helping our marriage work through prayers   I am requesting you to continue being my prayer partner. My report since I started using your prayers a month ago have been excellent. My husband has really improved. I thank and glorify God every single day. He has now started coming home a little early and spends most of the weekends with me and the kids. One thing standing out is we are laughing and talking.                                                                ....Malaysia                                                                                                                                                                                      
  • Hello Osita, I apologize for the late response. Things are really taking shape. I have no reason to doubt his fidelity these days, and he has been wonderful.                                                                                          ...Nigeria                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
  • Hi Osita,   After I finished with my prayer last night, my husband, out the blues, texted me and said that he loved me. I had earlier requested my neighbor to come over and do the yard work for which I would pay him. But my husband told me not to bother the neighbor, that he will be back to do the yard work.                                                                                   ...USA                                                                                                                  
  • Hi Osita, I thank you so much for your prayers, the scriptures and messages. I am so happy to say I am a testimony. My husband asked me to (and I have) moved back into our home, he has changed, he cares for and loves me.   Praise the Lord for fighting for me and returning him.  You are a blessing in my life because your prayers and support kept me strong and not to give up. May the Good God bless and help you to help other women who are having problems like I did.                                         ...South Africa                                                                                                                                        

Power Deliverance Prayers That Win Back The Cheating Husband.

Dear Cheated Hurting Wife,

In frustration, have you often felt or said something like this regarding your cheating and lying husband?

  • My husband of today is so different from the man I married some years back.
  • Self-denial, silent treatment, positive thinking, counseling and confrontation doesn’t help.
  • The more patient I get, hoping for a turning from his adultery and lying, the more decadent and daring he gets.

Well, you are not alone. Many husbands have hated their wives and despised their marriage covenant by their shameful, scandalous adultery.

Marriages Are No Longer What They Used To Be…   

Husbands cheating on their wives is a 'disease' that has no respect for education, culture, age, status or religion. As it is in the North America, so it is in South America, Africa, Asia, Europe…everywhere.

Same story.

State laws, public condemnation, confrontation or reasoning have utterly failed to halt this shameful behavior?

Meanwhile, the ‘experts’ are having a field day pushing out their four-step ‘give-up’ doctrine:

  • Bear it, men are bound to cheat sometime, somewhere in marriage.
  • Hold on, he’ll realize his wrong, come to his senses someday, and return to you.
  • You can’t change him, so let him, but go on with your own life.
  • Don’t take it; kick him out hard!

Deep down, you don’t want to accept any of those ‘solutions’ because you want him back, you want your marriage to work... and you want to be sure it will.

You certainly don’t want to lose your husband to the immoral other woman.

You Want Your Husband Back – Faithful, Loving And Responsible!

Just Like it Used To Be In The Good Old Days…

Hear this.

You can have him back if you understand what I will reveal to you here in this page.

Your husband did not cheat because of the other woman’s beauty, youth or any physical attribute or endowment. Not even for the sex.

He will not change if you became the new Queen Perfect Beauty.

You know why?

Cheating has NOTHING to do with those.

So What’s Responsible For The Vast Majority of Cheating Husbands?

I will tell you…

This may shock you because very few will think nothing of it.

Infact, many laugh it off when they hear it first time.

But here it is…

Cheating Is Spiritual…

A cheating Husband Will Cheat With A House Pet  If He Can’t Lay Hands On Another Woman Fast enough!

Cheating is like addiction, it gets WORSE with time until it tears apart everything you have labored to build,  – great home, children, values, reputation, respect, comfort…

Plus your hopes and dreams.


We Have Proven Spiritual Answer That Works
Every Time It's  Fully Deployed.

…It’s In Prayer.

Yes, Targeted…Tested… Authoritative…story-changing prayers.

And it’s available here.

Get Your Copy NOW. CLICK HERE.

Simplifying Living Secrets Of How To Pray, When To Pray

And What To Pray Specifically For The Change Of

The Cheating And Lying Husband.

