Prepare For A Cheating Man 

A cheating man is an emotional bomb to any woman when discovered. If infidelity is suspected, the truth should be established as soon as possible so as to reduce the impact of the shock down the line.

The hard part is extracting the truth from such a man. I say ‘truth’ because I presume he cheated or is cheating on you.

Even lie detector experts and polygraphs do not always get the truth from ‘great’ liars. But that is mainly because the liar knows he is being interrogated and naturally put up a rehearsed act. So, he beats the machines and deceives the experts.

To get useful information from your man, your inquiry must be planned and methodical but seem unsuspecting.

Not Guilty Yet

  • Develop a mindset after the legal dictum: “one is prejudged innocent until proved otherwise”

  • Do not be hasty to nail him even if you have a rock-solid proof from day one. Still follow through to confirm the truth or hear further lies from him.
  • Intersperse the right questions during normal or casual discussions. Some good answers or fabulous lies would be given at such times. Make mental notes of the answers that may be skipped, avoided or rushed over. At another opportune time, rephrase and ask again.

However, many adulterous men will keep lying to the end, even with strong evidence. For some, very few indeed, the deed will be admitted somewhere along the line.

 Why The Search?

A cheating man is not waiting to be found out. In fact he deploys all pranks to keep everyone - especially his wife - in the dark. But when the sixth sense in women is up, it breaks all barriers as it works with one or more of

  • Evidence
  • Hunch
  • Curiosity

Interestingly, most women would wish that their men will emerge convincingly clean and innocent. That is  not unexpected because no woman would wish that her man should cheat on her.

If your man is guiltless, that is the truth. But you probably started the search because a voice inside you is whispering, or even screaming, that ‘something dirty’ happened or is happening.

Your Options

What will you do if your suspicion is right…a cheating man in your arms! It is wise to decide beforehand  what you will do if your man is cheating. The truth is one thing and the reaction another. One could be in your favor and the other against you, turning the table and causing you further harm.

Now let me help you.

The two broad ways (actions) you could take concerning a cheating man:

  • Rebuild the relationship
  • Pack it up

Either way, it’s not as simple as it sounds. Whichever way you tread things are not going to be the same again…at least in the short run.

But one way will help your sanity more and usher in a better healing environment than the other.

And you are best qualified to decide which way to go. This decision should depend on your assessment of the incident and your family circumstances.

A marriage of twenty years should not break on account of an online date or even a one night stand.

On the other hand, a serial cheater of five years is not likely to turn a new leaf but will continue to torment the emotions of his spouse.

The Decider

The ultimate guides in your decision regarding the discovery of a cheating man:

  1. Your feelings, the lies and deception, the other woman (or women)
  2. Your man’s attitude to the cheating…remorse or adamant
  3. Your children, their age, development and opinions

Each of these factors when examined in details will help you out. A cheating man’s deeds and consequences  are better decided as soon as it is known. So, every effort should be made to ensure the woman’s emotional recovery and stability.

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