6 Real Reasons Men Cheat

When men cheat they point accusing fingers at some factors that aided their infidelity. Hardly would you find a man who had an affair without a reason, some weighty others flimsy.

While it is typical for a cheater, when caught, to cook up all manner of excuses and influences to attract sympathy, we display the 5 commonest excuses we consider thought provoking.

1.      My Wife Is Unattractive. Majority of the men do not find their women attractive or sexy as they used to. The women stopped caring about their looks and appearance, became overweight or had poor dress sense. They claim their mistress was all their wife wasn’t: shapely, urbane, well-dressed and irresistible when they met.

2.  My Wife Has No or Low Interest In Sex. Majority of the men claimed that their wives interest in sex dropped to near zero. Infact many say their wives would rather feign sickness or busy than submit to sex.

3.      My Wife Is Not Adventurous In Bed. The men say when their women agree to sex, it is with reluctance and unwillingness to make it worthwhile. Some men said their women, once adventurous and exciting in bed, now considers those days as gone with the wind. The men complained that their sex lives were unbearably dull, unexciting and monotonous.

4.      My Wife Does Not Respect Me. Some of the men claimed to have certain challenges in their lives at the time they wandered off. These challenges ranged from business and career downturns to sexual health concerns which did not matter to their women. Not a few men decried the attitudes of their women on their waning sexual health of erectile and ejaculatory disorders. They said their mistresses showed concern and helped them overcome that challenge.

5.      My Wife Is Sick. Very few of the men said their women were ill and confined in the hospital or some other place at the time they met the other woman.

6.      My Wife Is A Cheater. Still a fewer number claimed their women cheated on them first. It is interesting that they offered no proof of such but claimed these women carried on ‘as if’. One of the men said, “Her attitudes, her trendy dresses and irregular (unexplained) movements are enough proof. I had to show that two can play the game!”

Probably men cheat their wives for a variety of other reasons not mentioned here but the above points were recurring confessions which usually form the foundation of our counsel. These motives have been found to actual issues that tear a once-upon-a-time marriage to shreds.

All these reasons were given by the men against their wives, making it seem that the men cheat because they were forced into extra-marital affairs.  So we often conclude by asking the men what they think they could have done to stop themselves from adultery. Read their interesting responses here.

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