Let The Cheating Liar Sing

You cannot find a cheating liar who is not living in suppressed fear of being found out. Lying helps the cheater to remain concealed when questions arise over his behaviour. Naturally a cheater would say anything (other than the truth, of course) to escape blame and shame. So, cheating is often packaged in lies.

As soon as the first lie is told, other lies follow in succession, as occasion demands, to support the old.

There are two important things to note about lying.

  • Lying involves the ability to concoct and weave together a believable story in a moment. A typical liar should have sound memory and smooth delivery skills.
  • Lying is an acknowledgement that there is value in his marriage. The liar dreads being caught because of the consequences of discovery – one of which is the likely break-up of his marriage.

What are those things a cheating liar is afraid of?  In other words, why doesn’t he admit his cheating and save everybody the stress.

  • Fear of Repercussion. A liar would lie because he fears that his admission of cheating will be used to his detriment. This is not a misplaced fear as most confessions of cheating end up in public domain and the cheater is condemned by all. Moreover, in divorce cases, proved infidelity is a hammer on the head.

  • Concern of Hurting His Spouse. This may not make sense to many women considering that the cheating on its own is enough upset to the wife. Truly, ignorance is bliss here; discovery is devastation. Often a woman who wants to ‘hear it all’ may suffer excessive shock at the revelation.
  • Shamed By The Behaviour. A cheating liar knows that his behaviour is immoral and unacceptable by society. That is why the cheating act is done most discreetly, where or when he may not be recognized or exposed.

What To Do About The Cheating Liar?

The best setting for getting the truth is to deemphasize the fears enumerated earlier. Do this by whatever means and over a good period. Allow plenty time because it removes the effect of pressure on him. Pressure and formality will induce those fears and raise resistance.

To Get Best Results:

  •          Ask your questions within a natural, casual conversation
  •          Do no emphasize or insist on every answer or details of it
  •          Do not roll out all your questions at a sitting even if there seem to be willingness to answer all
  •          If an answer is not given, avoided or snubbed, note it  for another day

Cheaters are always a step ahead of suspicion and may actually smell investigation before you commence. So, he will attempt subtle series of deception to make your suspicion seem unfair and unjustified.

A cheating liar may be good at deception but they do not always hold out for long.  Under a proper, patient observation, something shows up along the way to reveal the truth.

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