Husband Cheating With Pornography 

Many incredibly strange sex crimes and appetites in the home are manifestations of the husband cheating with pornography. If you were to ensure your man’s fidelity and chastity in your relationship, your best practice is to keep him and porn as far apart as possible.

This page is written to sensitize the unknowing woman to fight the intrusion of porn in her family the way she would fight a whore in her bedroom. In a recent survey on divorces, the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers report pointed out that, 56 per cent involved "one party having an obsessive interest in pornographic websites".

Today, porn is the largest market on the net. It collects about US$8,000 every second and is sucking in multitudes (mostly men) into its community. Estimates suggest that many young people see their first full porn by their 11th birthday, latest. And the addiction continues to grow with them into adulthood.

An overwhelming number of porn users are male. It is said that 8 out of 10 consumers of porn are male. This is because porn is basically targeted at men folk; men are amorously aroused by the sight of sexually explicit materials.

The Pull of Pornography

A husband cheating with pornography is entangled in the show of unhindered nudity and accepts whatever the actors do as ok to try. The subtle control of thought is not perceived until it dominates the whole man. Majority of men do not see porn usage as harmful which is why we often hear excuses for porn viewing:

  •   It’s just for entertainment or amusement
  •   For sexual relief and personal pleasure
  •   For learning and improvement in sexual performance

All these reasons may sound safe but there is more…much more. Over time, porn influences (commands!) cannot be resisted; it becomes persistent and must be exercised somehow and soon.

The Evils of Porn Addiction

Many porn sites today show sex practices that were unthinkable some years back. The huge patronage and following by men folk indicate acceptance. This also indicates widespread sex criminality and broken homes.

Some of the porn varieties are:

·         Sex with live animals (Beastiality / zoophylia)

  •  Sex arousal involving violence or someone weeping (Dacryphilia)
  •  Sex arousal with human or animal feces (Caprophilia)
  •  Multiple sex partners (sometimes involving bisexuals and gays)
  •  Rape, child porn, incest etc
  •  Porn is significantly responsible in turning many men into homosexuals, and linking them to partners and platforms.

The Real Result

Porn has succeeded in stamping unrealistic sexual expectations in the attitudes of men towards their relationships.

  •   Men fantasize about what they see as the ultimate sexual excitement
  •   Men expect their women to allow some of the extreme and strange sexual behavior as seen in the porn
  •   The ‘perfect’ bodies of porn actresses make the men detest bodies or shapes of their women as not ideal. But porn pictures are always manipulated and ‘cleaned’ to give a perfect, spotless impression.

Way Out

A husband cheating with pornography  is a creation of a careless environment; stop it by personal discipline and commitment.

  • Every relationship must make rules on porn; what is acceptable and what is not in the light of this understanding.
  • The woman should be close to her man to ensure that he does not receive or use pornography.
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