Why Hate The Husband?

For a wife to hate the husband, she must have been through some bad stuff from him – most of them unspeakable. After all she married him, and you don’t marry someone you hate.

So, how did love turn to hate?

This change of emotions, most often, is brought about by the husband’s attitude. A drastic change in behavior or discontinuation of a desirable attitude is the seed for a wife to hate the husband.

The Seed of Hate

As we said earlier, the husband sparks off the hate emotions in his wife through many of his actions.

  • Lack of Love and Affection. The husband that allows his love and affection for the wife to go cold has started a war in his home. This is one attitude the wife is bound to reciprocate, though slowly but surely. The man that loves his wife and shows it does himself a lot of good. Love and affection is communicated by words, romance and deeds.
  • Husband’s Infidelity. An unfaithful man is not likely to retain his wife’s respect for long. To a woman, infidelity means insult, betrayal, and rejection. These are enough for any woman to hate the husband.
  • Lies and Deception. This is closely related to infidelity because it is often used to cover up. But it goes beyond that to include business, investment and social concealments from the wife.
  • Violence. A man that hits his wife is surely asking for some hard reactions from her.

Emotions of Hate.

Hate emotions in women may be slow to develop but the manifestation is usually extreme and spontaneous. The Bible said, “It is better to live in the wilderness than with a contentious and angry woman” Proverbs 21: 19

Which are the common means women show anger and hatred?

  •  Write a Letter. The use of a letter is to put on record their grievance fully without interruption. When a woman writes her husband (living with her) a letter on matters in their home, it is a warning sign that her frustration has reached the peak.
  •  Revenge on her Husband. Some women want revenge on their husbands as soon as they feel the hurt. Revenge is most often in line (perhaps not proportionate) with whatever wrong the husband has done. If the man cheated, they cheat; if he overspends, they do same; if he hits them…
  •  Castrate the Husband. An unfaithful husband would also deny the wife sex. Such a frustrated wife would wish to stop him from philandering – through castration – if need be! This seems wicked but she feels justified because she is deprived.
  •  Kill The Husband. Talk about the extreme but this is what many aggrieved women have done in the past and many more would like to do. While the wife would desire the husband dead they would not really want to do the dirty job themselves. They may hope that something mortal befalls him and kills him.
  •  Bewitch Him. Some women may use diabolic spiritual means to control or deal with their husbands.

For a wife to hate the husband is sad enough but should not lead to extreme, vengeful behavior. There is always a better option to sort out a husband’s irresponsible behavior than taking the law in your hands.

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