Cheating Husband Secrets Blog

The Cheating Husband Secrets Blog is our summarized journal about the thoughts and ways of the unfaithful man. That is, secrets men wished were not disclosed!

Because the site and the blog is owned by men who had been there, seen it all and are involved in helping couples survive extramarital affairs, it tackles practical and real issues, not academic, or hear-say stories. The blog will, therefore, give insight about how this misbehavior in men is formed and sustained.

And how it may be prevented or halted.

The Blog will also offer counsel to women (or wives) who are at the receiving end of men infidelity. We will present important relationship ideas and effective emotional healing methods.

As new web pages appear on the Cheating Husband site, they will be announced on this blog to inform our visitors.

We will also inform you on key relationship news as they unfold; particularly as it relates to men infidelity.

This Blog has all it takes to make your visit worthwhile.


Save My Marriage: A Desperate Wife's Cry

My husband does a lot of volunteer work in our community. His parents live with us since we got married. They have created a lot of problems in our marriage.

Continue reading "Save My Marriage: A Desperate Wife's Cry"

Married 4 Years, But Husband Keeps Cheating & Denies It! Is Divorce the Only Option?

I desperately need advice on my marriage. I've been married for 4 years, but I recently found out my husband has been cheating on me – and it wasn't a

Continue reading "Married 4 Years, But Husband Keeps Cheating & Denies It! Is Divorce the Only Option?"

Strange Woman Using Every Means To Take My Husband.

I have been married to my husband for 12years now and we have 3 Lovely kids, 2 girls and a boy I live in a different state in Nigeria and my husband lives

Continue reading "Strange Woman Using Every Means To Take My Husband."

One Year Into Marriage, Husband Pregnants Another Woman

I have been marriage for one year and my husband got another woman pregnant. I am also five-month pregnant. I just want this woman out of our lives.

Continue reading "One Year Into Marriage, Husband Pregnants Another Woman"

My Husband Having An Affair With His Secretary

We have been married for nine years with 4 children. My husband has been a faithful partner to me until he employed a secretary at his office. I recently

Continue reading "My Husband Having An Affair With His Secretary "

My Husband Denies The Affair

My husband is a pathological liar. He lies and he cheats, we have two beautiful kids together. He has been cheating with a girl for a year but denies

Continue reading "My Husband Denies The Affair"

My Husband Cannot Resist His Ex-Girlfriend

We’ve been married 2 and a half years and a woman from an old relationship is trying very hard to pull him away. As I have come to learn she resurfaces

Continue reading "My Husband Cannot Resist His Ex-Girlfriend"

Help! Husband of 23 Years Left For Another Woman

My marriage is in trouble my husband left for another woman after 23 years of marriage. I love my husband and I want him back. Please help me in prayer

Continue reading "Help! Husband of 23 Years Left For Another Woman"

I'm Comfused, My Family Is Scattering

My world is falling apart... my daddy hates me for what I can't tell. My husband is cheating, yet I'm pregnant. What should I do? I love him?

Continue reading "I'm Comfused, My Family Is Scattering"

How God Save and Restore Troubled Marriages

The right targeted prayers can save and restore troubled marriages no matter how long or hopeless.

Continue reading "How God Save and Restore Troubled Marriages"

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