Looking For Husband The Right Way

Looking for husband is not as difficult as many people make it. The search seems hard because ladies who seek do not know how and where to find the ideal husband.

It is paramount to understand from the onset that it is not every man that is a husband material to every lady. Some man may be properly suited to a lady while some others will not.

The starter in looking for husband is to make yourself ready for marriage. This is the sum of mental and physical preparation you need which may require:

  •          Giving up some measure of your independence, your time and some indulgencies
  •          Sharing your treasures, secrets and challenges
  •          Accommodate the way of life of the husband

These are very simple, easy and fun to do if you really want to enjoy all your married life. Many have been misled by advisers who charge ladies not to compromise their independence, time and career for their marriage.

Believe me, that is why you have many broken homes and many more on the way.

But I believe you really need a husband for a lifetime…an ideal husband you will enjoy who will bring out the best in you.

 That said…

Where do you start looking?

Before we go there, may I ask if you know the type of man you are looking for? What are your expectations of his make up?

  •         Religion
  •          Race
  •         Age
  •         Extrovert / introvert
  •          Education
  •          Profession
  •          Single / divorced / widowed

Not everything here may be meaningful to you but some will certainly carry good weight. The others may not rate equally with everyone.

So decide on what’s important and let’s move on…

The best place to start looking for husband is within your own group or compatible groups like yours. Geographical boundaries do not limit groups as technology has made meeting and interactions easy anywhere in the world.

Some of these groups are:

  •          Religious Associations
  •          Professional Associations
  •          Volunteer Groups
  •          Passion or Hobby Groups

  •        Student Groups

You can also take advantage of reputable online dating and matchmaking sites to maximize your chances. Be careful here not to patronize some inept dating sites that actually rip people off.

Not everyone in your target group will jell with you, so exercise care to filter out those that are not heading your way.

In your interactions or meetings with a prospect:

  •          Be friends first
  •          Be a lady. It is the feminine nature that keeps men interested
  •          Be open in discussing the group interest that brought you together
  •          Genuinely compliment him where he is worthy of such – men are a bunch of ego.
  •          Be a lady (again!) and let him woo you
  •          If it doesn’t work with a fellow, rinse and repeat on another until…

If you handle these bits well, your time of looking for husband may be over sooner than you imagine.

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