Lying Cheater Blinder Technique

Cheating goes with lies and deception. So the lying cheater develops the habit to perfection. Lies help to conceal his deeds and help him to continue in adultery undiscovered.

Lying doesn’t stop with plain fabrication of events and things, or adding to the truth. It includes hiding the truth, by whatever means, from those entitled to it.

Perhaps it is better called deception.

A cheater would really not be one if his act is in the open. It has to be discreet, and if he is suspected, something must be put together to hide him from discovery.

Sometimes a lying cheater or deceiver develops a righteous conscience that makes him uncomfortably guilty. So he must do some things to appease his wife – just to keep her prying spirit away – without letting the cat out of the bag.

That is when he tells the truth in a disguise. His motive says “I’m feeling very guilty for the betrayal and cheating, so I do this and that to assuage your feelings of neglect and hurt”.

What Does The Lying Cheater Do?

He becomes overly loving and affectionate all too soon without any apparent reason. This dramatic change is usually shown in four major ways:

  1. Gifts. Expensive material gifts of note. These gifts may have been desired in the past with or without any mention by you. Typical gifts are cars, wears, home purchase or appliances.
  2. Holidays. He may initiate plans for glamorous holidays in romantic places for both of you, or the entire family.
  3. Stay Home. He may declare he has ignored his family too long and would stay home with you for sometime, say the weekend.
  4. Love Making. He may turn unusually romantic and make great effort to be an exciting lover.


A Word of Advice.

Do not always conclude that every man that shows his woman love as in the above is a lying cheater. The rule is to know your man’s recent behavior pattern and put it beside what affections are being displayed. For example, if your man has been away from home for an extended period he is very likely to show love by any or all the methods mentioned.

If, however, he has neglected or mistreated you for long and suddenly comes home with those packages you are entitled to look closer. You may check these four powerful cheating signs that men can’t hide.

What Should You Do?

Be responsive and receive all you are given enthusiastically. This may not be easy if you had read this piece before he appears with the show. Just play along.

Wait until something indicative shows up. It always does. Employ the investigators mindset: every criminal always makes mistakes. If he is what he is suspected to be, he will leave clues of his motives. When those nuggets come up, act on them. See how here.

Otherwise relax and enjoy yourself.

You are the best judge in the matter but do not allow destructive suspicion to impede your man’s normal show of affection.

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