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Help Me In Prayer For My Husband!
October 18, 2015

God Given Prayers Always Succeed.

Hi, friend. I believe you are feeling the reassuring power of God and presence of the Holy Spirit as you pray.


Last week in September, I received an unusual email from one of my friends in Asia. Her husband cheated with this strange woman (his ex) for three years and five months before God led this friend to our website. So, we’ve been praying for about eight weeks before this mail she sent.


Her mail was to inform me that her husband had filed for a divorce… and she was withdrawing from her prayers. Meaning – giving up on her marriage.

I confess that it’s sad for me when people lose faith because of an unexpected blow in the course of our prayers. But it’s excusable in this modest population of God's people with about 700 of you praying actively with me. Still, that was not what made the mail unusual and shocking to me.

What hit me from her mail was that marriage was a sham and that love didn’t exist but merely make-believe.

I couldn’t believe I read that correctly.

Since that day, I couldn’t help feeling for this woman (I guess the sudden turn of events got her on the wrong side). She seemed very determined at a time and came close to her victory. I believe God will still bless her and give her a miracle. The question now: Is there any like her reading this post right now?

>This friend gave up when she was on the verge of victory! It doesn't matter what it looked like, or for how long, she could have held on to God. He cannot fail.


What about the divorce suit? Well, even that has not nullified the word and power of God. I have seen the divorced, who believed, come back together again in marriage. And I know God can still do it again and again.


I was really believing God to read her good report sometime soon. Can you imagine what it was like for me to have prayed for her, moaned and groaned in the spirit for that long, only to have her quit? Phew! :

Unleasing Power Prayer Shots For Maximum Impact.

It Is Good To Give Thanks.

So I prepared a post on how you can know when you are on the verge of victory, so that you don’t give up your prayers and marriage and rubbish my labor in prayers.




The Holy Spirit reminded me of the daily influx of praise reports and testimonies that I receive from many of you. He told me to glorify God by mentioning the deluge of answers coming from our prayers.


That's how I picked these few happy mails from a recent folder of Prevailing Prayers. There are so many more but I can’t publish them because of space limitations. I hope to publish more someday.


I deliberately removed names of peoples and places to protect identities. I also cut down on salutations and history just to save space. Outside those, the words are exact ones used by the writers. The mails came from Canada, South Africa, USA, Philippines, UK, Malaysia, Germany, France, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Zambia, Kenya, India, Israel, Brazil, and Jamaica.

The Praise Reports.

Hello Osita

I am enjoying my new prayer life. It goes beyond the scheduled time and I am developing my work with Christ. I have a new dimension to my walk with God without struggle.

I am grateful that I found your ministry.


Dear Osita,

I thank you for your support in helping our marriage work through prayers

I am requesting you to continue being my prayer partner. My report since I started using your prayers a month ago have been excellent. But I must confess for the last two weeks I have been praying over them during the week and not at midnight due to fatigue from work and a bit of flu.

My husband has really improved. I thank and glorify God every single day. He has now started coming home a little early and spends most of the weekends with me and the kids. One thing standing out is we are laughing and talking.


Hello Osita,

My husband returned home this SUNDAY evening out of the blue. Hallelujah!! He came home a broken man asking for forgiveness, I told him I had already forgiven him. He said he was miserable without us and could not rest.

I am so speechless of your amazing prayers and God's love and mercy. My husband and I had the most amazing two nights rekindling our love. I cried, he cried. I will post my testimony if it’s allowed or where could I post it to give others encouragement to stand strong. I was so discouraged but I found you.


Hi Osita,

I can't tell you how much joy I feel this morning when I woke up. It's a significant moment where I really felt the LOVE of God, which I used to doubt. But now, it's all cleared. I'm very blessed God sent me to you for guidance.


Hello Osita,

We thank God for you and your prayers. We feel the power of prayer!!


Hi Pastor,

I can already feel a change in my own life. God is working in me, I sometimes feel very emotional.

My husband came home early Sunday morning and has stayed home. He bought lovely things for me and the kids. This has not happened ever since he moved out nine months ago. I can see that God is working in him. I am grateful for your encouragement.

Thank you so much for your time in laboring in prayer for me, my husband and our marriage.


Hi Osita.

