Don’t Let Your Children Become Like Their Cheating Father.

Oh God! Save my Children ...

                                  From Their Cheating Father’s Blood!

This eBook is power in your hands and mouth. When you engage it, you can chase  immorality, lust, cheating and divorce out of your lineage forever.

A Peek Into The eBook.

3 Steps To Make these Prayers Victorious

Getting Dressed For The Occasion.

See How God Changed Husbands And Restored Families.

Ten Cases Of Transfer Of The Unclean Spirits of Lust.

  • My Husband Became A Super Liar Like His Father.
  • He’s A Serial Cheater from a Family of Cheaters and Broken Homes…
  • Horrifying! My Brother, Married, Turned Out Like Our Dad.
  • Family Where All Husbands Must Have Children From Outside.
  • Family Where People Don’t Get Married.
  • Husband Wants To Sleep With Every Woman He Sees.
  • I Want Sex Everyday; My Father Was A Sex Addict Too.
  • I Want To Love All The Women I Can Find.
  • Evil Pattern At Work In The History Of Both Our Families.
  • I Don’t Love My Wife And Don’t Want To Be Married Anymore.

Chapter 1 

  • How You Can Help Your Children Fulfill Their Purpose.
  • Children Are Not Who You Think… They Are More.
  • Know God’s Own Plan For Your Child.
  • Your Children Will Be More Like Their Father Unless…

Chapter 2

  • Do you Really know the father of your child?
  • Why You Should Do This Prayer To Free Your Children.
  • God Wants Your Children Successfully Married For Life.

Chapter 3

  • Can Cheating Be Transferred To The Children?
  • See What Science Researchers Found On Infidelity Transfer.

Chapter 4

  • Inherited Cheating And Divorce Is A Generational Curse.
  • Curses Have Cure In God’s Word.
  • There Is Spiritual Battle Over Your Family.
  • The First Man Brought A Curse On Humanity.

Chapter 5

Many Ways To Receive Strong Help From God.

  • Mercy.  

  • Fellowship.
  • Faith.
  • Blood Of Jesus.
  • Prayer Of Faith.

Chapter 6  

  • How To Work Out God’s Good Plans For Your Children.
  • Words, Declarations And Affirmations.
  • Discipline
  • Covenant Blessings.

Enter The Prayer Workshop.

  • The 33 working Prayers

Recommended Order Of Prayers.

  • Week 1  
  • Week 2  
  • Week 3

Many women get to know that the men in their lives come from family background of the sexual promiscuous, liars, cheaters, and broken homes.

Even more, some families have a history of witchcraft, occult, fetish practices, idol worship or godlessness.

What these women do not consider is that a man from such family, though decent at the first appearance, may already have that inclination (I call it seed) from his lineage. So, in a lot of cases, these habits show up and explode later on despite vows of forever-love, affection and faithfulness.

Consequently, these women soon start to fight immoral attitudes of the husbands in the areas of lying, cheating, abusiveness, separation and divorce. These become the order of the day, so there is the tense struggle to keep their marriage from falling apart or being taken over by some strange woman.

Naturally, all attention is on the man, the husband, to get him back in line to faithfulness, decency and responsibility to his family. Here, in Help Me In Prayer!, we obtain targeted prayers and follow through in prayer partnership. Ultimately, God intervenes and the husband is changed and becomes a loving faithful  man again. God is faithful.

See some testimonies from these targeted prayers here.

 But that doesn't really end the story of cheating in your lineage if you had children by that man before his deliverance through our prayers.

You also need to close the door against the seed of cheating and divorce from showing up in your child too.

I say that with all sense of sincerity.

However, before we go further, let me make this point. I’m not saying that everyone who cheats is necessarily under a spell, some have made the choice due to weak character. But a large number of men who cheat and lie habitually are under the influence of a cheating generational curse. This latter group is our focus here.

This eBook sells for $21.97.

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Here’s A Brief Scientific Proof…

Cheating is passed to a lineage through a blood relationship. The blood in this case is the genes and genosome which are part of the DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid). I don’t want to bore or distract you with the science but this will help you appreciate what I’m about to show you.

When living things reproduce, they pass some of their DNA (remember genes and genesomes are in there) to their offspring for some sort of continuity from one generation to the next.

In recent times, genetic and hereditary studies have shown proof that cheating behavior is lodged in an element of the genes of cheating men, and are transferable to one’s offspring. While it is true that parents contribute equal DNA in making of their offspring, children reflect more of their father’s input (in the DNA) in forming habits, characters and choices.

