Save My Marriage: A Desperate Wife's Cry

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My husband does a lot of volunteer work in our community. His parents live with us since we got married. They have created a lot of problems in our marriage. Their expectations are beyond manageable. I work full-time and have a child, yet they expect me to cook, clean, do groceries, keep the house clean, go clothes shopping with the wife and go to mosque. My husband does not help around the house.

As I mentioned, he does a lot of volunteer work and is never at home. He has since become involved with another married woman. He is confiding in her about everything, from our relationship, his business, about his parents etc.

I love my husband and I can see that he is pulling away. I need prayers for him to stop this affair. We have been married for 23 years. I don't want a separation or a divorce. What do I do?

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Mar 29, 2024
Reclaiming Love through Prayer: A Spiritual Path to Healing
by: Osita

I urge you to pray through your matter first. Seek the help and intervention of the Holy Spirit. He has done countless miracle reconciliations and marriage restorations through prayers, revelations and character transformations.

You may have, or have not, prayed over this but you are still having those issues. So, I suggest you seek prayer help today. Just go over to our website ( and sign up to the ‘Get Prayer Help Now!’

We will immediately reach you, find a few things about you; then counsel you and lead you to right prayers for your change of situation.
We will be expecting you immediately."

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