Its been a while since I wrote you. But things are not bad, my husband seems to be changing slowly, I know a lot of it has to do with God working on him. He is relaxed around me this days and tries to connect with me quite a bit. I know he is changing, though I notice I have changed a lot more; I really have forgiven both my husband and the other woman, though I haven't told anyone. I am very much at peace and its all God's doing. My relationship with God has grown. I want to portray God in the way I live my life. He is really awesome.


Hi Osita,

Thank you so much for everything especially for standing with me in prayers.

God is doing marvelous things upon my marriage n upon my husband’s life.

He has changed. There were instances like he won't communicate with me all day. But now he texts me few times a day. He is now doing things for me, like buying kids clothes and other household goods. God is good and faithful.


Hello Osita,

All I have to say is God is awesome!! I'm really seeing a change, he is calling more and coming home. The only bad/good thing is he lost his job. This was the job that he met the strange woman at.


Hi Osita,

It seems like everyday is getting better and better. My husband text me a confession "Forgive me I have spirits on me still that I need to get off." The deliverance prayer is working. Our love life is coming back from the dead. All I can say is God has been so good. That's all I have for now I'll keep in touch.


Hi Osita,

I can’t believe how sweet things have turned! This time last year, it was hell in my home and I was even ready for divorce. Now my marriage is completely restored and I have no new prayer requests but I'll go on supporting your ministry and giving it my express recommendation.



I'm still praying as instructed. Things are different here. I hardly ever am upset or down. My daughter is getting serious with God and my husband is professing his love for me regularly. We also have loving conversations. We are reading a a christian book together. He even wanted his own book! He also asked a bible he had to take with him. I don't ask a lot of questions but he is here everyday and paying bills, taking out garbage etc. Thank you so much for praying for us. I look forward to hearing from you.


Hi Osita,

My husband is really turning around for the better. He is telling me things about the strange woman and how she has been threatening him. Our prayers are surely penetrating him. Lately he has been texting me " Pray for me" "I love you" " Thank God for your prayers” etc. It seems like when he does things outside of the will of God something happens. First, it was his job, traffic tickets, his car had an immobilized device on it which cost over a hundred dollars to have taken off. I know without a shadow of doubt God is really working on the other end.


Dear Osita,

I have a wonderful news to share with you. Our father in heaven has answered my prayers. My husband became unusually friendly and was helping me in our patio and then he kissed me and we made love in our new additional room. I am so happy and blessed.

I know it very well that without your intercession, I won't be getting this result so soon. I thank you deeply and please show me what to do for the next step.

Hello Osita

I have been praying daily fervently on ur ebook, and THINGS are happening. I will start to read EVERYTHING that you had written.

Thank you Lord for sending Osita as my angel to help me. Thank you. Osita.


Hello Osita,

Your book has made me see a lot of things in a different light. I have read it and just reading through the prayers. I was intrigued by it I stayed up until 3.30am reading and reevaluating myself.

Thank you for giving me much needed guidance.


Hello Osita,

I apologize for the late response. Things are really taking shape. I have no reason to doubt his fidelity these days and he has been wonderful.


Hello Osita,

My husband is slowly but surely turning around. Can you believe that the other day, on his own, he wanted to go to a deliverance service? Also, I'm constantly getting loving text messages from him.


Hi Osita,

After I finished with my prayer last night my husband out the blue texted me and said that he loved me. I had wanted my neighbor to do the yard work and I would pay him but my husband said he will be back to do it.


Hello Pastor,

I prayed 2 hours again last night and this morning my husband came to me in the office from his mistress house. He said the mistress complained that I sent witchcraft to her because she had nightmares throughout. Somebody wanted to kill her in her sleep!

I said that’s good. I will pray again tonight. Thanks for those prayers, Osita.


Hi Osita,

Double breakthrough today my husband prayed with me! We hugged and it brought me to tears. This is the miracle of the year. Glory to God!!


Hi Osita

After I read your words in the book last night I realize I needed to do things differently. So today when my husband got home I began to speak the right things and he responded lovingly. That’s how we got back on track.


Hi Osita

My husband came back on Wednesday and on Thursday he started ignoring his mistress' phone calls and messages. My husband said he wants a life with me only. Anyway for the past days, he was not reading the messages, he deleted them without reading. The prayers are really helping.

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