4 Cheating Signs Of a Husband

Men who cheat their women always leave clues of their adulterous ways. But women ignore the cheating signs either because they (women) are too trusting or they are careless. The hard part is that when the infidelity is unveiled, it is often too late.

Most of the time, the women are traumatized and loses out too!

Often, women who have read things or heard about cheating signs of men get really suspicious about their spouses.  This is not really out of place given that infidelity discovery is usually incidental.

So some women begin ‘early’ to sniff around…to probe…to investigate the attitudes and movements of their men. This is done to forestall any surprises and subsequent shock.

Working with the conviction that men are born cheats, tact is thrown to the wind. So the motive is to confirm the suspicion of infidelity.

But this mindset could go so horribly wrong and become counterproductive so that what is feared happens sooner.

Many experts have propounded certain indicators to prove that the man is messing around with another lover.

Here we put the proofs to test so you do not rely on evidence that is false and cannot qualify as valid cheating signs. These ideas from the experts, as reasonable as they seem, mean very little on their own. But when supported by other evidences you could provide some proof of a cheating husband on the ground.

Unreliable Signs of Infidelity

Less Sex, No Sex: The thinking is that if ‘he is not having sex often with me, he’s getting it elsewhere’, particularly if he used to love sex. Sex drives come and go; there are many reasons why there may be a drop in sexual desire or libido, including health factors. Be sure what is going on.

Change In Fashion and Dress Sense: This indeed is funny as new job, social affiliation, higher earnings, even celebrity influence, can inspire wardrobe adjustments.

There are more unfounded postulations, like change of perfumes, whitening of teeth, frequent showering, dieting and exercising plus many more.

As these points may be strong indicators of cheating by some, it could be complete nonsense to others.

Proven Cheating Signs

But there are tips that could help you know for sure if your man is cheating.

He Cheated Before: If he cheated you or someone else in the past, he could repeat it. Serial cheats often use the same modus operandi. Whatever served him successfully in his past flings will work for the cheating husband again. If he cheated with you before you finally stuck, it’s harder to trust that he is not playing the old games again – with someone else.

Lied About Other Things: A Lie is a strong cheating sign. If he lies to you, or find it hard updating his previous stories, then always verify the answers that are important to you. That includes his defense of infidelity too. It means you have to do most of the finding out yourself. What do you expect when you inquire where he has been? Lies…and more lies!

Collaborating Friends: Often, loyal friends will attempt to cover up for the cheating husband with the motive of protecting your marriage. If you are discerning, you will notice a shifty attitude of these friends which will ultimately lead you to the fact that your man is cheating. When they start lying on his behalf they have given him away.

Online Affairs: Cyber infidelity has totally different characteristics from the above but is as lethal.  Many men are getting converted to online adultery undetected. Check the status of your man here.

Any cheating sign above is enough to raise your inquiry to the next level. But if your man  is not guilty of any of  these points and you find nothing incriminating, don’t invent one. There are still men who are above board in matters of infidelity!

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