Behold! Your Man Is Cheating

Do you have this gut feeling that your man is cheating on you but you can’t prove it with any specific signs? Do you need proofs that will make him confess and plead?

If you wait to catch him red-handed, you may wait till eternity for that opportunity. Or if you hope to ask him questions (sounds like interrogation) to extract confessions from him, that may fail you also.

Men are growing in cheating intelligence by the day. Once they imagine that you suspect them, they leave dummy signs everywhere to confuse you and make you conclude they are clean. So, when you start seeing apparent signs that lead nowhere or point to his innocence, you are almost there!

Chances are that the real proofs to show that your man is cheating are mixed up with dummy signs. So watch out!

What Are The Proofs You Need?

These signs may seem very slight in size but weighty in impact:

  •    Letters or notes (to or from) a lady lover
  •     Lady materials unknowingly left with him (make-up, hankie, rings, hair pins, brush or comb)
  •     Gifts bought for a lady yet to be delivered
  •    Condom
  •    Snap shots of a lady alone or with others

How And Where To Search

The right time to search is when he is about to embark on an outing alone, and on his return. Also search before and after weekends (example, Friday and Sunday nights). It is proper to search when he is away, asleep or distracted. The search should be spontaneous and without any fuss whatsoever.

Now, here are the places to search for the signs if your man is cheating.

  • Bags and Folders. Go after the ones he keeps closest to his person most times. The second in importance are those bags he doesn’t use much anymore.
  • Pockets and Wallets. If you can, the best time to check pockets are immediately he undresses. Also search those old jackets in the wardrobe; they may be housing some important damning evidence.
  • Books and Magazine Pages. These are notorious for housing incriminating photos and letters. The newer the publication the more likely.
  • Desk Drawers. The drawers which are personal to him are your target, that is the ones in his room or study.
  • The car. More often than not, the car holds a fair share of the proofs showing that your man is cheating. Don’t expect to find any on the seats or pigeon hole, check under the seats, under the foot mats etc.    
  • Computer or Phone Memory. Even if you get his password, it may have been deliberately dropped to lead you to the email of his choice. Plan to meet him while using the computer or phone and request to read his correspondence. If you suspect any of the mails there, mentally take the details for more inquiries later.

If your man is cheating he would be highly secretive and meticulous in his affairs, but they often make mistakes by leaving small but solid proofs of their unfaithfulness all around.

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