Also Included Is

The Chain-Breaking Bonus Of

77 Easy To Follow, Power Releasing, Point-By-Point

Prayer Examples With Apt Bible Authorities

Here’s your opportunity to cheaply, easily and quietly demonstrate biblical prayer power for your husband’s turnaround from cheating and lying to a responsible, faithful and loving husband.

Why Should You Take Me Serious?

I’m Osita Godwin, a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For years now, I have superintended over this successful e-prayer project that restores infidelity-challenged marriages.

I also publish the immensely popular ‘Help Me In Prayer!’ E-zine. A free e-prayer and counseling publication that has helped many wives turnaround their cheating and lying husbands to faithful, responsible family men. In recent years (up to 2018) we received reports of thousands of  reformed husbands who are now responsible family men. These wonders were performed by God through quiet, personal prayers between the wives and me.

Some Of The Nuggets You’ll Be Taking And Be Using From This Loaded eBook Are.

  • Why The usual methods of treating husband’s infidelity never worked and will never do.

  • Why targeted prayer methods have worked for many wives the world over.
  • How his continued sexual affair with this other woman is the devil's grand strategy for ending your marriage. And one simple thing to do to check it.
  • The 3 main levels of husbands’ infidelity and the secrets they reveal for effective prayers.
  • 3 powerful Spiritual laws that enforce the victory of every praying wife over husband's infidelity.
  • The one thing God wants every cheated woman to do about her marriage.
  • 6 Prayer helpers that crush deep-seated, stubborn adultery.
  • How to easily break and dismiss the hold of unclean spirits from your husband.
  • The right time and right place (in your home) that make your prayer irresistible.
  • 3 must-do things to quickly complete his come-back when your prayer starts changing him.

Plus This...

77 Tested, Power-Packed Prayer Points

 For Definite Change Of The Cheating And Lying Husband.

  • Prayers For Wife’s Cleansing, Re-Dedication And Wisdom.
  • Prayers For Husband’s Salvation And Deliverance.
  • Prayers For Casting Out The demon Spirit Of Lust, Cheating And Lying.
  • Prayers For Cutting off All The Helpers Of Cheating And Unfaithfulness e.g. pornography, drugs, alcohol and immoral people
  • Prayers To Command His Turnaround And Healing From Adultery. 
  • Prayers For Full Marriage And Family Restoration.

To Ensure Your Success In Prayer Sooner...

As soon as you order and download this eBook, you are entitled to a complimentary, indispensable, confidence-imparting eBook, 'Why Your Prayers Never Changed Your Cheating Husband'. (See image below)

This is in direct obedience to the Holy Spirit to publish and give it away free to you. See  page 62 of 'Deliverance Prayers That Win Back Your Cheating Husband.' for your free copy.

Let Me Answer Some Of Your Questions.

I don’t really know how to pray. Is it hard?

It’s easier than you’ll ever imagine. Just open the PDF (or printed copy) read the instructions and take out the prayers for the day and pray.

Prayer is hard when you don’t know what or how to pray, or don't get anything out of the prayers because you pray the wrong thing, or pray the right thing the wrong way! You’ll know how easy and exciting it is when you start seeing changes in yourself, in your husband, and in your marriage in the first week of doing these prayers.

Prayer takes much time. I’m not sure I can find the time.

A lot of time in effective prayers is in studying the scriptures to obtain working prayer points. The prayers and the referenced scriptures are written for you already. What you have is simple, direct prayer points (with the Bible references) starring at you from those pages. It’s normal for people to flow through these prayers unaware of the passage of time.


Can I afford it?

The value of this eBook is many, many times above the cost of $23.97. More over, it is life-changing and an invaluable investment to your marital destiny. Our ministry is sustained by freewill offerings and donations of those who believe in us. I hope you will consider sending us your donation as you record good result from your encounter with us through this eBook.

How soon will it work?

I don't have that answer. I have seen people receive completely changed husbands within 3 weeks but I have also seen others get theirs in 3 months.

One thing to note, though, the prayers will not pray itself. If you do the prayers as advised, your husband will change from cheating and lying, and your marriage will be better for it. You also will experience deep personal changes to help you shut out your marriage enemy permanently.

Get Your Copy NOW. CLICK HERE.

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