Counseling A Cheating Husband: The Influence Of Prayers.

Counseling a cheating husband could save a marriage from ridicule and divorce. An effective counseling session would make him say why he's cheating. It would therefore help to address that issue and  and nudge him towards more commitment to his marriage.

Like other challenges of marriage, the real measure of counseling a cheating husband is how soon he starts to change for the better after the session. More than that, the expectation from counseling is a renewed commitment to their marriage. In other words, counseling didn’t work if the desired change didn’t happen… or is short-lived.

Deciding On The Right Type Of Counseling For Your Marriage

Most cheating husbands know that they are not living right but they think they are justified or pushed into it. Some blame their wives, others claim they are happier living the immoral life.

It is a common error with most wives to seek marriage counselor who would ‘talk sense into’ their unfaithful husband. This error often creates resistance from the husband. The couple should discuss and agree on where, who and when of counseling. It is the duty of the counselor, not a party, to determine who needs to do what in the marriage. 

Of course, the wife may initiate the need for counseling, and would most likely suggest a Christian counselor but she should also ensure the counselor is someone the husband respects. Someone he could connect with, reason with, and agree with. Hasty choice of a counselor may doom the entire exercise, indeed make matters worse. 

Preparing For Counseling

Marriage involves a man and his wife playing complementary roles for the good of the family. It is not just about counseling a cheating husband because he’s living dirty. So, any counseling that assumes (for whatever reason) that until one party changes, all other things will not seat well, is misplaced and would have little or no result.

Counseling in marriage also involves the pre-decision of the parties to cooperate and workout whatever counsel that will be offered at the meeting. Also, the husband and wife must understand that the counseling is:

·        Not a court, there is no such thing as forced appearance, judgment  

       or enforcement.

·        Largely, marriage counseling is plan to overcome challenges of the past,

     so as to move on smoothly and faithfully

·        Key results of counseling in marriage is improving communication and


·        Successful counseling results in win-win for the couple and their

     marriage, no one should leave counseling in regret and feeling of defeat

·         Both have responsibilities to work the decisions of the counseling

·        After counseling, there is no provision for fault-finding or recall of

     previous errors.

Here’s How Prayer Works in Counseling A Cheating Husband

Without a ready heart prepared by targeted prayers, the counseling would just be a mere jaw-jaw.

Counseling on its own cannot be relied on to change a cheating husband. Marriage is God’s idea; so it’s God that will give the right counsel to help. Cheating, infidelity, adultery, unfaithfulness…has its start in the spirit. Therefore, it is in the spiritual that answers can be found. That’s why I conduct a free direct online prayers to wives of cheating husbands in our ‘Help Me In Prayer!’

What this means is that counseling without prayers has no real power to penetrate or make sense. Prayer is the energizer of counseling…it even works ahead of counseling because it softens the heart for right words.

The prayers for the success of the counsel is crucial. It should be said before, and continued after. It is not the words spoken that make sense during counseling a cheating husband, but the state of the heart of the couple being counseled. So the prayers for counseling should cover the key areas of:

·        The heart or commitment of the couple.

·        The day of counseling

·        The words and person of the counselor

      The sense, responsibility and commitment to the counsel.

Though we have focused on counseling a cheating husband, it should be known that his wife also have some personal changes to make to help the result. But by far, her biggest responsibility is the prayer function.

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