Stop Husband Affair With Other Women

Naturally, many wives would want to stop husband affair with the other woman ASAP. They think if they could make her leave their husbands, somehow, then he would remain faithful.

The wife sees the other woman as the reason for her husband’s cheating. If she would just go, it would mean the end of husband’s infidelity.

So, most women are known to find the other woman, confront, threaten or physically attack her so as to scare her off. Some apply other subtle means like sending secrets mails or phone calls, letting her know that she is interfering and hurting their family.

So, to stop infidelity of your husband, the first thing to do is not to stop the other woman.

I know that if this strange woman leaves your husband alone, it does not necessarily stop husband affair with other women. The issue is not with the other woman as much as it is with your husband. Your husband made a choice, an immoral choice by cheating on you. So he is not innocent nor is he docile over the entire matter.

The end of this very affair will not necessarily end his cheating on you. If you think back, you will see that your husband probably have cheated in the past with other women. Even now, he may be involved with other cheating partners aside from the one you know.

How To Stop Husband Affair Permanently.

Cheating is a spirit that is lodged in the heart of people who eventually do the bidding of the controlling spirit. It is hidden and surreptitious at earlier levels because it is afraid of being discovered and stopped. Of course what you see at that level is the man keeping his immoral affair under cover but really it is that unclean spirit that’s hiding.

When this spirit has stayed a certain time, and avoided detection, it becomes confident and starts developing further. Nevertheless, at whatever level, it can be dislodged by the right degree of prayers and stop husband affair now and in the future.

So, to stop infidelity of your husband, the first thing to do is not to stop the other woman. I agree that she should be stopped from messing around with your husband but it is not the first thing. This is often the mistake of many women, and it hardens the spirit. The unclean spirit took your husband first before it found an ally in the other woman.

The first person to stop is your husband. And that is through prayers, targeted prayers. It is a time-tested and validated spiritual treatment of infidelity. The devil doesn’t want people to know or engage this winning secret. He doesn’t want people to know how to defeat him.

People prefer to say that cheating is ‘in the blood’ but they cannot say how it got there or how to make it leave. If truly it is in the blood, it could be seen in laboratories during tests and diagnosis. But this is not the case.

So, it then means that you can stop husband affair by dislodging the unclean spirit. When the spirit loses control of him, and the Spirit of God enters through prayers, he will not cheat you again.  This is what is known as deliverance. Deliverance is the Christian spiritual method of dismissing evil spirit domination in someone’s life. The only path to deliverance is through the Word of God, which is also called the truth. This Word is empowered through prayers.

That’s how a power-packed prayer eBook, Deliverance Prayers That Win Back The Cheating Husband will guide you to pray with result. That eBook has over 75 prayer points that exits the unclean spirit and stop husband affair with the strange women. The engagement of the prayers in the eBook have freed many husbands from infidelity and restored many marriages.

Even if you don’t use that eBook, there are sure-fire ways of praying that gets you the result in little time. I will mention them now.

  •  Pray the scriptures. Find out what God has said or done about your matter and make it the center of your prayers. That is what is known as targeted prayers.
  • Pray specifically. When you pray, don’t wander in thoughts and speech. Focus on what you have found in the scriptures use your husband’s name and yours. Pray and repeat until you exhaust yourself.
  • Always thank God. Don’t wait until you see answers before you thank God. God hears your prayers and attends to them. Give Him glory for hearing and answering you each time you pray.

If your husband is cheating, go into your private chambers, get rid of the spirit and stop husband affair for good.

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