Cheating Husband Stories Are Tragedies 

Even though cheating husband stories abound in the Bible, God did not (and does not) permit infidelity and adultery.

Take the case of King David of ancient Israel who committed adultery with Mrs. Bathsheba Uriah and murdered the husband to conceal the act and marry his lover (2 Samuel 11:2-17)

God was angry and punished him.

How David Fell For Bathsheba

The factors that brought down David into adultery are still the same affecting men today.

Though King David had 8 official wives and 10 concubines (or wives-in-waiting!), yet he could not stop seeking more.

So what were the factors that made Bathsheba irresistible to King David?

  • David had little or nothing to do at that time. All Israel had gone to war against Rabbah but David was at home doing nothing.
  • David saw a naked woman. This is akin to pornography as we know it today. David was not contemplating adultery until he saw Bathsheba taking a shower.
  •  David Lusted After Bathsheba. He pondered over the sight of a gorgeous naked woman and so their story became one of the best cheating husband stories ever.

Closing The Gates To Adultery

1.      The Eyes. Justice Potter Stewart, the renowned American Supreme Court Justice was once quoted in his ruling on obscenity (Jacobellis v. Ohio, 1964) as saying, “I know it when I see it”. If porn was that difficult to define those days, it is much more so today. The trouble starts when the eye of a man connects to an exposed female body. For sure, you don’t need to go for porn to see it; it’s on the streets, the TV, the internet and in your mailbox, unsolicited.

2.      The Mind. This is the processing plant where what has been seen, or being seen, is interpreted. If the picture (snapped by the eye) gets to this level, it has passed the allure test.

 The mind gets the body charged of how exciting it would be to see more of her, touch, hold…A growing desire for this woman or a close substitute but NOT your wife develops. This is the arena where the cheating husband stories are formed or erased.

 Men who win this fight will also win subsequent battles because they have the weapons (answers) against all assaults of the mind.

What Are The Weapons of Survival Here

These are just the right mindset and persuasions against adultery and infidelity. Some are temporary (plastic) weapons that may not survive future attacks. But there are eternal resolutions that serve victoriously all the time.

Temporary Hold Off (one-time resistance to adultery)

  • Money. Can’t afford to indulge in this fun now because of budget.
  •  Fear of Being Caught. Chances of being found out are much.
  •  Wrong Time. He’s ill or too busy at something very important right now.
  •  No Protection Against Consequences. Fear of disease or pregnancy.
  • Incest. The woman is a close family and so out of reach.

Strong Defense Against Adultery

  •  Do not want to hurt his wife at all
  •  He is afraid and suspicious of every other woman as carrier of STD
  •  Do not want to sin against God

Lust Actions

If the man is defeated in the mind sector, he will usually enter the lust phase where he interacts with the woman and makes subtle moves towards his goal. Really this is where the man does all the things he shouldn’t.

Except something unplanned comes up to help the man out (against his desires!) he is taken.

Occasionally the man’s let-off may be some discovery of the woman which could be:

  • She is deeply religious and would not consider his advances
  •   She is strongly committed to a love relationship
  •   She abhors affairs with a married man because it has no future for her
  •    She is lesbian

Cheating husband stories have always been products of man failing at the temptations of the mind but the weapons the warriors used are available to every man. How do you help your man use the weapons?

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