This Husband Will Cheat!

“How will I have known that my husband will cheat on me just after two years of marriage? In fact he is seen around town with everything in skirt”. This was the cry of a beautiful young woman to me three weeks ago.

Women who are cheated often suspect that there is something the man is getting outside which they are not giving. Or that their husband is seeking something in another woman which is lacking in her.

That may not really be so.

Cheating on one's wife is a developed habit which could be acquired at any age. However, the habit is usually formed early in adulthood. Any discerning girl can predict the man’s fidelity (or lack of it) during dating or courtship.

7 Sure Ways To Know A Man Who Will Cheat His Wife

  1. He Is Cheating On You Already. If you caught him cheating on you while you are dating or you have strong reasons to believe that he is cheating, then it is very likely that this husband will cheat on you in marriage.
  2. He Is A Serial Cheater. You have found out that he is a man with the ladies, always having the ladies around and sometimes getting involved romantically.
  3. You Got Him From Another Woman. It may have been more apt to say you ‘snatched’ him from someone else but I guess the meaning is the same. Is there something called Karma?
  4. He Tells Stories Of His Exploits With Women. if he is fond of telling stories of his previous escapades with women, he has not changed.
  5. He Is A Porn Addict. Porn is a major motivator of adultery. Porn makes powerful suggestions for multiple sex partners and sex practices that are unhealthy for a responsible affair. Any husband will cheat if he continues to consume porn materials.
  6. Drugs And Alcohol. Men who have drug or alcohol problems are unpredictable and could easily switch to the worst forms of misbehavior.
  7. Religious Beliefs. Religion plays a major decision in the lifestyle of many adherents. The Christian faith, for example, forbids premarital and extramarital sex. Many other religions support chastity and fidelity yet some do not have clear positions. A member of any group that does not have strict respect for one-man-one-woman relationship may unwittingly encourage the man to philander.

What To Do If He Is In The Above Group

Actually the habits above have always proved prophetic in showing that a husband will cheat on his wife. But not all indicators weigh the same. Some habits need more work and discipline to overcome than others. As nothing is impossible, any man can be recovered to live straight.

Really, numbers 1-6 are serious indicators depending on the level and length of morass. It will require the man’s clear decision and practical determination to overcome the lure of those habits. Wrong religious beliefs can be altered by committing to the right group.

If it is feared that a husband will cheat, then appropriate loving measures need to be in place. The changes in habits formed over the years may not come quickly. So the woman should allow some reasonable time to confirm that the man has truly changed before any serious relationship commitment.

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