Husband Cheating With Another Man

What if your husband is cheating with another man?

Our world is turning up many changes, not only in form but in life styles too. One of such areas is in same sex affairs. Men’s romance with fellow men is growing in volume and acceptance. While this may not be a new revelation it is any woman’s nightmare. Many homes are waking up to the tales-of-the-unexpected.

What if that your husband’s good friend or colleague turns out to be his lover? Since it is very difficult to contemplate, it becomes more convenient not to consider the thought. But this wishful thinking never takes away the reality in today’s world.

Why Do Married Men Do This?

It is for the same reasons that we have lesbians. Some say they are born that way. Matter of sexual orientation: you are either heterosexual or gay. This is not entirely honest. Many are influenced by environment or porn and converted at some stage in life.

These men, silently conceal it or struggle with it, until they find like-minds or trusted outlet. That’s why they manifest this gay orientation later in life, after they have been properly married to a woman. The wife may never know or suspect that her husband is cheating with another man.

The wife is in susceptible to STDs, living with him, if he is an active gay or bisexual. Other misdemeanors associated with normal married gays will emerge once the cover is off.

Why Do Men Hide This Orientation?

Many men who have this inclination are ashamed to admit it or seek help. The resistance to the orientation may last for years before they give in to the desire. This is because:

  •      Many gays are ashamed to be identified
  •      They want to leave normal family life and have children
  •      They want to be accepted in the society

How To Know If He Is Cheating With Another Man

The most reliable sign of a gay is when they say so themselves or when they are caught in the act. But either will not be a sign but a proof. The major signs we have observed are:

  •  Lack of Sex Desire. This has nothing to do with dwindling libido but due to emotional preference of a male sex partner.
  • Rising Violence. This attitude is a direct product of rejection of the woman. Violence will continually come up and increase rapidly due to rising frustration.
  •  Secrecy in Communication With The Man. Special fondness and concealment of relationships with certain male friends. Inquiries about these friends may be an embarrassment or lead to argument.
  •  Spending More Time With Men. He will often spend time with him and tell his wife so. This is because the woman is unlikely to suspect him of amorous relationship with another man.
  •  Objection To News About Gays. Gays will not want to hear any news or entertain discussions about gays. When such arises, they excuse themselves out or raise emphatic objections.

The Way Out

Taking a man out of gay relationship is a hard nut to crack. Generally, appropriate counsel can be helpful if the couple desires it but most women would not stay another day with a gay husband. Typically, also, most homos would opt out of a marriage once they are known.

Perhaps the best option for the woman whose husband is cheating with another man may be separation, because of the immense STD consequence.

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