Unfaithful Husband: What Next After Praying.

So you have been praying for your unfaithful husband the best way you know but he’s still misbehaving, and getting deeper into the mess. Your prayer is not changing anything – as much as you can see.

What next should you do?

I must be frank with you here. It’s rather frustrating if you prayed profusely over something and nothing happens. Prayer then becomes wearisome, a burden. Your mind starts to play games and other ideas begin to pop up here and there.

Yeah, you’ve always known there are other ways of dealing with him but you decided to take up this matter in prayer. One of the obvious reasons could be that you wanted your marriage to survive. And deep down in your heart you agree that matters settled by prayer are smoother and permanent.

Indeed, in prayer heavy issues are resolved in the favor of the one praying. It is the most powerful force available to us to change our circumstances.

So if you really prayed for the change of your unfaithful husband, there is nothing else to do after the prayer.

Excuse me, I would like to modify that statement; there is something to do after you have prayed. And that is to wait... waiting and believing until you get your answer.

3 Strong Reasons To Wait Until
Your Unfaithful Husband Is Changed.

For Further Instructions. Often, if you have prayed you’ll have a witness of peace in your spirit that your prayer has been heard. Then you'll begin to consciously do things that will not abort the answers you expect.

Answer On The Way. Some answers to prayer may require some sort of ‘processing’ time.  Thus God may have to shift circumstances or intervene over a period of time. While your answers are working out, it is expected you wait and believe that you'll get your heart desire.

Waiting In Faith Is A Virtue. This is called patience and God expects those who prayed not to be anxious. This is not easy but a necessary character and discipline of a believer who wants to receive from God.

Your Conduct As You Wait For Your Answer.

Praise God Through The Trying Times. Praise is superior to prayer. It is the evidence that you trust God to always do the right thing all the time. This attitude excites and moves Him to intervene in your matter quicker.

Don’t Help Yourself. The truth is that you can’t. If you could, why did you pray about it in the first place? There is this crazy saying, ‘heaven helps those who help themselves.’ It is not biblical. All your help should originally come from God (Heaven) and your part is to do as you are told by Him.

Don’t Give Up On Your Prayer Point. Don’t change your mind just because your answer is taking long coming. Many people have settled for second-best when they could have waited a little longer for a more fantastic result. Can you imagine someone praying for the change of her unfaithful husband; then praying again to God to send her a good divorce attorney!

Prophesy. This is just declaring what you expect in line with the word of God and your prayers. Great words like these should not be lacking in your mouth:

 ‘it is well’ – 2 Kings  4:26

‘be it unto me according to your word’ – Luke 1:38

'dry bones shall live again’ – Ezekiel 37: 4-5

’He always causes us to triumph’ – 2 Corinthians 2:14

’there shall be no loss in my life’ – Acts 27:22  

They are power-laden words that water your prayer seed, shatter opposition and deliver your answers. So learn to prophesy (2 Peter 1:19).

Don’t Slip Into Sin. Don’t be weary of waiting and descend into sin. No matter how pressed you may be don’t give in to violence, fraud or immorality.(Galatians 6:9)

Many people have given up on their unfaithful husband when he was on his way back. Your prayers for him is not (can’t be) in vain. If there is one thing you should learn, it is patience to wait for what must surely come.

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