The Cheating Wife Blunder

In several surveys, the percentage volume of the cheating wife continues to rank second to the male counterparts. However, the statistics also show a faster rising trend of cheating wives so much that a catch up with misbehaving husbands is imminent.

It is even twice as bad when you consider the consequence, particularly on their husband’s behavior. Sooner than later the adulterous wife will ‘convert’ any husband to her ways – if he is not already in the mess.

Note that infidelity statistics are typically underestimated. Hence, whatever figures in use today gives only a lower limit idea. This is because infidelity is a shameful practice and many shy away from supplying data. More so women are extra secretive in matters like this and would hardly provide the required information.

Why the rise in women infidelity?

  While it is known that a small segment of women cheat to revenge on their husband’s infidelity, the greater number enter it for various reasons.

  • Love and Affection. This is considered the utmost reason for women to veer off into the unholy practice. Love and sex may mean different things to a man but they are one and the same to a woman. It is also believed that a cheating wife is created when she is starved of the love of her husband and thus exposed, even defenseless, to temptation.
  • Good Sex. Women enjoy the pleasure of sex as much, if not more, than men. No sex, little sex and disappointing sex are all spelled same way to the woman – frustration. We know that frustration will usually take the first offer of escape!
  • Material Comfort. Women love the good life, that is, money and all the things it brings. Many, otherwise steadfast women, have detoured for the reason of the promise of the good life. It is for this point that prostitution and pornography has remained the fuel to the engine of adultery.

While cheaters attempt to cover their tracks and hope that they would never be found out, it must be known that somehow, sometime, the act would be unveiled. What should rule their behavior, or misbehavior, is the impact of the consequences.

Effect Of The Cheating Wife On Her The Husband

Men generally see their spouse infidelity somewhat differently from the way a woman perceives it. When a cheating wife is uncovered, her husband may display some jealous feat, even violent outburst. But he is not likely to be as emotionally distraught as the woman in same situation.

Also, the shock to a man may dissipate in a short while after which his mind would generate justification  to dive into infidelity. Remember that a man’s mind is inundated daily with the concept of attracting beautiful women as a measure of success. The danger is that it is far more difficult to restore a cheating man than the woman counterpart.

A cheating wife uncovered has just diminished her husband’s defenses and offered him a ticket and permit to play the immoral game.

So, a wise woman would not be her own ruin but would remain chaste irrespective of her temptations.

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