Cheating Online Revealers

Cheating online is just another name for adultery. It is subtle yet very lethal; indeed it has been rated more devastating than the physical thing.  

In today's world, more often than not, amorous relationships are sparked off in the internet. This is why cyber affairs are regarded, and treated, as high contributor to home break-ups.

Surveys have shown that men outnumber women by three to one in internet extra-marital affairs. But the real danger of discreet online romances only becomes apparent when it is too late.

Hitherto, cheating on one’s spouse was demonstrated by sexual intercourse, deep kissing, or such physical contacts.

Not anymore!

Increasing number of people are becoming concerned about the role of the internet in infidelity. In a recent poll, 67% of respondents regard sexual webcamming, telephone and online flings as adultery, too.

The attraction of online affairs is in its anonymity and convenience, making it easy to entrap a higher number of men. More so, only 46% of men polled consider online flirting as infidelity. This thinking removes the guilt in the mess.

All the same, online affairs are wrecking homes and contributing to the rising number of divorce cases. Mr J. Lindsey Short Jnr (President of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers) commented recently: “If there is dissatisfaction in the existing relationship, the internet is an easy way for people to scratch the itch”

More often than not, what goes in the net does not end on the net. A little more than half of online affairs transform to telephone and physical contacts.

Signs of Cheating online

We have outlined these pointers to help you check if something indecent could be going on right under your nose which you may never suspect. So be on your guard. Cheating online is unseemly and a high potential home breaker. Check with these tips and prevent the consequences.

High Internet Usage: Does your mate work the net for long hours, even into the night, regularly? Do you know for sure what he does online? Would he be comfortable if you watched or kept him company?  Does he close screen windows when you appear suddenly?

Deleting Browse History: Does he clear the history and the cookies from the computer often, perhaps daily? Shameful online practice is a common reason for wiping browse history.

Access To The Computer: Does he use a very private computer or system where you are not allowed unhindered access? Is there a login password but not known to you? Does he offer to log you in, instead, each time you need the computer?

Secret email Account: Do you know his email accounts and the correspondence in there? Have you access to the email? 

Lies About The Above: If your man lies or is evasive about the above issues, then he is hiding something. The longer cheating online is hidden or covered up with lies, the more dangerous. Establish the truth and secure your love zone.

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