Science researchers followed this up and found the culprit commonly called the cheater genes. They proved that cheating run in families by passing from a cheating father to son through certain unusual components of genes called allele 334, 7R4 and DRD4 (they are further explained in the eBook).

What is intriguing is that:

  • These special genes are only found in some men, so not all men have them. Women do not have these gene components.
  • The genes are not known for any useful function other than make men desire multiple sexual partners!
  • The genes are said to be transferred to sons from their fathers!
  • There is no medical solution on how to eliminate the genes from the carriers yet.

So, many of these research conclude that children are more likely to turn out like their cheating fathers.

(See many more cases and conclusions of researchers in the eBook).

I tell you, all these are spiritual… and doctors can’t cut out a spirit with the surgeon’s knife.

Or kill it with antibiotics.

When things become spiritual, science become helpless.

God Provided A Simple Way Out For Your Children.

This eBook sells for $21.97.

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What these researchers are showing as recent discoveries has been written in the Bible before the birth of Christ.

God’s word, the Bible, recognized that blessings and curses get transferred to the next generation depending on which side the father stands.

“... the fathers have eaten a sour grape, and the children's teeth are set on edge.” (Jeremiah 31:29) 

Please know this.

All I have written so far is just one side of the matter… the problem side.  

If your child is conceived before the cheating father is delivered of that unclean spirit, there is a huge possibility that your child may have received that same spirit from his father.

There is an evil spirit that follows through a cursed family and ensures that children misbehave according to their lineage irrespective of their education, status or wealth.

This is the real meaning of generational curse. It is supervised and enforced through the generations by certain evil spirits. Don’t get confused about this, evil spirits are the same as demons, unclean spirits, foul spirits or devils. They operate in all manner of roles as witches or wizards, familiar spirits, necromancers etc.

The cheater gene is a vehicle for the generational curse of sexual immorality, cheating and divorce.

It has been dislodged by right prayers from many lives and many are dismissing them from their children’s lives as you read this.

God wants you to do the same for your children, born and unborn. Your children must not become like their father. They have a glorious future. You can help them get there without distractions and struggles of adultery and marital instability.

Hear what God said of you in Isaiah 49:25 But thus says the LORD, Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away, and the prey of the terrible shall be delivered: for I will contend with him that contend with you, and I will save your children.

But you must bring it up to God… through the right prayers.  

God wants you to say ‘NO MORE’ the right way, in prayers. Then He will step in and wipe off that immoral wicked seed from your children.

“…even when you ask, you don’t get it because your motives are all wrong – you want only what will give you pleasure” (James 4:3 NLT)

This eBook sells for $21.97.

Click HERE to place your order.

In this rare eBook, you will discover

  • What science researchers found. And their conclusions.
  • What the Word of God said. The Solution.
  • 33 prayer points organized for 3 weeks only.

Here Are 3 Cases of Generational Curses That God Delivered Through Our Prayers...                                  (Please read many others from the eBook)

1.    Serial Cheater from a Family of Cheaters and Broken Homes…

Members of my husband’s family are either cheating, separated or divorced people. His parents each had children from two previous marriages. Together they had my husband and his two siblings, put together seven children, all living together. All of them are either separated or divorced from their spouses on account of infidelity or abusiveness. My husband is the only one still ‘married’ (because he has not ‘officially’ left me and our sons) but he’s a serial cheater and super liar. I’m under severe stress and pressure over his behavior. Can he ever change or should I leave?

2.    I Want Sex Everyday; My Father Was A Sex Addict Too.

My wife cannot satisfy me in the way and manner I want. If she could, I guess I would not need other women, because all the women are the same when you get down to it. Indeed, I have had so many women, but none can handle my sexual appetite for even a month! I want sex every night and day, sometimes once a day is not ok for me. So I must get it, whether at home or outside. I even masturbate when I can’t get anyone to assuage this pressure. I have tried therapy, hypnotism, counseling but this thing is deep and cannot lift. There are a few prescription drugs that help occasionally but for very short time before the urge comes back, even stronger. I think this is spiritual, that’s why I have come to you. My own father was this way, I suppose. He married five wives!

3.    Family Where People Don’t Get Married.

We had a very exciting and fun courtship for 13 months. Then we got married. Our honeymoon was a disaster. I couldn’t believe he was the same person. Everything I did was wrong and there was nothing I said that changed him. He was even sleeping away from our bed at our hotel. So, I insisted we cut short our time there and returned to base.

I was pregnant, so we went for counseling. It didn’t help our relationship. But I learned that his parents were not married, neither were his grandparents!

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