Cheating Man Second Thoughts

Majority of the cheating men think they couldn’t help themselves when they met and loved the other woman. A cheating man usually thinks his woman ‘forced’ him to start an affair.

However, we believe that love between two people is a journey with responsibility shared if they will succeed. The relationship will be challenged somewhere in the journey by same factors that have challenged relationships from the time of Adam and Eve.

A man has responsibilities, like his woman, to work things out – not to take flight at the slightest challenge. This responsibility is known by most men but not easily admitted to the opposite sex perhaps for fear of being held accountable.

We examined what a cheating man could possibly contribute to stop himself from infidelity as seen here. These are consensus views of our community of men who cheated on their spouses as a result of changing circumstances of their relationships.

  • My Wife Is Unattractive. Happily many of these men believe they need to show more encouragement rather than criticism of their women to make things better.  To a large extent a woman would go the extra mile to look good for her man under the right circumstance. And this circumstance is determined by the man. All the men agree that a good purse and lots of suggestion could make their women what they should be.

My Note: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you look close enough you will find new reasons to love your woman. The old reasons are still there, I bet! There is no woman that is not beautiful to some man.

That is why a woman jilted or rejected soon finds love and admiration from another man. Women often feel flattered and uncomfortable when another man so appreciates what their husbands have continually taken for granted.

  • My Wife Have Low or No Interest in Sex:  If we love the woman, treat her well and be patient, the   sex act will follow naturally.

My Note: Well said! A woman takes the sex act as final in the love process. A woman that is loved during the day will easily yield to sex at night. However, if this is not the case, there could be an underlying medical condition affecting the sex appetite. Any caring man would easily find out the cause of this lack of interest and attend to it appropriately.

  • My Wife Does Not Respect Me. If we were more open to our women in our dealings, they will understand and support us when challenges come.

My Note: Women are generally more supportive than men, and would sacrificially stand by their men through thick and thin. Women have powerful intuition that picks a cheating man out; this condition may severely diminish her respect for you. You may not count on her support when your life is filled with secrets and hide-and-seek pranks.

  • My Wife Is Sick: The man should show her appropriate support and loyalty instead of running around with another woman.

My Note: The sickness is not the making of your woman. Cheating on her in that condition is the height of insensitivity and betrayal. If she suspects or becomes aware of your philandering, her health condition could worsen.

  • My Wife Is a Cheater:  I could confront her with what I know, get her reaction and make my decisions from there.

My Note: A cheating man would love this one because it gives him justifiable excuse to run off with another woman. When you cheat in revenge of your wife’s suspected infidelity, you show the desire has been in you all the while. If you verify her unfaithfulness and confront her with facts, you could decide what to do from there. See your options here.

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