The Cheating Men Sex Secrets

Sex has always been the root motivator of the cheating men right from the beginning of time. After all if there is no hint or act of sex with another outside the marriage, it would be nonsensical to accuse one of cheating.

While sex pulls and pins a man to an outsider, it is the same sex (or lack of it) that keeps him away from his wife.

Sex will never go out of style even if methods of conduct changes. Sex is like food, say rice. If it’s your delight, you keep eating rice for life. You never get bored of it if it’s well-prepared and served each time for flavor and satisfaction.

That’s it. Flavor and satisfaction ought to be applied to sex matters and the partner could be one and same person for life too.

I repeat, once sex occurs outside a marriage it becomes confirmed adultery – whether the adulterous were caught or not. Sex in a one-night-stand or regular sex with a mistress are all the same.The cheating men falls into this group and they are our focus in this guide.

I am about to give you some tips that are bound to bring back your man for good regardless of the state of his unfaithfulness.  

Between Sex And Lovemaking

The cheating men know the distinction between those two. This difference is better recognized by experience than in definition. For now let’s say one is appetizer and the other the main course!

When a man remembers a woman for previous sex experience and comes to her for more, it is lovemaking that is in his mind. Lovemaking is what is otherwise called great sex; it charms a man and makes him return to the woman time and again.

How To Cast Sex Spell on Your Man

Follow me carefully. I’m a man and I know how to be charmed... and remain charmed.

You should know that men are fascinated by women who take control, dominate or take initiative in sex matters. Now let’s go.

  • Communicate dirty. Men love to hear their women talk naughty to them in private. Don’t hold back. From morning time, whisper those naughty things about what you want him to do to you or what you intend to do to him later. Go up another level, text him or send him emails during the working hours. This is what the mistress does unashamedly.
  • Get The Setting Right. Just look right and dress very light. Touch of fragrance may be alright but nothing comes close to arousing a man than the natural body scent of a woman. Trust me if you have washed, you are good to go.
  • Initiate Adventure. Let the foreplay start anywhere… in the car, the sitting room, out in the garden or while eating out. The man won’t mind it if you brush his ‘body’ suggestively.
  • The Bedroom (or wherever!). Your most important job is to blow his mind here without mercy! Sometimes you perform some dirty dancing and singing for him. Other days (nights are better, huh) you massage him with nice smelling oils. Give attention to his inner thighs, back of his knees and wherever you notice some good response.

From there you should do as occasion serves you. If you got those well, the final part (you guessed it) would always be fantastic.

Know that this treatment is not just for the cheating men, but for the man you want to keep coming back.

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